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Syria Seems To Be Supplying Pantsir-S1 Air-Defense Systems To Libyan National Army (Video, Photos)

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On July 12, Libyan activists shared a video and photos showing a military convoy consisting of several trucks and at least one Panstri-S1 air-defense system heading to the coastal town of Sirte.

A spokesman for the Government of National Accord (GNA) forces in the region, Brig. Abdul Hadi Draa, confirmed that Pantsir-S1 systems and other weapons were deployed at the Sirte airport on July 11.

The Pantsir-S1 system seen in the video and photos is based on a KAMAZ-6560 8×8 truck. This means that it was not deployed by the UAE. All the systems operated by UAE forces are based on German MAN SX 45 8×8 trucks.

The spotted Pantsir-S1 system has a desert yellow paint and is equipped with the older passive electronically scanned array search radar. The only country in the Middle East that operates Pantsir-S1 systems with such specifications and supports the Libyan National Army (LNA) is Syria.

Earlier this year, Damascus recognized the LNA’s government in Benghazi. Recent reports claimed that Damascus is working with Russia to support the army. Damascus also enjoys good relations with the LNA allies, Egypt and the UAE.

In the last few weeks, Syria’s Il-76 cargo planes made several unusual flights between Damascus International Airport and al-Khadim Air Base in northeast Libya. The base is known to be hosting troops of the UAE. The Pantsir-S1 system spotted en route to Sirte may have been shipped from Syria to Libya during one of these flights.

The Syrian Air Defense Forces operate dozens of Pantsir-S1 systems. Most of the Syrian systems are equipped with the advanced active electronically scanned array search radar. Damascus may have sold some of its older systems to the LNA to help ti to confront Turkey’s growing influence in Libya and to improve relations with the LNA backers – the UAE and Egypt – and further.

There is no official confirmation that Syria has deployed Pantsir-S1 systems in Libya. However, the specifications of the system spotted in Sirte, and the growing cooperation between Damascus and the LNA indicate that this is very likely.


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Lone Ranger

Isis air force will cry and rage :)

Jim Allen

My favorite part.

Lone Ranger


Zionism = EVIL

This fake news originated from the Pimpeovirus infected Jew cunts. It is not viable anyway for Syria.

Little black bird

What is the difference in radar capabilities?


It will have trouble with drones and stealth aircraft’s.. as well as balloons and very short detection.. Dont think those old systems help Syria with both turkey and israel using far more advanced equipment’s.

Rhodium 10

it depends of the qualification of Pantsir crew…anyway the old Pantsir is enough vs Turkish drones and when Israel have tried to attack heavy defended base like Al Kiswa..Pantsir have destroyed all Israeli cruise missile…the problem is that Syria have thousands of warehouse and they cannot defend it one by one

Toni Liu

Yes and this panstsir capability as good as how fast it can be reloaded because mostly destroyed in syria are overwhelmed with multiple drone that make pantsir run out it ammunition then got destroyed when nothing left to defend reloading pantsir


First i would like to see this claim confirmed.
They might as well have bought some older systems from neighboring Algeria that has the greatest number of Pantsir-S systems only surpassed by Russia it self.
What i mean is that first the pictured must authenticated and where and when it’s from.
Then we need to know from what country they are from if it’s really a recent taken pictures from within Libya and hasn’t been manipulated.

Right now this claim isn’t to be taken more serious than the claims of the MIG-29 from US AFRICOM, until more is known i wouldn’t think more of it than propaganda.


This is a dubious claim and does not make any sense. Russia is supporting the LNA and why would it allow Syria to send its small inventory of Pantsir to Libya, when Russia does not allow Syria to even use the S-300. This claim is totally baseless and most likely originated from the MSM and Zionist media, who would like a regional conflict.


If that’s the case it’s a win win deal. The UAE prince has a lot of money. And the Syrian air defense force knows how to operate this equipment with Russian satcom integration. Bringing in a couple of SADF S-300/400s with the heavier radars away from the front lines would strengthen the LNA’s air defense considerably. And put a strong buffer in place for Egypt to improve the Egyptians abilty to participate in a regional coalition against Israel.

Pat Dunne

Looks like Syria is emulating Turkey and selling services to the highest bidder.


This sounds like a dubious claim as Syria has its hands full and does not have the capacity to spare or transport any weapons systems of this size, and most importantly Russia would not allow that anyway as it supports the LNA.


Syria, Libya and Iraq will be a Vietnam for turkey ;)

Mustafa Mehmet

OK rambo

Zionism = EVIL

It is the Hindu cunt “Paul”, last week he was supporting Turkey and now since I caught him shitting in the street he turned ROFLMAO, same with the other Jew cunt Iron Zion and his alt Freeman account.


The border crossing with Jordan is open. These units could of been driven there through Egypt.


If its true, means Russia’s new deployment. All the weapons merchants of USNato & Russia are laughing to the banks when wealthy UAE & Egypt joined Libya war against Turkey. So was Syria & Yemen war. That’s how West milk the world & oil rich Gulf.

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