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Syria To Hold Presidential Elections, “Moderate Opposition” Calls Them “Farce”

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Syria To Hold Presidential Elections, "Moderate Opposition" Calls Them "Farce"

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Syria is to hold presidential elections on May 26th, this is the second election to be held since war began.

The announcement was made by the Syrian parliament speaker on April 18th.

Syrians abroad will be “able to vote at embassies” on May 20th, Hammouda Sabbagh said in a statement, adding that prospective candidates could hand in their applications starting from April 19th.

“I call on Syrians to exercise their right to elect the president,” said the Speaker, Hammouda Sabbagh, after parliament announced the election date.

He said the poll would be a signal that Syria had successfully overcome its devastating conflict.

President Bashar al-Assad, who took power following the death of his father Hafez in 2000, has not yet officially announced he will stand for re-election.

He won the previous election in 2014, with 90% of the vote. This took place three years after war began in the Arab Republic.

Under Syria’s 2012 constitution, a president may only serve two seven-year terms – with the exception of the president elected in the 2014 poll.

Additionally, under the Syrian constitution, those who intend to run for presidency must have lived in the country continuously for at least 10 years, and must have the backing of at least 35 parliament members.

The majority in parliament is held by Assad’s Baath party. The party won an expected majority in Syria’s parliamentary elections in 2020, denounced as theatrical by the opposition.

The credibility of the upcoming elections has been cast into doubt for some, due to the fact that not all Syrians will be able to take part in the ballot. This includes Idlib, which is under control of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated “moderate opposition” of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham.

The prospect of an election was criticized by the US and its Western allies, who claimed it would “neither be free nor fair” and called for “an inclusive political process.”

This year marks a decade since the start of the conflict in Syria, in which international forces have been involved.

The mainstream Turkish-backed opposition alliance, whose forces control a swathe of territory in north-western Syria where millions of civilians have fled, dismissed the announcement.

“We consider Assad’s parliament to have no legitimacy. This is a theatrical farce and a desperate effort to reinvent this criminal regime,” said Mustafa Sejari, an opposition figure.

Opposition and western leaders have demanded for a decade that Assad, whom they accuse of crimes against humanity, step down.

“These elections will neither be free nor fair. They will not legitimise the Assad regime,” the US envoy, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, told the UN security council in March.

Assad’s supporters say Washington and its western allies are seeking to bring him down with the crippling sanctions they have imposed.

“Despite the expectations of Syria‘s enemies, the presidential ballot will go ahead,” said Husam al Deen Khalsi, a politician from Latakia province, a key location of Assad’s Alawite sect. “Our rulers have not followed Washington’s or Israel’s dictates.”


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Fair treatment

Amazing absolutely Amazing. I just wait to see the results of election. Opposition will be destroyed.. Brilliant well done Syria..After the election results they should aggressively pursue the retaking of Northern Syria From the hands of terrorist organisation. And the expelling of Turkish Terrorism.. Full scale war against the terrorist in Northern Syria. Send them back to Turkish Government the main supporter of terrorism in Northern Syria..

Just Me

It is time to flatten Idlib and start fresh. Send all the Turkey terrorists to hell. It is a shame that the scum Erodogan is killing Arabs while Greece and Zionists sign a defence fact.

Lone Ranger

Im still waiting for some FOAB action raining down on the dheahds of babykillers…

Lazy Gamer

Or, they could say that the presence of Turkey and the terrorists are preventing the Idlib and Syrian Kurd population’s right to vote… and therefore their rights must be secured soon.

Ashok Varma

Assad is the only hope for Syria and deserves to win and will. Syria in Wahhabi AKP hands would be a disaster for the world, and most importantly Russia and Iran will never allow that.

Just Me

Dr. Assad is the best man for Syria and has popular support and will win hands down in any free and fair elections. The Ameriswine and their headchopper terrorists will fume in rage.

Furkan Sahin

i think Assad win with 75-80 %

Just Me

I agree. In secular educated urban areas he will win the vast majority, but the headchoppers will try to disrupt in rural areas.

The Objective

If you can’t tell black from white, you think everyone is like that? I’m waiting to see how he rules Syria in peace. Even his own areas are not immune from attack let alone opposition-held locations. Besides, his life-support is facing another chaotic situation with Ukraine right now.

Tommy Jensen

Assad is factual popular among the Syrian population. Because he is unselfish, has been brave in an extreme difficult situation, didnt run off the job as many others, and have done a big job for all the displaced and refugees inside the country and defended Syria big time.


Well said,Tommy. Voting will be more secure if manual systems are utilised, I think.

Any internet bases system could easily be a re-run of the recent US criminal debacle if 77 Brigade cyber warriors etc, go into war mode from their air conditioned warrens.

The Objective

There’s no doubt that Assad “may be brave”. He didn’t run off like Ben Ali of Tunisia, but that was probably because he had assurance of support from Moscow. Russia had a big naval base in Syria which Assad knew Russia won’t abandon without a fight. If Assad is so confident, why does he feel under pressure to hold elections? A majority of Syrians are internally displaced or refugees. I’ve wondered over the past few minutes, which sane individual holds elections in a war-zone? I think Putin and Assad need a psychiatrist.

Gregory Casey

An election is being held because Syria is a democratic country governed by a President and Parliament elected by the Syrian Electorate and with a Constitution that requires an Election to be held this year. President Assad’s Term of Office has come to an end and if he wishes to extend his courageous and inspiring Presidency then he must put himself before the Syrian People and ask that they re-elect him. In case you hadn’t realized it, Syria is a Constitutional democracy.

Gregory Casey

Well said Tommy.

Supreme Blyat

I would like to see a map of results.

Tommy Jensen

As in all communist states Assad will win with 105% of the votes.

Lone Ranger


Just Me

Breaking news.. Israel and Greece sign mutual defence pact as tensions in Mediterranean rise over oil exploration.

Lone Ranger

Thats actually good news. Turkisis will be busy with mossadisis for a while.

The Objective

LOL. It’s not a defense pact you desperate man. it’s a procurement deal – nothing more.

Lone Ranger

CIA/Mossad run moderate rapist cannibal headchoppers… We wouldn’t want to dissapoint them, would we…

johnny rotten

Strange, Europeans and Americans support terrorist groups against democracy, but at home of others. It is funny to be gay using a$$ of the others.

The Objective

“He won the previous election in 2014, with 90% of the vote” Assad must be a really popular president (Among the Alawites of course – who comprise a mere 10-15% of the total population) “The credibility of the upcoming elections has been cast into doubt for some, due to the fact that not all Syrians will be able to take part in the ballot. This includes Idlib, which is under control of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated “moderate opposition” of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham” You forgot to mention North-Eastern Syria, and other opposition-held locations within territories Assad calls his own. There is also the millions of refugees in refugee camps who will not be able to reach an embassy. You also forgot to mention that Syria doesn’t have any respected embassy in Turkey where the majority of refugees are. So how would Turkey allow millions of Syrians to cast votes through their embassy? How can Assad monitor the voting process in other countries? This election must be a joke and will be treated as such. Unfortunately, the Syrian war will continue. Personally, I’m 100% certain the chances of Assad ever ruling the whole of Syria is gone. He should first secure the 70% of Syrian oil resources that is in opposition control. If the U.S and Europe do not recognize the Syrian opposition, it’ll just be business as usual. You dreamers can keep dreaming, but everyone is waiting to see how you manage to take the whole of Syria back.

Arch Bungle

Present one scenario that in your view, Dr. Assad could act democratically, fairly and to your taste?

Ashok Varma

The only scenario for these Wahhabi trolls is headchoppers in Damascus and the probability of that is equal to Martians landing on earth.

Concrete Mike

Go cry.some more goatfucker.

You guys robbed aleppo blind and it was still not enough for your greedy hands.

Your a muslim working for the western imperialists. Treasonous scum, how dare you even speak, have you no shame at all??

Gregory Casey

He has none Mike. What’s laughable is his concern for democracy.

Fair treatment

They will hunt alqaeda until none of them is left standing. Including their families excluding kids.

Gregory Casey

And that is fair treatment for the torture those psychopaths have put Syrians through over the past 10 years.

Ricky Miller

I know how I’d do it. I would sign a deal with the Americans to surrender control of the NE to the Kurdish Authorities for a Kurdish state, in exchange for an American withdrawal from the Tanf region and an end to all sanctions against rebuilding assistance. I’d negotiate a deal with Israel to surrender all the Golan claims in exchange for defense assistance with the reconquest of Idlib. I’d trade away support for Hezbollah and the Palestinians for long term direct payments to redevelop Syria’s economy on her own terms and structures, including energy and de-salinization facilities and I’d boot the Russian bases legal operating authority in exchange for a fifty year non-aggression pact with the USA and NATO and Israel. I’d use the reconstruction money to contract with Chinese companies for large scale infrastructure projects and would buy cost effective Chinese Weapons.

Why would I do these things? Because my people have suffered too much for too long. Because the urban areas, the secular minded Sunnis, and the Christians and Alawites need security and a chance to recover and get on with their lives in peace and safety. They need this more than Syria needs peripheral territories she’s unlikely to ever recover anyway. And Russia, even despite all her help in defeating the jihadi insurgency, was never willing to help enough even to defend what’s left of Syria from Israeli or Western attacks, and surely isn’t going to help Syria recover lost regions. In terms of realpolitick, Russia has her legitimate interests and Syria’s path to prosperity appears divergent from Russian interests at this point, which is why Israel bombs, Turkey’s jihadi pets sit safely in Idlib, and why Americans arm jihadi gangs from their Tanf base.

At this point a Dwarf State Syria is more viable than an expansive state which is divided and chaotic. Especially if that Dwarf State is more united and developing. I’d pass a constitutional provision banning the basing of foreign forces on Dwarf Syrian territory and outlaw the use of Syrian territory or airspace to attack other states. At some point we all gotta do what we have to.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

There’s a slim chance that Assad could get the Golan heights back if he negotiated an Iranian withdrawal from Syria, so I don’t think he needs to abandon that goal, just link Syria’s Golan demands to an Iranian withdrawal, that would effectively end all hostilities on Israel’s part and also hopefully stop any future meddling by them. And if the Iranians left Syria the US wouldn’t have an excuse to remain in Al Tanf either, so Assad could kill 2 birds with the one stone, 3 birds if you count the lifting of sanctions, which could also be another possible result of a negotiated Iranian withdrawal. But I agree with most of your other pragmatic solutions, 11 years of war is already too much, Assad now needs to give a little to get a lot more back.

Gregory Casey

No he does not and Syrians do not. Read my comment in response to Ricky above,

Gregory Casey

You do realize that on the east bank of the Euphrates Kurds are a recent arrival. The British prepared an extremely detailed ethnographic map of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, western Iran and east Turkey in 1910 which shows that within Syrian borders today there were no Kurd areas apart from one small area to the NW of Raqqa where the Kurd population was designated as nomadic and seasonal and a tiny sliver along the western bank of the Tigris on the border with Iraq today where there was a permanent but tiny population. The French as Mandate Authority surveyed all of Syria in 1934 and prepared another detailed ethnographic map disclosing more or less the exact same ethnographic population mix as had been found by Maunsell for the British in 1910 whose map was incidentally published in 1912. NE Syria never was Kurdish and even today, despite 50 years of Kurd migration into Syria from Turkey with Kurds receiving asylum from discrimination against them by Turk Authorities, the Kurd population on the east bank of the Euphrates approximates to 30% of the population. Explain to me therefore why Syria should EVER allow Kurds to walk away with 90% of Syria’s Oil and almost the entire of it’s wheat-producing area? Kurds are a minority who’ve been well looked after in and by Syria. The Kurd Leadership is corrupt just as their forefathers were when they were the Tip of the Ottoman Spear in slaughtering Armenian and Assyrian Christians between 1915 and 1922.

Ricky Miller

I agree with you on almost all counts. Yet, Syria has things to trade that Israel and the West want. The choice is between standing on principle, holding their heads high, and fighting on in a conflict where powerful, superpower level forces are trapping them in and limiting their freedom of action, Or, surrender (Clearly, not tempting) Or, cutting deals.

Now, if they fight on and hope for the best things could still go their way. It’s possible. But the lines of frontier are now fairly frozen with no territorial gains or losses for a year and no major territorial gains or losses since 2017. After another decade of this no one will trade the Syrian government anything for concessions that already are factual and long standing on the ground. An unexpected move would be thanking Russia and Iran for their help while noting that help hasn’t been enough of late to really make a difference; even in terms of food aid. The rebel held areas and Kurdish regions see large aid shipments yet government areas might get one truck or two from the Russian Federation here or there. One humanitarian op by Russia in Aleppo last month provided 30,000 meals. I mean thanks, but…

Trade away support and weapons passage to Hezbollah for generous Israeli assistance with energy infrastructure and de-salinization facilities to bring agricultural development to more arid areas. Trade away the Golan dispute and the Kurdish territory for a Kurdish State in exchange for At-Tanf restoration and assistance in clearing out the Idlib nest of murder. And trade away Russian bases for an end to sanctions and an agreement for the arming of terrorist groups to stop, as well as any interference in Syria’s internal affairs. Cash in what you’ve gained from these deals and bring what’s left of Syria into the future, with B&R help and reconstruction deals with China.

It’s emotionally ickey. No doubt. But what they have to trade has a limited shelf life. Use or lose it and get stuck with the status quo anyway, sanctions and poverty and hunger. With all of it. Dwarf Syria can still remain independent and non-aligned with the remaining population more united and less susceptible to hybrid war narratives in the future, having lived through the hell of it all this time. I don’t like it either, but if I were responsible for the 18 million or so Syrians that are left, plus the unborn future Syrians to come, I’d try to deal along those lines. Unless Russia and Iran can come up with much more support, I’d have to find a way forward.

Gregory Casey

I agree with much of what you say in the context of diagnosis but really, I cannot ever see Syria trading the east bank of the Euphrates which represents the entire Syrian Homeland of the Assyrian population. Do remember that Kurds represent barely 30% of the population of east bank Euphrates with the overwhelming majority of them strung along the Turkish border and a little cluster on the west bank of the Tigris where Syria, Iraq and Turkey come together. 100 years ago, that figure was barely 5% but then again, it was pre- the Assyrian Genocide carried out by the Ottomans with their Kurd sidekicks to the fore. Syria cannot trade away that fertile crescent that grows 90% of Syrian Wheat, Barley, Rice and a myriad of fruits and vegetables for a Kurd Homeland on lands that have never been Kurd. That is without ever even thinking about the Gas Field discovered in 2009/10 which no-one talks about and which is capable of pumping enough Gas to power all of Europe for 20+ years.

Ricky Miller

You are right. I was engaging in a thought exercise that has little to no chance of representing the decision making tree that senior Syrian leadership uses to evaluate it’s course of actions. They are emotionally invested in making Syria whole again and so seem willing to bear great suffering and long odds. I think there is great risk in that strategy and there really are great forces out to get them and in the end they might end up not recovering territories, might face generations of sanctions like Cuba, and have to rebuild slowly without much outside help. But, I understand that choice too.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“He won the previous election in 2014, with 90% of the vote” Assad must be a really popular president (Among the Alawites of course – who comprise a mere 10-15% of the total population)”.

That means only 10% of the Syrian population want a sectarian government in charge, and all the rest of the population, the Sunnis, Shia, Druze and Christians alike, mostly all want non sectarian government running the country.

Syrian population 18,151,000. Refugee diaspora 4,500,000. Total population 22,651,000.

Even if you added in all the refugee diaspora and gave all the underage children a vote, and then assumed that they’d all vote against Assad’s government, they would’ve still lost the election 28% to 72%. And you have to remember the last Parliamentary election was jointly held in most of the Arab and Turkmen occupied areas of the US administered autonomous zone, which means most of the population in the US autonomous zone also voted for Assad, so his government is still popular there despite the fact the US effectively runs the region. So just how confident is Assad if he does that, he holds an election in enemy territory with US scrutineers checking the results and he still wins by a landslide, you can’t do that without overwhelming support. I’d also bet Assad could get a fair result if he held elections in the Turkish occupied areas of Syria, not that Erdogan would ever let him do it, Erdogan saw what happened when the US let Assad hold an election in their territory, the US found out Assad was a lot less unpopular than they hoped he’d be, and so would Erdogan. :]

Gregory Casey

Well said. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

Gregory Casey

And all of the Christians who together with the Alawites constitute 25% of the population. Add in the Shia, Yezidi and other minorities to give us another 5% and then add in ordinary everyday Sunni who have provided the backbone of the Syrian Arab Army throughout the past 10 years. At a conservate estimate 65 – 70% of all Sunni will vote for President Assad, including among Kurds, and when that block is added to the 30% of minority religions it is easily seen why he’ll be re-elected with a minimum of 75% of the vote.

The Objective

If that were the case, the Syrian war would have ended long ago.

Arch Bungle

Dr. Assad is the best, most democratic leader Syria has had in it’s 5000+ year history.


Very well said, and hie brave wife compliments the duo. Bravo to them both.

Gregory Casey

I wholeheartedly agree with you and with Lone Ranger!!


Thank you.

Gregory Casey

I wholeheartedly agree with you and with Florian!!


Assad should be president of SA as well


when the jews in palestine are on the run to somewhere where they might be welcome, syria and palestine should discuss some kind of economic union, join the output from the gasfields (assuming there is one in Syria’s eez) and bring it to wherever although preferably not the EU which presently is helping the jews bring palestine’s gas to the european market.


The funny thing is that Europe has been flooded with people who despise jews, because if all the Middle East wars Israel has caused.

Fleeing to Europe would not be a wise move, in my opinion :)

cechas vodobenikov

compare—prez Assad: integrity, professionalism, anti-sectarian human being with empathy and feelings vs prez biden–senile sexual predator, racist corrupt role model father to crack addict son conclusion: Syria civilized nation with true democracy USA: decadent atheist corrupt lunatic insane asylum where country worst schizophrenics selected for political office …and the lunatics now want to defund police while the rich drink champagne in gated white enclaves with black lies matter LGBT poverty pimpleaders (that claim 20,000 $ monthly salary “my money is not my money”) and arrange cultural desert to be reduced to Walmart parking lot if primitive amerikans lucky they can persuade Syrian Arab Army to send peacekeepers to Chicago and Minnesota

Ashok Varma

Assad is a good, decent and educated man. Syria is lucky to have him at the helm.

John Mason

Russia should avoid all of this foreplay and get down to business; let the UK and its’ fleet of poodles know that Russia means business, any false mistake that affects Russian security and its’ citizens will be retaliated with utmost extremity. Time to end the masquerade of the West and teach them to stay on their side of the fence.


Correct. Free and fair presidential elections in Syria are not possible without a credible political settlement, in accordance with UNSCR2254, and that allows for UN monitoring and all Syrians to participate. Canada already mentioned that they will not recognize a regime-staged and monitored election as legitimate.

Ricky Miller

Elections won’t be considered valid unless the candidates that the West likes are elected. That’s what you’re saying. And a credible political settlement is only possible if Syria’s government gives the foreign based opposition just about everything they want, despite failing to win on the battlefield. In negotiations, the opposition continue to swing for the fence like they won the war, making demands no other party anywhere would agree to. The reason for this is simple: the opposition is a tool for the same Western powers that started the war in the first place.


Exactly…ı mentioned west attitude not my opinion.


Who the hell is Canada to interfere in Syrian affairs?

Gregory Casey

Canada are cucks.

Gregory Casey

Rubbish. Canada has no difficulty in recognizing the depraved Erdogan as President of Turkey nor any problem with recongizing bin Salman or bin Zayeed or any of the other democrats in the Arabian Peninsula. Their only problem with President Assad is that he refuses to bow the knee to them and refuses to allow either US or UK or France or Turkey or Israel or NATO or anyone else to abuse his country and his people.


Rubbish or not,it doesnt change their narrative.Canada’s declaration is signal flare of the other west countries and when Caesar act is in effect,Syria will suffer.Oil-wheat transfers from iran-russia co. doesnt have long-term sustainability.


good and bet your broad behind that the western criminals like the disunited states of insufferable fools and the westminster fa–ots will do as much as humanly possible to make the election invalid and/or that a putative traitor will win the election after the morons and the fa–ots have fixed the outcome.

anyway, trust Assad will win, will continue to disembowel the jews and send the yankee-twats packing.


Headchoppers: – How dare Syria hold elections, when we are preparing The Great Headchopper Caliphate? Masks & lockdown imposed on the idiot Sheeple in the West, but Headchoppers torture and Fragmentation Mines kill civilians in Syria! Slowly however it appears the Caliphate is pushing to arrive to the Western Sheeple as well.


Turkish, American and Israeli terrorists can go and fuck themselves. This election is not for them nor their pawns.

Gregory Casey

Well said!

Tommy Jensen

We agree. As these elections have not been scrutinized, approved and acknowledged by the free, neutral and civilised world, they cant be counted as legal and therefore a farce………………………….LOL.


Thats exactly what the US and UK will say.

The US and UK are sooooo predictable in their perfidy.

Jonathan Gillispie

I would vote for Assad if I was in Syria. He has faced and crushed the western supported/funded ‘moderate’ head chopping Jihadis for the last 10 years.

Gregory Casey

Me too! I’d vote for him and happily canvass for him among the electorate.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, they can’t change the constitution before the next presidential election so it has to be held according to the old constitutional. :] Assad offered to allow in UN scrutineers to observe the last parliamentary election but the UN said it was too unsafe, but the UN still kept all their humanitarian workers in Idlib and Aleppo. So it was too unsafe for the UN to send scrutineers to the government held areas where the elections were being held, but not too unsafe for them to continue operating in Idlib and Aleppo, 2 warzones filled with headchopping lawless terrorists. The only reason the UN didn’t send scrutineers to the last parliamentary election was because they didn’t want to publish the results, they just didn’t want to admit that Assad won fairly and squarely. And now the biggest worry is they won’t send scrutineers to attend this presidential election either, they may try and cloud the results of this election too by not participating in the process due to some BS concern.

And this headchopper Mustafa Sejari sure has a double standard, he criticizes Assad legitimacy and yet he still employs factions like Nour al Zenki in the FSA. Nour al Zenki are the group who slit the 10 year old Lebanese boys throat because they suspected he was spying on them, and taped it for everyone to see, no wonder Assad keeps saying there is no moderate opposition in Syria, just terrorists.

Mustafa Mehmet

AND AND WIN………ER ISSSS PUPET…..ASSD THE BUTCHER …. https://media4.giphy.com/media/12soWQ91xpTDVu/giphy.gif

Gregory Casey

It’s not Turkey we’re discussing here Mustafa. It’s Syria.

Fog of War

Why are elections even being held during a state of war ?

Supreme Blyat

Good question

Gregory Casey

Constitution says so. Its a democratic country and a constitutional republic so there must be an election.

Arch Bungle

Because the Anglo Saxons and their vassals keep moaning about Assad being a dictator.


As long as the Mileikowskys and Perskys of Poland, Hungary,

Germany are clinging to stolen Palestine, there will never be

peace in the Middle East.


"The Israeli lobby has clout in the U.S., which means that re- arranging the region and controlling its resources one way or another, will serve Israel through its control over the American administration."

Bashar al-Assad


Syria at the UN 1990


Over the past weekend, the world saw a barbarous massacre perpetrated by an

Israeli soldier against peaceful Palestinians, seven of whom were killed and

others wounded. That was followed by a rabid and barbarous campaign by the

occupying Israeli forces against the sons of the Palestinian people in the

occupied Palestinian territories. As a result, many were wounded or killed.

Those acts touched the conscience of humanity and revealed to the world the

nature of Israel’s expansionism and repressive practices. No one can separate

those barbarous practices from the comprehensive scheme which the Government in

Tel Aviv is trying to implement in order to establish a climate of terror in

the occupied Arab territories and to force the inhabitants to leave and enable

Jewish settlers to take their place.

All the peace-loving peoples of the world are today hoping that the Security

Council will realize their wish that, in the end, it will assume its

responsibilities and take efficient and speedy measures to put an end to the

collective massacres perpetrated by Israel against the inhabitants and

population of the occupied Arab territories, which have become a large

concentration camp and battlefield where the occupying Israeli Power unleashes

bloody massacres against the unarmed Arab population, violates their every

human right, destroys their houses, and kills their children and women in a

premeditated manner. The Security Council must see matters clearly and should

not be waylaid by confusion concerning the desire of the Tel Aviv government

for peace. Israel’s policy was and is based on a rejection of peace, because

peace hinders its expansionist objectives and because Israel would prefer to

have the land without its population and to realize the dream of a “Greater

Jewish State. – Eretz Israel – from the Nile to the Euphrates.

We recall in particular Israel’s rejection of the role of the United Nations

and its resolutions. The General Assembly and the Security Council have adopted

numerous resolutions requesting Israel to comply fully with the Fourth Geneva

Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, of 12

August 1949. We should like to recall General Assembly resolution 2252 (ES-V)

of 4 July 1967 and Security Council resolutions 237 (1967) of 14 June 1967 and

465 (1980) of 1 March 1980, which were adopted unanimously. We should also like

to recall Security Council resolutions 605 (1987), 607 (1988) and 608 (1988),

adopted as a result of the heroic Palestinian intifadah against the Israeli

occupation, in which the Council reaffirmed that the Fourth Geneva Convention

is applicable to Palestinian and other Arab territories and strongly requested

Israel, the occupying Power, to abide by its obligations arising from the

Convention. The Council also took into account the need to consider measures

for the impartial protection of the Palestinian civilians under occupation and

considered that the current policies and practices of Israel were bound to have

grave consequences for the endeavours to achieve a comprehensive, just and

lasting peace in the Middle East. It strongly deplored those policies and

practices of Israel which violate the human rights of the Palestinian people in

the occupied territories, and in particular the opening of fire by the Israeli

army, resulting in the killing and wounding of defenceless Palestinian

civilians. However, the dramatic situation of those suffering under the Israeli

occupation has persisted day after day for the past two and a half years.

The intifadah waged for more than two and a half years by the sons of our Arab

people in the occupied Arab territories has provided proof of a number of facts

that the Security Council must take into account. Among these are, first, that

the Palestinian intifadah is a national revolution against Israeli occupation

and against expansionist policies and objectives. Secondly, the intifadah –

along with the heroic resistance in the Syrian Arab Golan Heights and southern

Lebanon, both under occupation – win continue despite all Israel’s repressive

measures. Thirdly, the struggle against Israeli occupation and its barbarism

will not cease under any circumstances until all occupied Arab lands are

liberated and until the Arab Palestinian people recovers its national rights

and establishes a sovereign national State on its own land. Fourthly, all

attempts to coerce those who wage the intifadah, no matter what the pretext and

no matter what hopes or promises are held out, are doomed to failure. Fifthly,

there can be no peace in the region unless it be comprehensive and free from

schemes and individual, partial solutions. And sixthly, there must be an end to

repressive Israeli practices which constitute genocide, a crime under

international law – aiming at expelling the Arab population from its land in

order to achieve further Israeli expansion in the region.

Israel is attempting to carry out its programme of expansion and settlement on

Arab lands, ignoring the will of the international community, the Charter of

the United Nations and the rule of international law. Under this expansionist,

hostile and aggressive programme it has striven to annex Arab Jerusalem and the

Arab Golan Heights, and to escalate its policy of establishing settlements in

the Palestinian and other occupied Arab territories. Having stolen its waters

and diverted them into occupied Palestine, it included southern Lebanon in that

hostile expansionist programme.

Peace and security in an extremely sensitive region like the Middle East cannot

be achieved except through an international conference under United Nations

auspices with the participation of the super-Powers or the permanent members of

the Security Council and all the parties concerned. The objective of the

conference must be Israel’s complete withdrawal from all occupied territories

and the restoration to the Palestinian people of its inalienable rights.

Israel continues its expansionist schemes, as it has admitted on many

occasions, and it stubbornly rejects any withdrawal from the occupied Arab

territories. It refuses to halt settlements on Arab land. It rejects a

Palestinian State. And it rejects an international conference on peace in the

Middle East.

In 1948, Ben-Gurion stated that Israel’s final victory would be achieved

through intensive Jewish emigration. Forty years later, in a statement to the

Likud Party reported by Agence France Presse on 15 January, Yitzhak Shamir

avowed the same objective when he said that intensive Jewish emigration

requires the establishment of Eretz Israel – “Greater Israel”. Thus, nothing

has changed in the mentality of the Tel Aviv leaders from Ben-Gurion to Shamir,

including everyone in between. They have all had the same objective: the

annexation of land through force and the establishment of Eretz Israel.

For Israel, peace is synonymous with expansion and hegemony: the imposition of

a fait accompli and of a solution that will guarantee it. Thus, Israeli logic

demands as its first rule the total rejection of the authority of the United

Nations in any peace process. That also implies the rejection of international

law, since the United Nations is the principal organization concerned with the

implementation of international law and the safeguarding of its rules.

Among the Security Council’s main responsibilities is the adoption of urgent

measures to put an end to those violations and practices, including through the

application to Israel of Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter in order to

compel it to comply with United Nations resolutions and international law and

to bring about its complete, unconditional withdrawal from all Palestinian and

other occupied Arab territories. Unless that is achieved, the grave explosive

situation resulting from the continued occupation of the Arab lands under

settlement and from the fact that the Palestinian people’s rights are ignored

will pose additional threats to international peace and security.


I do not get it. I do not get the claim by a European people,

the European Jews, so European that their DNA is stunning at

100% European. One should not need DNA, the people of the

Middle East look Middle Eastern and the Ashkenazi looks

European. I am hopeful that as more and more people realize that

the Ashkenazi is as alien to the region as the Chinese that they

will lose legitimacy for their theft of Arab land.


Gregory Casey

If Turks plus Mi6 CIA & British & American Military “Advisers” exit Idlib I’m certain that the SAA acting together with the Russian & Syrian Air Forces will be able to mop up the entire area and north to the Turkish border (incl Afrin) by mid-May thereby ensuring that all Syrians wishing to partake in the democratic process will be free to do so. Why does South Front claim that the “credibility of the upcoming elections has been cast into doubt for some, due to the fact that not all Syrians will be able to take part in the ballot. This includes Idlib, which is under control of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated “moderate opposition” of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham.” when all sentient beings know full well that the only reason why Syrians in Idlib and Afrin cannot vote is because they are under occupation by the depraved Ottoman-enabled terrorists of HTS & their friends whose oil-peddling enterprise with SDF Kurds was brought to a halt a month ago. Is South Front trading credible misinfo with Biden’s CIA? or currying favour with NeroErdogan?

Arch Bungle

No matter who wins the election, the Anglo Saxons and Ashkenazis will call him a ‘Dictator’.

The only legitimate rulers are those who bow before the Anglo Saxon throne.

Gregory Casey

I cannot ever see Syria trading the east bank of the Euphrates which represents the entire Syrian Homeland of the Assyrian population. Do remember that Kurds represent barely 30% of the population of east bank Euphrates with the overwhelming majority of them strung along the Turkish border and a little cluster on the west bank of the Tigris where Syria, Iraq and Turkey come together. 100 years ago, that figure was barely 5% but then again, it was pre- the Assyrian Genocide carried out by the Ottomans with their Kurd sidekicks to the fore. Syria cannot trade away that fertile crescent that grows 90% of Syrian Wheat, Barley, Rice and a myriad of fruits and vegetables for a Kurd Homeland on lands that have never been Kurd. That is without ever even thinking about the Gas Field discovered in 2009/10 which no-one talks about and which is capable of pumping enough Gas to power all of Europe for 20+ years. As soon as Syria has dealt with the Turk pustule in Idlib this coming Summer season (they will) they will follow ISIS from Hama to Deir Ezzor and all the way to the Iraqi border regardless how many Uncle Sam puts in their way.

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