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Syria Strikes May Have ‘Choreographed’ With Russia: US Senator

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Syria Strikes May Have 'Choreographed' With Russia: US Senator

On April 18, Senator Robert Menendez, a Democrat of New Jersey, told MSNBC that the US-led strikes on Syria may have been “choreographed” with Russia.

On April 14, the USA, the UK and France carried  out a massive missile strike on Syria in response the alleged Assad’s chemical attack in Douma. President Donald Trump had ordered to attack the Syrian government allied with Russia. However, this was not enough to prove that he is not a Russian agent.

Syria Strikes May Have 'Choreographed' With Russia: US Senator

Democrat Senator Robert Menendez (R). A screenshot from MSNBC’s video

During his speech to MSNBC, senator described the US strike on Syria as “choreographed kabuki” and asked if the White House coordinated with either Russia or Assad prior to the strikes:

… you have a strike against three facilities, the Russians don’t activate their defense missiles against us, the Syrians shoot their missiles after our missiles land. And you wonder, wait a minute, was this a choreographed kabuki show?

It’s just too many questions that raise the concerns as [to], did we act and show our indignation, but was it choreographed? At least were the Russians told, “Stay out of these sections, and by the way, don’t challenge us. And if you don’t challenge us, then everything will go as planned?”

Sometimes it looks that Trump may start a hot war in the Middle East, but he will still be described as a “Russian agent” by his political opponents and the mainstream media.

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uhuh demcrates agent d,israel alors!!


I read choreographed kabuki as “Choreographed Bukake” and thought yet again they’re orgasmic on attack on another nation.

I guess mine is an extremely dirty mind…


bukake is forbidden word in iran, my little ayatollah! you must go in prison.


Your Buddies should be Burned at the Stake for High Treason…..or Quartered…goin’ Medieval on’m


I remember a time when Democrats appeared to be a more sane when it came to foreign military adventures. Or at least had the reputation. Gone are those days as both sides of the isle are now mostly batshit insane.

Then again maybe it was because they were just better at pretending to listen to their European vassals before deciding to go ahead and do something monumentally stupid.

Russie Unie

Trump is not Putin’s bitch but he is the one of Netanyahu for sure ! Trump the jew cries at the wailing wall while Putin the christian prays in churches and monastery (Valaam) ! This has NEVER been choreographed with Russia, it was a criminal imperialistic aggression against the sovereign Syria ! You think maybe that Putin is a fool for playing with the soil of Syria ??? Come on ! RUSSIA IS NOT USA ! RUSSIA IS THE UNIQUE ONE ALLOWED IN SYRIA ! I never read that Assad gave this right to the morons of Washington who just want to steal the wealths of Syria ! God bless Russia ! Allah suria Bashar w bass !

Rüdiger Preiss

Surely the Israelis would have already started an outright war against Syria, if they knew they’d win. Surely they also know that they easily can get the Neocon Trojka on their side, who have the UN on a leash and do whatever they want. They easily got away with a blatant war crime in broad daylight, after the MSM are happily parroting their propaganda. So, what stops them? The simple fact that they know they wouldn’t win such a war – especially after this missile fiasco. The very fact that this was a fiasco proves that it wasn’t choreographed with Russia or Syria. But always worth to keep trying wherever possible, ey? – Like a child testing how far they can go until parents had enough and reward the little brat with a slap in the face.

Ivan Freely

Both the Israelis and Saudis are still poking and prodding for another war. The latest missile strike fiasco may have given them pause, but they’ll be back with a new plan.


It’s startin’ to look like IsraHell is done

John Whitehot

we can only hope.

Frank Behrens

BS…why should they? For decades there was no war between Syria and Israel. There is nothing to be gained for them.


Yinon Plan…Syria was part of that…now IsraHell is backing down Right?! Gettin’ scared perhaps? Trying to make a little New Friends Here & There… IsraHell gave Birth to ISIS as a gift to the World, among Many, Many other Great Crimes against Humanity….and they suppose us to Say Thank you?….We Say FUCK YOU ISRAHELL!!!

Frank Behrens

Oh dear, the good ol`Yinon plan does have to serve for that again.

That is nothing more then theoretical thinking, a mere article of some person (well, given, with rather deranged thinking…typical right-wing nut). An advisor (of many) back then…and there are a lot of strange to dubious /queer (albeit sometimes dangerous) “stratetic studies”.
Funny enough Yinon beliefed (back then in the cold war era) that :

“The rationalist and humanist foundations of Western civilization were in a state of collapse.[14] The West was disintegrating before the combined onslaught of the Soviet Union and the Third World, a phenomenon he believed was accompanied by an upsurge in anti-Semitism, all of which meant that Israel would become the last safe haven for Jews to seek refuge in.[15]”

Sort of a conspirarcy theory/thinking (which, as we know today, wouldn`t come true..and was flawed right from the start)….which is, why conspirarcy theories are sometimes dangerous .

But whatever, you don´t need foreign agents to iniciate arabic civil war and/or infights (they`ve that like in europe and other parts in the world) for centuries and will do so in the forseeable future . (else I would like to see some more or less hard facts that “jewish” agents iniciated the Syrian uprsing. )…or as was said by another israeli int. officer:
“Yehoshafat Harkabi appraised Yinon’s analysis of the weakness of Arab states as generally correct while expressing doubts about the suggestion Israel should actively work towards their dissolution. If their fragmentation is inevitable, he asked, why would it be necessary for Israel to interfere?[35] “

Frank Behrens

Wikipedia also used some of those sides for their article ..the serious ones (voltairenet.org? A notorious conspirarcy side with a wacko editor Meyssan
: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voltaire_Network ).

And that one can get to the conclusion that there is an ongoing disinformation campaign (hardly surprising) especially from russian, iranian and syr. gov. medias as well as far right to left secterian groups (as so often) .

(every one can do a quick google research…but evaluating them ? Gods…no normal private person (with job and family ) can achieve that within a reasonable amount of time).






Thanks for the tip….different points of view always good…

Frank Behrens

Well, I guess the Israelis DO have their share of imperialists and right-wing nuts (as you can find everywhere) dreaming about conquest and domination (yet, I am always astonished why part of the poor and underdogs are in support of such an policy…how does it help the poor ones if we double our territory or have a (military ) strong nation ..they hardly get a share of the booty) Nationalisms warms (well, just a feeling) but doesn`t fed mouthes…

Rüdiger Preiss

Nothing to be gained? There was “no war” for the same reason their capital is Tel Aviv. The UN still has a mandate and albeit some believe it means nothing, there are many powerful countries which wouldn’t tolerate an obvious aggression from Israeli side. Their peace with Egypt has never been strong. Keep in mind even in Israel – including in the IDF – many object to Israel’s land grabbing in the Westbanks, to the Gaza Ghetto – many Israelis actually want peace. There have been many Israelis who voiced their deep concern when Ariel Sharon entered the Al Aqsa Mosque. “For decades there was no war between Syria and Israel” … well actually this statement is incorrect. Syria and Israel are technically at war since 1973 – they have never reached a peace agreement, but a cease fire. Don’t forget that Israel’s victory in 1973 wasn’t exactly a triumph, but hard fought with heavy losses.

Frank Behrens

There is next to no political party in Israel who wants to claim more land (I am not sure, but I guess some of their right winged nuts still dream about a Greater Israel ranging from the Euphrates River to the Suez-channel)…the returned the hole sinai-penisula and gave up the Gaza-strip and the south-Lebanon. And they have enough to do with the west-bank …why would they want additional land full of arabs?
It MIGHT be that they will create a sort of buffer-zone like Turkey did de facto at their borders (why is everyone so anxious about the Israelis when Turkey actually created such an buffer -zone with an de facto state relying on Turkey ?? Especially since Erdogan constantly is hostile in his speeches vs. Assad ..while the Israelis seem to be rather indifferent to him? Does really someone, who is right in his mind, think that the Israelis prefer a jihadistic gov. in Syria? ).

Yes, de iure they are stil at war , but their is a cease-fire which lasted since 1973,,so de facto there is a sort of peace.
I doubt that both, Damascus and Tel Aviv, are ready to escalate the situation into a full blown open war .

Far more interessting is what will be done with (happens with) the syrian areas controlled by Turkey . Does anyone believes that Erdogan will hand them over to Assad ever?

Rüdiger Preiss

If there is no political party that wants to claim more land then how comes Israelis keep adding illegal settlements in the Westbank? They are internationally heavily criticised for this, also for the Gaza Ghetto. Of course they wouldn’t want more Arab land as they know too well that the Palestinians and Syria / Iran wouldn’t just sit back and let it happen. However, if e.g. Israel won another war against Syria, it would give them negotiating power to extend the buffer zone and potentially “force” Syria into a peace agreement. The problem are not the ordinary Israeli citizens (many of whom are Russian Jews); There are others who push for war, who control most of them media and own the world’s riches.

p.s. Israel doesn’t want a jihadist government in Syria, but they want Syria in chaos. Therefore they support Al Qaeda with equipment and treating their wounded fighters in Israeli hospitals. Also, they never attack them but always the SAA, so it’s quite obvious who Israel supports.

Frank Behrens

Well, first off, they occupy the west bank since 1967 , so they already have that area….the question was, wether the Israelis want more land, and to that I answered .
Why they keep on illegal settlements? Good question…well, mayhaps one explanation is:
The Israelis are (like the society in the US) divided , with a good proportion of those from the right wing (the more extreme fringe) never wanted to trade in land for peace. For them, the religio-right-wing-nuts (many from overseas ), the west bank is part of the “promised land”.
They just CAN`T give up those areas..it is part of their religious believe…fundamental. Giving up those areas would be for them giving up their religion so to say (imagine a muslim asked to withdraw from Mecca and return the ka`ba to the orginal pagan cults…errr…then you might have an imagination about their state of mind).
They (their parties, supporting parties and parties who just want their votes) may be afraid of declaring that openly (we will NEVER give them up) because of the internal as well as external uproar this would cause. But it is their “silent” way to achieve their aims and undo the hated peace agreement.

Frank Behrens

I found a neat article about the issue wether and in which extant and ways Israel is supporting rebel groups.
As one can see…it isn`t that easy…it is all mixed up…no black/white…just a lot of shades of grey.


“Saleh Tarif, a Druze leader and former minister in the Israeli government, is also confident Israel will help his fellow Druze in Syria. “I can carefully estimate that Israel is using a dual approach—it has certain understandings with groups like [the Nusra Front], and it also uses its power to threaten it not to take certain actions,” he says. “It’s a jungle on the other side, and Israel has to do what it can.” Israeli officials will not confirm their Druze policy here, but have offered hints. “The [Israeli] alliance with the Druze people does not stop at the border,” Major General Amir Eshel, the commander of the air force, recently told a meeting of Druze leaders. “

Russie Unie

Here is this moron with Jewllywood story !



democrats monkey israeli!!


May be, may be not. What I see is another confirmation of sick-mind- games.


The Exceptional refuse to accept their Mediocrity Lol


“Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will absolutely not allow armed confrontation between Russia and the US, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told RIA Novosti in an interview.

“Speaking about risks of a military confrontation, I am 100 percent sure that [both the US and Russian] militaries won’t allow this, and of course neither will President [Vladimir] Putin or President [Donald] Trump,” Lavrov said.”

– Putin & Trump will not allow armed confrontation between Russia, US – Lavrov –



He’s a AshkeNAZI Jew shrink, I’d be wary of anything that he says. These people are some of the biggest trouble makers in history.


Lots of Disinfo-Agents everywhere… sometimes I can be a Disinfo-Agent meself too…but hey… at least they make you think…little bit deception here & there..Let the Grey Mass do the work for you…it’s all about the common thread…


We’ve been told for 99.9% of our existence that you can’t predict the weather. Now you can look weather by the hour and it’s very accurate. Similar work exists in criminal justice:

“Offender profiling, also known as criminal profiling , is an investigative tool used by law enforcement agencies to identify likely suspects (descriptive offender profiling) and analyze patterns that may predict future offenses and victims (predictive offender profiling).[1] Offender profiling dates back to 1888 and the spree of Jack the Ripper.”

– Offender profiling –



comment image


comment image


This is part of the Blurring….the U.S. Simply can’t afford a War With Russia…. they don’t have the Troops to Fight Russia & the Dollar is busy to collapse…So either any Conventional War will very very Soon go Nuclear and we Eradicate Humanity of the Face of the Earth….or…there are some proper Negotiations…to get the U.S. Out of the Shithole they are in at the moment…put an End to the Deep State & MIC..whatever they might be & You’ll have solved a Big Part of the Problem


the whole thing may be choreographed and pre planned-the us sino tradewar . north korea and syria. As a distraction for the crash of the us dollar and the transition to one world currency which putin and xi are on board with. It would seem the globalists want to make it so bad that we beg for there help. Time will tell


If their Jew world order hegemony Vampire Jew plan A fails, Vulture Jew plan B is crashing the US economy and asset stripping it while they take away our guns, mass murder, torture, rape, and starve us into submission as they’ve done in Russia and elsewhere.

This evil Jew pedophile mass rape cult that felony statutory rapes 1,000 of their cult babies every week, infects them with venereal disease, brain damages and murders them, should be outlawed. Israel should be delisted from the UN and replaced with Palestine and the planet dejudified to create a Jew free world that will be much better for humanity.


I file this under the “we have to try everything” coming from Senatwhores, echoed by the same prestitutes and whorespondents, and when they start to drool something uh.. formerly labeled, of course convinsingly as “conspiracy tin foil hat theorys” its remkable when even they start with in.
And the next question will be, as even back in the stone age people tought, cui bono, huh.

I dont even care what OPCW barfs this days, the CONvinsing distractions created as we speak, by what I guess is western Specs, to justify an time line to where the same morons whom made this events to an cluster f…. is going to come up with an new ugh…. CONvinsing video, anyone.
Yeah, the usa of gas in wars, even un urban warfare to open fields, was an short lived total fiasco, and nothing else, its remakable for some few things and one is deadlyness and uncontrolable to an extent that could be deadly to those morons firing this grenates, if the wind was or truned, you would be more dead than the enemy, do you idiots get it, gas is nonsense, but have been digged up CONviniently by the scam we call western MSM.

Go and look at articles as I did find, about WW1 and the use of CW, and specaly Chlorine, read that and then come back, regarding symphtomes and treatments, anyone whom have been in an CS gas chamber knows this, if your moth starts to take fire, your eyes burns like fire, your face burns, etc, there are something you dont do, if you do it, you will never the less learn, you make it worse, wiping and rubbing your eyes, will make everything worse, trinking anything will make it worse, aplying water and if you have cloths on, everything will be worse, the only thing is to trie to use apaer to take it of your skin, or simply let it dry up, the effect eases much faster, than if you did something, do you understand, and so on, I have, do you, an humble hint to the rat pack over at the Themse, the BBC.
Bloody shitheads.
My only hope goes to the reasent events, where it apears as Trump, finaly, have managed to pull His own head out of His ass and of course, a bit disorientated and shitty, but give the man some time.


Frank Behrens

Of cause….there is a sort of coordination between the US and Russia concerning operations which also involves a certain deal of Kabuki. For sure the right-left wing nuts here will be in full denial (doesn`t belongs to their extreme simple balck n white (world) view).
One doesn`t need a Senator to suspect that.

I supect further that Russia wasn`t that aversed on such a (single) “punishment” for Assad/Iran (clap on your hand) since I guess they weren´t too overtly fond of them using gas in Douma. Thus, Russia, among other meassures, can always rely on the “bad Cop” to discipline them.


Something twisted from you in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, was expected given your history:

“I supect further that Russia wasn`t that aversed on such a (single) “punishment” for Assad/Iran (clap on your hand) since I guess they weren´t too overtly fond of them using gas in Douma.”

Frank Behrens

Oh, let´s see here what we have hooked up (how nice ..and sooo unpredicted^^): one of the notorious conspiracy theorists with the not so anusual typical antisemtic stereotypes …and claiming OVERwhelming evidence …lol…what would be here an OVERWHELMING (that you nuts do HAVE TO use always strong words..) evidence ? (and in which ways would one of facts /evidences here ? Some leaked personal comments from Putin/Macron/Trump ?
I am pretty sure there will be no reasonable sober debate with you (as usual with almost all nuts) …but let´s hear :D !? Could be amusing ..


There are people that are pretty angry, with all the Lies they told us…some are past the moment to solve matters in a peaceful way….For me there is no more time to be Reasonable for instance….people gotta Hang for the Crimes & Treason they have Committed to Humanity & All Living Things….Plain & Simple

Frank Behrens

which is a failure,,,because and perhaps exactly THAT is the aim of those telling lies…a angry mob is a stupid mob…and stupid people are better to control…


You are right about that… they Want the U.S. Citizens to start their Revolution.. so that they can say the People started it…and Strike back Hard… Just let it Simmer for a While… When their Money & Power are mostly gone… they will be Common People that Bleed Red just like us…by that time I hope Americans got a Bit Smarter than their CNN-Wisdom…a Court with Independent Judges will be a fine way to Convict & Hang them…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Only problem was Milosevic if he stood trial would have been cleared of allegations then the US would be indicted along with others for crimes but sadly he was murdered and they kept changing their stories in regards to his death.

Frank Behrens

Independent Judges ? How could you ever be sure that they are independent (or actual are) ?
And if the Money and Powers (which one is that exactly?) are gone , Who is then in charge ? And how? Someone or something will be in charge /has to run the state…how could you know that you just change from Satan to Beelzebub (power corrupts ) ?


Eehmm…my vision is just that if humans don’t change things and start thinkin’ rationally…and try to solve the problems we have created for ourselves…. humanity got not much time left…Again we already destroyed 70% of the Earth.. that is a lot… Continue on this same road and I’ll give it….a hundred years…to keep it positive… because we will be gone by then anyway….so in fact I don’t really care… Humanity have to get Rid of this Evil…which in my opinion is very well possible… We are All able to do Good & Evil… which road will they take? I know mine…. what the Rest does is not really my business… but I get really pissed when they behead & rape kids… Good People make Good Judges…if they can be bought they are not so good people


Amen! Those who have foisted this disaster upon the world should absolutely be punished. The world cannot truly move on to a higher understanding of common decency if these criminals are not held to account for the pain, suffering, death and hate they have engendered. What they have wrought is abysmal and sick…all for the amassing of wealth and power while on this plane, which can end suddenly.


You have no credible evidence that a chemical weapons attack occurred because it didn’t happen. The scam videos and testimony have already been disproven. And there’s nothing from any qualified party with open source evidence verifying that any attack occurred. Claims unsupported by verifiable evidence from notorious liars like you are meaningless.

Frank Behrens

I have no credible evidence (what would be a credible evidence? Assad frankly telling us that?)…because it never happened ? And there I thought the jihadists launched several ones?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just no Kabuki theater but poorly planned operation by the Tripartite’s Keystone Cops comedy of errors 2 French Frigates failed to launch. The UK subs were mostly in retreat from Russian subs leaving the AO putting most of them out of the ops. Seems there is a usual disconnect with reality and highly likely outcomes or maybe definitely ones.


50% probability


The Americans simply cannot accept that Syrian air defenses shot down so many American missiles.
It couldn’t happen, so they have to come up with ideas that somehow explain it away.


If the populous of the US knew the truth, there would be a shitstorm of monumental proportions. The lie of superiority has to be repeated ad nauseum to prevent questions being asked…insignificant questions like WTF happened? The morale of the military is not a trivial thing either…is it any wonder that the military is having problems with recruitment and there are murmurs of re-instituting the draft? How many Billions spent on US military viagra bill and the US military is still flaccid. Now we spend $700b to fix ships that won’t float and can’t use their engines and to buy more obsolete Tomahawks and F-35s that can’t fly. Gotta cut health-care and SS to keep MIL fat and happy. We are truly on our way to MAGA.


comment imagecomment image

Shylo Duffy

Yes I agree completely with you.Their greed is what’s bringing them down when they ask for this military money I imagine only a qt of it actually goes to fixing or making new weaponrys and as we can all see it shows in their broken down ships and planes and what not.. Everyone at the top in the US is greedy and it’s only going to get worse.

God bless all people who seek the truth and then shares it..


Bob is off his meds again.


Ofcourse they did cooperate the Strike with Russia! They know they will be in DEEP SHIT if they Kill some Russians…

Free man

It is clear that the coordination between Russia and the United States is far more than what meets the eye.
The Americans bombed targets that were coordinated with the Russians. And the Russians didn’t intervene.
The interests of Russia and the United States are not so different on the Syrian issue.


The biggest effort in the West seems focused on blurring our vision, meanwhile the SAA and partners keep feeding drug addicted nut bars into the meat grinder. God’s speed heroes, you are saving us all!


Many Many…putting Great efforts in there…Bloody Nice!


Impossible to garner a clear picture of all the possible scenarios in the US as they fight amongst themselves. The Syrian agenda is crystal clear, they are taking back their country, all of it!


In the U.S. It’s 50% against the other 50%…is my Guess…wait till 80% will know the Truth…it will be 80% against 20%…that seems to be worth the waiting…their Dumbing Down of US-Citizens have been very Effective…let’s not forget that…


Menendez is one of the biggest f@cking weasels on Capitol Hill, he’s a real POS that is salivating at the thought of dead children in the Donbass and in Syria. He was one of the first one’s pushing Obama to provide American arms to the Junta in Kiev.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

As I said before, the truth, I do not know what to believe, and even worse, nor who to believe,
in that super spider web of diplomacy and war of deception between Russian and American intelligence agencies, with all american allied puppets involved, a super big puzzle very complicated to solve.

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