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Syria, Russia Carried Out First Joint Live-Fire Aerial Drills (Video)

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Syria, Russia Carried Out First Joint Live-Fire Aerial Drills (Video)

A Russian Su-24 strike aircraft in the sky over the Khmeimim airbase in Syria. Photo: Dmitriy Vinogradov / RIA Novosti

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) and the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) have carried out a joint live-fire exercise, the Syrian Ministry of Defense announced on June 8.

In a statement, the ministry said two Russian Su-35s fighter jets and six Syrian MiG-23ML and MiG-29SM fighter jets took part in the exercise that simulated facing “hostile” fighter jets and drones that violated Syria airspace.

“All illusive targets were monitored and completely destroyed while aerial targets were hit at night for the first time,” the statement reads.

Syrian and Russian warplanes also conducted a joint patrol along the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights as well as over the country’s eastern and northern regions, where American and Turkish forces are present.

“The joint exercises, as a whole, showed high coordination between the pilots of the two friendly armies and great cooperation in different situations,” the Syrian MoD said.

According to the ministry, Su-35s, Su-34 and Su-24M fighter jets from the VKS as well as MiG-23ML and MiG-29SM fighter jets from the SyAAF took part in the exercise. A Russian Defense Ministry statement cited by the Interfax news agency also revealed that an AEW&C [airborne early warning and control] aircraft of the VKS, most likely a Beriev A-50U, was also involved.

The VKS has been working to help the SyAAF rebuild its capabilities which deteriorated over the eleven past years as a result of the war in Syria.

The exercise, which was the first of its kind since the beginning of Russian military operations in Syria, was likely a message to Israel, which recently intensified its attacks on Syria, as well as to Turkey, whose military and proxies are now preparing to launch a new operation in the war-torn country.


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John Tosh

Erdogan Erdogan. Do not let NATO screw you up Remember Turkish terrorists killed a Russia Pilot a few years ago.

Do not let the Russians come for you!


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Last edited 7 months ago by Edna

tosh Toshiba let it be . Let the Russian come . And let’s see what they can do . Toshiba you dreaming dreaming again.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

Great work RuAF and SyAAF

Florian Geyer

Well said. The Syrian fight against the US, UK and and their US/UK sponsored Jewhadi terror gangs has now been simmering for ten long years.

Diane Ferguson

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Last edited 7 months ago by Diane Ferguson
Elohim Kosher Bar

Standing orders to Syrian and Russian pilots over the Golan Heights “See a jew, shoot a jew”. The judaic terrorists must be dealt with in the ONLY language they understand.

Turk = Mongol

The Mongols are likely too stupid to get the message and once again they will be humiliated and lose a bunch of their soldiers for no reason.

10 Dead Generals

Scratch Russian skin and you’ll find a Tatar

10 Martyrs 4 the Cause

Scratch a Khazarian AshkeNazi fake Jew, and you’ll find a dog of the Vatican for sure, Gog and Magog is the Nazi Huns of Khazaria (Ukraine) same devils Russia is having to deal with, same devils that have been persecuting Palestinian’s for well over 70 years, same shit different props on a different stage they just call themselves Israeli’s there. Do not know the truth from men, but know the truth, and you will Know who the truthful are.

Chris Gr

Gog Magog = Iran




Typical mongol idiot talking

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