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Syria Strikes May Have ‘Choreographed’ With Russia: US Senator


Syria Strikes May Have 'Choreographed' With Russia: US Senator

On April 18, Senator Robert Menendez, a Democrat of New Jersey, told MSNBC that the US-led strikes on Syria may have been “choreographed” with Russia.

On April 14, the USA, the UK and France carried  out a massive missile strike on Syria in response the alleged Assad’s chemical attack in Douma. President Donald Trump had ordered to attack the Syrian government allied with Russia. However, this was not enough to prove that he is not a Russian agent.

Syria Strikes May Have 'Choreographed' With Russia: US Senator

Democrat Senator Robert Menendez (R). A screenshot from MSNBC’s video

During his speech to MSNBC, senator described the US strike on Syria as “choreographed kabuki” and asked if the White House coordinated with either Russia or Assad prior to the strikes:

… you have a strike against three facilities, the Russians don’t activate their defense missiles against us, the Syrians shoot their missiles after our missiles land. And you wonder, wait a minute, was this a choreographed kabuki show?

It’s just too many questions that raise the concerns as [to], did we act and show our indignation, but was it choreographed? At least were the Russians told, “Stay out of these sections, and by the way, don’t challenge us. And if you don’t challenge us, then everything will go as planned?”

Sometimes it looks that Trump may start a hot war in the Middle East, but he will still be described as a “Russian agent” by his political opponents and the mainstream media.



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