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Syria, Saudi Arabia To Restore Relations Following Breakthrough Meeting In Damascus – Report

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Syria, Saudi Arabia To Restore Relations Following Breakthrough Meeting In Damascus – Report

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Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief has held a breakthrough meeting with his Syrian counterpart in the Syrian capital Damascus, The Guardian reported on May 4.

The unfriendly history of the relations between Saudi Arabi and Syria highlights the importance of the recent meeting. The Saudi delegation which attended the meeting was led by Gen. Khalid Humaidan, head of the General Intelligence Directorate. The Syrian side was represented by Gen. Ali Mamlouk, head of the National Security Bureau.

The Kingdom was among the first Arab countries to severe its relations with Damascus and voice its support for the 2011 upraising. Later, Riyadh played a key role in financing and arming rebels in Syria.

Officials in Riyadh told the Guardian that the Kingdom may restore its relations with Damascus shortly after the three-day Eid al-Fitr festival that will mark the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in a week from now.

“It’s been planned for a while, but nothing has moved,” one of the officials told the British daily. “Events have shifted regionally and that provided the opening.”

The Guardian’s information are in line with a recent report by Rai al-Youm, which was the first to report on the Saudi-Syrian meeting in Damascus.

In its report, London-based news outlet alleges that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad attended the breakthrough meeting in Damascus. The outlet also claims that that a wider meeting will be held after Eid al-Fitr and that Saudi Arabia will support Syria’s return to the Arab League.

In the last few years, many reports in the Arab and international media talked about a rapprochement between Saudi Arabi and Syria. Yet, these reports didn’t materialized.

The restoration of relations with Saudi Arabia would be a major political win for Damascus. The step may also help boost the struggling economy of the war-torn country.


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Never trust Ziodi Wahhabia. Putin might need business and partnership with the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists because Russia has a military-industrial complex on par with the US/NATO/EU Zioterrorists’ one but the Saudi-funded, US-led ISIS coalition is still attacking SAA troops across battelfields.

Ziodi Wahhabia would have to spend at least twice what they’ve got in weapons from US/NATO Zioterrorist cuntries in reparations to Syria to start making up a bit for all the death and destruction they’ve caused.

Assad must stay

they better start paying up, for all the shit they caused, if they are serious

John Wallace

@Assad must stay : Maybe SA want some real fighters to fight the Houthi’s . I am surprised the Yanks didn’t bomb the meeting to prevent any accord being made or perhaps this time it was kept secret .

Fog of War

The theater continues. Catching on yet people ?


All I see is further attempts to separate Syria and Iran/Hezbollah. They’ll offer the money carrot and give ‘guarantees’. If Syria doesn’t bite on the backstab ploy, KSA agreement will be as good as those given to Yemen. The so-called peace initiative with Yemen is the same ploy. Iran is the target, even as KSA wants ‘detente’ with Iran, the Zionist run KSA ploys are just that. Who has the most influence in KSA? Who has signed pacts with Israel? Who supports ‘peace’ with Israel? This is yet more signs that there are plans afoot in Riyadh, Tel Aviv and Washington. Then there is the recent Russian delegation visit to Israel…and the subsequent attack on Syria. Nothing is as it seems.


Great new comment board. Posts never even make it to the review board. Hit post comment and it disappears. At least the trolls can still post. Made several posts, they never showed up.

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