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Syria Seized Moment To Launch Rockets At Israeli-Occupied Golan Heights

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Syria Seized Moment To Launch Rockets At Israeli-Occupied Golan Heights

File image.

Late on May 14, at least three rockets were launched from Syria’s southern region at the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

In a brief statement, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said that two of the rockets had landed in open areas in the Golan, while a third fell inside Syria.

The Ministry of Defense of Syria and the state-run news agency are yet to confirm or deny Israel’s claims. Meanwhile, local sources in the western countryside of Daraa reported a number of “explosions”.

The IDF usually respond to any fire from Syria within a few hours. Syrian military positions in the southern region are the go-to target in such cases.

The rocket attack came amid an ongoing Israeli operation against Palestinian forces in the Gaza Strip, including the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The group is a key ally of Damascus and is known to be present in Syria.

Earlier in the morning, Israeli and Lebanese sources reported an Israeli strike on a Syrian town bordering Lebanon. The alleged strike targeted a vehicle that was carrying a weapons shipment en route to Lebanon.

The ongoing battle in Gaza has led to tensions in the Middle East. A day earlier, a salvo of three rockets was launched from southern Lebanon towards Israel. Later, the Israeli military killed a reserve fighter of Hezbollah, who was protesting on the separation line in southern Lebanon. The battle may soon spillover to Syria and Lebanon.


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The Truth

Another false flag by Israel and their proxies.


As always. And since before the “Holocaust” was declared a precedent to justify “humanitarian intervention” in the postcolonial/neocolonial post-WW2 Ziocorporate global reality.


are you actually sure about that?


syria has elections and assad needs to look strong so he might do more than just that in the next weeks


I doubt the Syrian army would have done this they gain nothing from it so looks like some other group.


Putin’s Zioterrorist business ties with his US/EU/NATO partners haven’t been damaged in any real way recently. As things are, there’s no way Syria can escalate against the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine without the military support of a power like Russia or greater and all great powers are playing globalism with each other.

Putin already complained the terrorist Ziojew massacre of Palestinians affects “Russia’s security interests” today, so the Kremlin must be at the “deconfliction” hotline with Tel Aviv making sure it don’t spill over into Syria.

Last edited 8 months ago by shylockracy
Fog of War

” Putin already complained the terrorist Ziojew massacre of Palestinians affects “Russia’s security interests” ”

I dont think he meant the Palestinians more likely he was talking about any possible blow back to Israhell which has always been in ” Russia’s” security interests. Strangely, any blow back to Israhell also goes against ZioAmerica’s security interests. Funny how that works.

Kiss the Ring

Didn’t you know it’s the latest 8D chess move from uncle Putinyahoo, “savour of humanity and God” lol, like he’s boosting IDF ranks by exporting another million Khazzari squatters to occupied Palestine, which is a secret ploy to help Syria no doubt, lol!

Fog of War

comment image

Vapid and vacuos

Sadly, real human beings are being murdered as we speak, yet we have Zionist ‘s celebrating human misery. The world is watching and justice will eventually prevail


inshallah bro

Donald Moore



Bibi’s Grand Plan of his Satanic masters is coming to fruition: the total and utter destruction of Israel!! Even Erdogan is chiming in rallying the Muslim masses and governments to defend the Palestinians at all costs.


ErdoDog the Anus is flapping his b1tchlips thinking he can steal a victory engineered by Iran and Soleimani. He is terribly mistaken. Nasrallah is the next king of Jerusalem

Carlos the Jackal

Sure, IDF… We know the pattern. Syria always does exactly what is opposite to her interest in the realm of public opinion. And, coincidentally, exactly what is in the interest of Israel, as it wants justification for some more totally unjustified attacks on Syria that was planned long before the silly event.


Putin the midget misses Bibi’s sausage.


that is quite insolent and disgusting and i dont really protect russia or putin here its just that you have a mind of a filthy degenerate person

Flush ZioNazis

You don’t really protect Russia? Here you are getting offended however lol

The Objective

This incident is insignificant. Typical of the actions of a coward.


it is political not different to what bibi mileikowsky did and in fact assad needs to win in election and be seen as strong so he might seek to want the golan back to win for sure since it was a promise of his to liberate all areas


@southfront i dont know if i like your plus and minus system its weak i can add 100 plus for somebody if i wanted


Israel firing missiles at themselves

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