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JULY 2022

Syria: Palmyra Is Liberated. What Now?

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Syria: Palmyra Is Liberated. What Now?

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Map above by Islamic World News

Today, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Hezbollah and other pro-government militia groups with Russian air support have liberated the city of Palmyra from ISIS.

Also there is an official confirmation that Russian military adviers and special forces are among the pro-government forces. It’s complicated to estimate their numbers at the front-line, howver, it’s clear that the participation of the Russian forces on the ground is the only reasonable reason of such rapid liberation of Palmyra.

Video from the city:

Palmyra is a crucial logistical hub which will allow the Syria’s forces to increase its edge in freedom of movement while terrorists will be restricted the liberty of actions.

Syria: Palmyra Is Liberated. What Now?

Palmyra is an important logistical hub. Map from IMR (25.03.2016)

Now, when Palmyra is liberated, the SAA and its allies will likely advance through the Palmyra-Sukhna-Deir Ezzor road in order to break ISIS siege from the Deir Ezzor. According to reports, ISIS has already started to set new a defense line at Al Sukhna to prevent the Syrian forces’ advances there.

However, before the advance on Deir Ezzor, the Syrian forces need to consolidate their positions in the ancient city and dismantle IEDs set by militants. An additional option is Palmyra’s airport. Depends on its condition, the airport could be used as an important supply line after some repair works.

Separately, the pro-govenment forces will likely conduct an operation to capture Qaryatayn and Al-Busairi crossroads.

Syria: Palmyra Is Liberated. What Now?

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Dagwood Bumstead

Lets hope the Syrians can hold the town since its so important. That has been the problem in the past, taking and holding areas.


This time it could be different as ISIS supply lines will have been cut and previously they would not have had any air-cover. If the loons group anywhere they will be taken out.

Dagwood Bumstead

Hope so for the sake of the warriors that have died liberating it. I gather Russian advisers are embedded too – so along with the air cover you’re talking about, it looks promising.

Tyler Brown

It should also be noted that the “realist” faction in the US is now decidedly on the side of SAA and YPG forces, although the neocon beast-men are doing everything they possibly can to undermine the Obama regime’s attempts to cooperate with the Russians (and by extension, the legitimate Syrian government) and YPG/PKK forces.


Good news for the Syrian people! Much praise for the fallen warriors and condolences for their families. I hope Assad builds a monument to these troops-both domestic and foreign. I think the Russians have demonstrated superbly and hopefully this should calm down the Neocons in America. Great Easter news!!!

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