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Syria: US Alliance flying out terrorists in order to protect them from the Russians

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The United States is said to have evacuated their allies IS terrorists from Syria. Apparently the US government wants to prevent the IS-fighters fall into the hands of the Russians. The deployment of 50 US elite soldiers apparently also serves the withdrawal from the Russians.

Syria: US Alliance flying out terrorists in order to protect them from the Russians

Withdrawal from Syria: US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and General Martin Dempsey, in July 2015. (Photo: Reuters)

Originally appeared at Deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten, translated by Karin exclusively for SouthFront

The Russian state news agency TASS reported, citing an Syrian army spokesman that the US allies have built an “airlift” for the evacuation of IS-terrorists in the region over the past week. Accordingly, on October 26th two aircrafts of Turkish Airlines, and one from Qatar and one from the Emirates landed in Aden in Yemen. There they handed over about 500 Islamist fighters to Saudi officers. They were flown out to protect the fighters from the Russian air strikes. The fighters then were transported to Yemen and to Saudi Arabia.

Independent confirmation for this report does not exist. However the Russian state broadcaster RT speculates that the use of 50 US elite soldiers serve exactly this purpose: The United States tried to evacuate allied fighters, so they will not fall into the hands of the Russians. In that case it would actually prove whether the US cooperates with known Islamist terror groups or not. So far it is only known that the United States supports the al-Nusra Front that belongs to Al Qaeda. The Russians had also bombarded positions of the al-Nusra Front and is pointing out to fight against all terrorists in Syria.

This thesis is surprisingly clearly confirmed by the Washington Post: A source from the military told the newspaper that the task of the special units was to support the US-fighters where it makes sense, and to leave those “initiatives that do not work “. The US has explicitly said that the 50 men are to instruct the fighters and not to intervene directly in the fighting. This description suggests a logistic support for the retreat.

The US president stated a few days ago that the Syrian mission had failed. Obama wants to pull out of the affair with decency and has therefore agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin on cooperation in Syria. The surprising progress on the Vienna Peace Conference now brings the US intelligence and mercenary companies in a tight spot. They will probably do everything possible to get as quickly as possible out of the Russian sphere of influence. For this the elite soldiers can provide valuable help.

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