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JUNE 2023

Syria Prepares For Military Confrontation With Turkey In Northeast

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The Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces have put their forces on high alert in response to the new round of aggressive actions by the Turkish Army and its proxies in northeastern Syria.

Several convoys of government forces, including several T-62M battle tanks and a number of trucks equipped with heavy machine guns, deployed to the countryside of Ayn Issa after intense Turkish artillery strikes on positions of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces and the army near al-Nuyhat in northern al-Hasakah and Hushanah in northern Raqqah. Another group of government troops deployed near the town of Tell Tamr.

According to local sources, the recent Turkish strikes led to no casualties among civilians or military personnel. Nonetheless, regular Turkish attacks on these areas in fact turned a large part of the territory located relatively close to the Turkish-occupied area into a no man’s land. Syrian state media also reported that Turkey set up a new training camp for its proxies northwest of Tell Tamr.

While the chances of an open full-scale military confrontation in northeastern Syria between Turkey and the Syrian Army remain low, the military stalemate with regular ceasefire violations clearly does not contribute to any kind of peace process.

Meanwhile, the US troops, which the Trump administration had supposedly mostly withdrawn from Syria some time ago, have been expanding their military infrastructure there. Recently, they set up a new airfield approximately 8km south of the town of al-Ya’rubiyah in the province of al-Hasakah. Local sources report that US forces are actively deploying new equipment and materials there, building up barracks and erecting concrete barriers. Units of the Syrian Democratic Forces are also allegedly involved in securing the perimeter of the airfield.

At least one soldier was killed and 3 others injured in an attack by gunmen on a checkpoint in the town of Talfita in the western part of the Qalamun region, near the border with Lebanon. Following the attack, the army and security forces deployed additional units to the area in order to find and neutralize the attackers. Hezbollah is reportedly also involved.

Such attacks in Western Qalamun are an uncommon development due to the strict security measures employed. A previous notable incident of this kind happened in December 2019, when gunmen stormed an army checkpoint in the town of Rankos in Eastern Qalamun. Then, all the attackers were tracked and neutralized in a series of operations within a few weeks of the incident.

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Porc Halal

Sorry not that I dont want to but with only few battle tanks and trucks you cannot go to war against anyone..just saying


Hm, fake news, everything is well in Idlib, because today HTS and Turkey allowed some Russian MPs to drive to Jish al Jugur and back without being beheaded on arrival.. Idlib/Astana deal is working. ;) Well, at least for Turkey and HTS.

In all seriousness: You are sadly right. Turkeys SAMs and drones and the massive supply line from Turkey into Idlib will be something that the SAA will hardly be able to counter effectively, without DIRECT Russian firesupport. Which wont happen after the Russian-Turkish confrontation at the start of this year.

Sadly there is no solution in sight, Erdogan has played his hand well. As long as he has the US support for his occupation of Syria, this sadly wont change.

Porc Halal


Brother Ma

It appears Putin was fooled or was part of the Charade. I can’t see the surrounded Turkish observations posts surviving this long unless Russia and Syria allowed food water and supplies through.

Jens Holm

None is fooling none there. You all are all filthy fools which by birth has learned, You are above anybody else and everybody else has to bend over and show respect being secondary persons or objekts.

There are no analyse of the reasoins to those uprises. Not even the moderate proposals bt the SDF-Kurds are possible.

But the background is lack of reforms making progress and at least some more wellfare. There are not even structures for it.

So the solutions mainly are political and forbidden by Assad and his Micky Mouse Parlament.

And typical for reflexions here, the uprisers are not even mentioned in Your comment. They do no exist inYour mind even they are millions and 5 millions Syrians are not in their own country – BECAUSE ITS NOT THEIR COUNTRY.

The Baath party has treated Syria as their own private property. Thats whats the pest is. And of course the solution is not replacing it with cholera named Jihadisme but one of the many other systems in the world, which works.

One of the main problems very visible here too are, You all has created Your own history book and follow it as truth even most of it is lie adding dicatators of today are sawing You from some very bad and agressive people which live inside as well as outside the country.

One of the funny cry versions might be Syria even only 70% are arabs are named Arabic, but many of those actually are Shammers along Eufrat, Tigris and Khabour being a kind of Wahabits and emmigrated to Syria 1820 to 1850 and main supporters of ISIS.

Jens Holm

Erdogan dont have that USA support at all. After Years You probatly also dont get Nato isnt there as well.

Turks are there because they higly declare its for their own safety.That a paragraph named as Muskateer Oth.

USA is there with Britts and France, which of cpurse are big and important, but the rest of us are not in war but do support UN and its decklarations and partly boycut.

USA would love Erdogans only were in Turkey and also not in Iraq(or was) against PKKs.

Jens Holm

I agree. More like somebody put in something like, so we can smile now and then instead of crying.

Maybee Assads will honor the russians and make a museum with those tanks. I hoped it will replace some tents:(

Its against any military known methods to spread already spread out troops that much. The only to be fpund is guerilla warfare, but guerilla mainly dont use tanks.


Best joke of the day, the Turks will clean the floor with the Syrian officers and their Iranian proxies.

Free man

I really don’t understand the logic of such headlines / clickbaits .

Free man

Syrian civilians are starving, and people on this site are talking about a war with NATO’s second-largest army. Get serious.


Stop parroting that ‘muh 2nd largest NATO army’ bullcrap. Turkeys real, deployable military strength is considerably lower that official stats suggest. And much of its equipment is late cold war era stuff.

It’s also currently spread thin on several frontiers, so a new offensive would not be good for Turkey anymore than it would for Syria.

Free man

Factually “2nd largest NATO army” is true. A direct war between the SAA and the Turkish army will end with a crushing Turkish victory. This could collapse the Assad regime. That’s the reality.

Brother Ma

Who cares! France had the biggest and best equipped armies in WWI and II and was destroyed. Brains and brawn win wars on the battlefield ,not tech nor numbers.

Why do you think zionatoistamericans love “no flyzones” ? They love it because their own planes then make up for their lack of brains or brawn on the battlefield.

Free man

This is a theoretical discussion only. Because there will probably be no war between Syria and Turkey, nor between Syria and Israel. But there is no basis for comparing the Syrian army with the Turkish or Israeli army. The SAA is currently only pro-Russian units versus pro-Iranian units.

Jens Holm

I agree, but the remain is that Assads only are able to tell the same song of taking back.

There are no military solution. And even worse: The opposition to those dirty Leaders are not even asked.

Jens Holm

It seemes some Leaders are no learners. Assads has send big elefant binches of troops at ISIS but with no supply lines and not knowing what was in front of them.

ISIS has killed thousens of those by small knives from all sides, so the Victory of Assads about them are only because of the numbers. And ISIS are still alive and do have “night control”.

Jens Holm

Thats 200% unreaistic, so stopp and go back to, whats possible.

And You are not right. As we see right now Turks has no logistics for invading Syria much more then today.

But even that might collapse Assads.

Jens Holm

Thats partly right. The Syrian military forces mainly are for depending every meter of its own territory.

So in score by analysers, they are not that big.

But You forget Yourself that they are up aqgainst even older stuff. You can read right here today, that Assads are deplying T62-Ms in northwest. I am sure the many Leopards as well as F16s can handle those.


Turkey has more open front than Hitler had. They occupy Cyprus, they are involved in Lybia, Iraq, they occupy Syria and they even have clashes on Greek border. That will not end up well for Sultan.

Free man

“That will not end up well for Sultan.” – I hope the Turks bring down Erdogan. But the Turkish army is big enough to deal with all the broken Arab states you mentioned.


Its not as easy as you think. Conflict with Greece can lead to a break up of NATO. Syrian army is now well motivated and experienced and has Russian support. Russia can not back down and let Syria fall after it tried to save it, that would have massive global politic consequences for Russia. And Lybia is too far away for Turkey to be able to send a force big enough to be able to defeat Haftars forces. Nevermind the fact that doing all these operation at the same time is unthinkable…..

Free man

I agree with what you wrote about Russia. Russia is doing everything it can to prevent war between Syria and Turkey.

Jens Holm

I think Russia love the Assad part of Syria as Syria for Russia. Its much easier to control and less expensive as well.

The main problem for the Russians are they are the big ones and therefore are repesponsible for things there in stead of USA.

People here still see USA as the big responsabile for things, but they are not. Russia are.They dont solve things.

Lone Ranger

Cool story Jens… Maybe you should pick your home country first…

Jens Holm

I certainly do and tell we should not support anything there aparts from by TV, Radio and Internet.

I also many times has asked for a wall west of Istanbul, which might most MEs happy as well.

Brother Ma

Noone cares about Nato. The war in Cyprus nearly broke Nato but Greece came back again and Turkey was given a “slap on the wrist” and it was over. Personally,I think Nato should be disbanded immediately anyway. True about Putin and Syria,but ithink Putin has sacrificed parts of Syria and he is still happy . Good for him. Bad for Syria.

True re Turkey. Turkey would struggle to hold Libya due to very long supply lines. HOWEVER,Turkey is murica’s favourite whore so as always, will come out to protect her even if she is a psychopathic murderous bitch.

Jens Holm

Yes. But I also think You should add other cooks with dirty hands in this. Its very complicated.

Brother Ma

Not really. War with Greece in Cyprus didn’t breakup Nato and so far Turkey fighting with France has not broken up Nato. Nato won’t break up,I think Itwill JUST fade away into a “nothing alliance”.

Jens Holm

We will see if there will be any change with his retreat. I see Kemals are nationalistic in the same way, so they wont retreat from day to day as well.

They also dont like Kurds. Maybee they even like Kurds less.

Erdo in prison do solve other things. I think the amnesty people and several others will be released and some less independent press partly might come back.

Mustafa Mehmet

Right- words is turkey liberate not occupied Cyprus. wake up ?


I admire and respect the resolution of the Syrian people to stand up against the US/EU/NATO/Turkey/Saudis/Israel since Obama started the war on Syria. That Syria survived and that its enemies are reduced to the dishonor of trying to starve its people shows the US and its vassals to be vile bloodthirsty vermin.

Jens Holm

I admire how You can insisit in cintinuing in being blind.

Nato fx are not in Syria at all.

Which corner of Syrians do You speak for. 25% are not even in the Country.

Assads systaticly has used the starvation weapon against the rest just as Turks. Assads here fx has burned fields full of sicalled enemy food. Here the enemy mainly are Syrian civilians, which for vety good reasosns dont support Assads.

Most people killed in Syria are by Assads as well.

I should not wonder if You also tell Syrians all are burried upside down with feet in the air and sandals with flowers.

Removil Pedro Mata

Nato was in Syria since the begining, you can name france, italy, U.K. Norway and many other´s on that war who are from Nato cartel. If most were killed by Assad, the country wouldn´t support him and he had fall quickly. To finnish, every body knows already that it wasn´t a civil war but a proxy war sponsored by the Natp coward´s that doesn´t have the courage to put boots on the ground and even 18 thousand´s of huygures from China were there

Jens Holm


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Turkey’s been demanding that the MOU’s they had with both Russia and the US should be fully implemented as soon as possible, and now both Russia and the US are building new bases in the areas, coincidence?

Brother Ma

It makes sense if there has been a secret agreement to defacto partition Syria. Bad for Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Turkish backed Syrian/Kurdish Syrian National Council has been negotiating a power sharing deal with the US backed Syrian Democratic Council [SDC] and Syrian Defense Forces [SDF], and if this arrangement becomes a reality [talks have gone well so far] the Turks will effectively get a voice in the US backed autonomous government [Rojava], a foot in the door so as to speak, which like you just said, is bad for Syria.

Jens Holm

What a joke. Assads has no capaity at all for something like that. T 62s are only usefull, if some of the refugees Ain Isa can live in them and feel a little more safe.

cechas vodobenikov

soon the turkeys will be like the dodo bird—will they dare attack Sirte? And then Egypt crushes them sending these rodents where the Kurds will barbecue them with the help of the Greeks, Syrians…perhaps the Armenians will attack. Persians—perhaps: they detest the Muslim brotherhood barbarians —so do the Bulgarians…when Germans and Russians demolish their tourism—their 3rd world nation will devolve into a Byzantine nightmare

Mustafa Mehmet

You doing vodo magic again. Wake up you having a Turkish nightmare.. maggots ?

© Proud 2b Greek

I don t forget that Putin gave 2 ok for turkish invations in his alied Syria

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

god bless russia


I love Russia and Its Jewish Enclave with Hebrew as its only official language.

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