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JUNE 2023

Syria To Pay For “Planned Explosion” In Israeli Weapon Factory

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Syria To Pay For “Planned Explosion” In Israeli Weapon FactoryOR CONTACT US : info@southfront.org

You can read this article in German. LINK

On April 20 a large explosion took place in central Israel, at the facility of Tomer, a government-owned defense contractor.

As per the contractor, there were neither damages nor casualties, and the massive mushroom cloud that was seen was a “controlled test.”

The company, Tomer, produces a variety of propulsion systems for various missiles used by Israel.

Videos of the blast were widely shared on social media, prompting speculation that it was the result of a malfunction or sabotage, especially in light of ongoing tension between Israel and Iran. And Tehran’s state media had reports focused on the facility, which led to speculation that it was some form retaliatory attack after the blast in the Natanz facility.

The contractor still maintained that it was all planned, but there were none of the customary warnings in advance of the explosion and no confirmation by either the Ministry of Defense or the company after the fact.

Hours later, after midnight on April 22nd, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) warplanes launched missiles from the skies above the occupied Golan Heights. The targets were located near Damascus and remain unknown.

Syrian Air Defense systems intercepted most of the missiles, and then locked on to the IAF jets and attempted to down them.

This led to a Red Alert in southern Israel and to Syrian Air Defense hitting an open area near the nuclear center in Dimona.

Nearly an hour later, IAF fighter jets circled back and struck a Syrian Air Defense battery, destroying it. Four Syrian Arab Army soldiers were injured in the blast but no deaths were reported.

Separately, in northeastern Syria, a first-of-its-kind incident occurred – a US supply convoy was attacked en route to the Omar oil field on April 21.

The culprit is unknown. Some accused ISIS cells in southeastern Deir Ezzor of carrying out the attack. In neighboring Iraq, however, pro-Iranian forces have been carrying out similar attacks on US supply convoys for more than a year now.

Also, in northeast Syria, in the town of al-Qamishli, heavy clashes broke out between the pro-government Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF) and Asayish, the security wing of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Asayish claimed that NDF forces attacked one of its checkpoints near the Tayy district in the city.

In the course of the clashes, which lasted until the morning of April 21, Asayish units captured a number of NDF posts. Four fighters of the pro-government force were injured.

The fighting subsided when Russian Military Police intervened. Currently, the two groups are negotiating to restore stability in the town.

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“As per the contractor, there were neither damages nor casualties, and the massive mushroom cloud that was seen was a “controlled test.”

definitely the chosen ones even though they all originated in eastern europe. how quaint.




About as controlled as Bibis bowel movements when the blast went off.


Yeah, severe TP shortage now. Bibi and Lyin Zion had a hell of a row over who got the last sheet.

Supreme Blyat

Neah. S-300 will protect Syria.

Edward Huguenin

That would now be the S-400!

Supreme Blyat

S-500 for sure.

Gregory Casey

Sooner the better!


the jews will lie 24/ even if a lie isn’t necessary and that is why this incident must be viewed as a real attack by Syria/Iran/iraq and soon we will have mohammed bin salman joining forces with Iran against the jews.

Icarus Tanović

MBS will never do that. He’s theirs best tool, Zionistic Wahhabi abominations.


Do You Believe In Magic?


Like Elders do you?

Lone Ranger

Nuttibubu is crying and raging… Somebody hand him a diaper…

Liberal guy

Hey don’t say that not all is lost atleast net yahoo has his atomic bomb drawing picture hahahahaha




Both Muslims and Orthodox Jews must understand that no anthropoenric being gets involved in human conflicts. At the moment, thriving Israel is an integral part of global tech, commerce, and culture.


In reality, Israel is a very small and marginal country – that to the casual observer is mostly renowned, within international arena, for its near-perma-frozen-conflicts in its regional sphere. Its commerce, military and technology sectors have been the single greatest recipient of US aid-welfare since 1945, by an enormous margin, and Israel has shown its gratitude, therein, by engaging in systematic and sustained, long term, industrial espionage within the US technological sectors.



Disgusted Concertgoer



Many IS Companies survive because of Israeli investment , expertise. “Americans” are becoming pretty low on IQ ladder, regardless of race. Schools pathetic.

Zaphod Braden

The sight of the “STAR of DEATH” sends a frightening and offensive message to ALL NON-Jews. “The classes and the races (THE RACES) too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way…. They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust.” -Karl Marx, Marx People’s Paper, April 16, 1856, Journal of the History of Idea, 1981 ………….. “RACIST HOLOCAUST” advocated by a JEW against NON-Jews years before Hitler was even born ……… Israel does not have a ‘right to exist”, because Israel is born of genocide and war crimes against the Indigeonous People of PALESTINE. ISRAEL brags about that in the bible. To recognize their false claim today is to validate crimes against humanity. The Palestinians were in Palestine for THOUSANDS of years before israel was thought of. The “STAR of DEATH” represents the ORIGINAL “nazis”, the perpetrators and braggarts of Humanity’s first SHOAH: FUNNY that everything they claim the nazis did is an EXACT COPY of what they brag about doing to the ORIGINAL Palestinians. Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16 “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”


Why are you acting like an 11 yr old who overdosed on Adderall?


Yeah, that showed the intellectual level of his presentation. He wanted to make sure the CONgress got the idea.


He is irrelevant. A strong Jewish power is in that location for a long time. Longer than the 12 Imman hocus pocus Iran mullahs. Their day to be dragged to public painful death coming.


Wow! The Troll brigade is out today on every site. They are really butt-hurt and on the offense, not that they aren’t offensive all the time anyway. I love it! One can tell when the Zionists get their tail caught in the wringer, trolls show up in droves. Which is great for me, I love to block their crap. It’s interesting to look at a comment board and see a lot of ‘user blocked’ entries…then you KNOW Israel is hurting. Never fear, they have all the diapers they need, a plane from Mar A Lago arrived yesterday. I wonder if the ZioTrolls knows that just their presence shows how worried the Israeli’s are? But today they are not worried, they scared shitless. Hold the nappies, TP is on shortage as well.


first of all 120 tracers blocked are you serious southfront 120 tracers is not a small number

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Blame the US, they are the ones who cyberattack and denigrate all opposition.

The Empire wants to know all about those who don’t read the NYT or Times. That’s what is being blocked.


the zionists will lose all their capabilities and if they seek to whine about it and annoy syria than they will soon enough be so weakened that golan heights might be an easy grab but again dual use facilities have to follow without a doubt after all their military infrastructure is tackled


it is just not possible for zionists to detect iranian missiles they will probably not even know what hit them since there are so many possibilites of hitting them in different fashion with them having a hard time to figure out what did happen to begin with

Tommy Jensen

Exactly. All our boys were unharmed and returned to their home base after a controlled precision test without a dust corn on their uniforms.


Yep, an Iranian tactical nuke precision test LMFAO

cechas vodobenikov

never leave base except to buy sex from 12 year afghan boys

Roy Sonman

The Jews are getting desperate with the Syrian department of their “Greater Israel.” They want the Syria closed out, under their control, before launching their US Tyranny wardog against Iran. I’d say they might be desperate enough to invade Syria, but then that would require them using their own treasure and children, a difficult thing for the parasites to do.


Wishful thinking. The Fake Jews cannot invade South Lebanon with only 2000 Hezb operatives, and you think they can invade Syria?

Assad must stay

they would get manhandled and embarrassed like no other army in history has been LOL


Israel doing better in world as it will be than Syria or Iran. Fact. Not tantrums.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Iron Dome and Patriot, weapons of mass distraction, lol.


Hey, you’re talkin’ about the most advanced tech in the world. Just ask dickactive1. HAHAHAHA.


in a sense a “controlled test” could be construed as a “planned explosion.” bibi and his khazarian kriminals will, of course, use it as an excuse to continue bombing in syria. hopefully syria will return the favor. maybe some more “stray” missiles.


It is funny that izrael could destroy all middle east in 30 seconds … But then they could not occupy the radioactive territories so they slowly destroy their enemies with conventional weapons ..

Al Carbone

yes while 100K rockets target Dimona nuke plant. Iran and Hezbollah dont need nukes. pissrael has a gigantic nuke bomb in Dimona which when hit will pollute the shitty little country


Nukes will not detonate when not active … I am nuclear scientist expert I know.

Al Carbone

I dont care who you are I did not mean the nukes would detonate but when blown up they will spread radiation


It is very deep underground, 23 levels deep, it will not spread.


the zionists would love that happening wouldnt they after all they deliver this target so easily but why hit the easy target its no challenge


the zionists have industry and why should they be allowed to have even a pen and paper produced on palestinian soil so i think the resistance better burn it all down



I said a long time ago best weapon the Palestinians have inside Israel is a simple box of matches,just burn the place down whenever they get chance,such as go to a supermarket for shopping then before you leave someone might start a fire in the Toilet LOL!!

Edward Huguenin

Russia has stated that if Israel attacks Iran, Iran will not be alone!


It depends who is president of Russia … Putin soon game over ..

Arch Bungle

With or without Russia, Iran can end israel in a single night.

It’s simple: A world without iran means a world without israel.

Cheryl Brandon



burn down every building of the zionists every facility every asset 10 hits for every hit they ever delivered as ordered by the supreme leader of iran no hit and run anymore for non of the enemies atleast 10 hits for every hit received by the enemy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aozUbYvPceI


the zionists will burn to the ground entirely and they can only blame themselves for them mess they brought upon themselves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jrHlAXh2MQ

Arch Bungle

When Ashkenazi israel is destroyed, the ashkenazi eurotrash will have to flee from the middle east back to khazaria and their exclusive jewish oblasts in Russia.

However, because of their behaviour in the middle east, they will hunted down like animals all over the world and butchered like the animals they are.

Why? Because once the zionist occupation is lifted there will be no colonial power center to protect them in in their thousands nests spread across the globe.

cechas vodobenikov

when USA LGBT empire defunds police and becomes matrix of feudal villages in a few years Israel will not have financial help from USA…conditions will change—some of the anti-Jew zealots here believe it will be demolished. utter stupidity. Israel is believed to possess 100-400 nukes. any nation w nukes when faced w existential danger will merely oliterate nearby cities and military…even the most dimwitted amerikan generals do not want nuclear war


Israel trade and science exchange with China,, Russia, and all industrial and science powerhouses excellent, thriving.

No nation was created without violence and repression. Law only relevant for those with sufficient power to enforce judgements.


Laws? Israel? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Like international law that Israel thumbs it’s nose at? ICC, NNPT, UN resolutions? HAHAHAHA. Come on, you gotta have better jokes than that. The thieving leech state steals everything that isn’t nailed down, lies about their wondrous tech (which duped Israelis just found out about) and blackmails their way in the world. If it weren’t for the scum Israel supports/creates world wide, they wouldn’t be getting a cent from anyone. Without the forced ‘support’ from vassal states, Israel would have succumbed to their own criminal greed long ago.


Law a joke.


Especially where Israel, the US and EU are concerned. Who else sanctions and threatens investigators?


‘Nearly an hour later, IAF fighter jets circled back and struck a Syrian Air Defense battery…’

Can assume that was about an hour after IAF officials got on their phones screaming for US satellite data assistance – about where the locking radars and incoming missiles were coming from within Syria.

Franck Vadim

Why when Israel attacks targets in Syria it’s considered a normal act (which it is not!) but when Syria retaliates on a target then Netanyahu comes to say that “Syria to pay for “planned explosion”?


7 days and counting since Israel attacked Syria. I wonder why?

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