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JULY 2020

Syria Map Update: Government Forces Are in Full Control of Northern Aleppo


Syrian government forces have liberated Sheikh Khizir neighborhood and set full control over the northern part of Aleppo city (video about the operation can be found here).

Militants that had remained in the area surrendered to the Syrian army and its allies.

The map below provides a general look at the military situation in Aleppo city at 11:50 CET:

Syria Map Update: Government Forces Are in Full Control of Northern Aleppo

Click to see the full-size map



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  • Barba_Papa

    Methinks that the Jihadist will probably now dig in even harder at Sheikh Saeed and Ramouseh. If their fellow headchoppers from Idlib ever do manage to launch another relief offensive this is now their only remaining avenue of approach. Now that frontlines have been shortened the SAA could use that manpower to advance west again, take Rashadin 4 & 5, possibly Khan Tuman. And thereby completely destroy any hopes of relief for the Jihadists in the Aleppo pocket. Maybe finally get them to surender and take one of those deals that has been used around Damascus so often.

    • MeMadMax

      Nah, if you ask me, I think they are running low on ammo/food/supplies/fighters.
      The areas that have just been taken were hardly manned. And the southern area has actually been fairly quiet for some time now. Police hill(which would be a weak SAA anchor), which is right in the heart of the southern area had only 20-30 some odd fighters and they barely put up a fight, and they haven’t even tried to take it back either.

  • Pampi Ta

    Fantastic job by the syrian army and allies. Who could imagine the total and quick collapse of the jihadis ?

  • gustavo

    Sirian must send these terrorists (organizations hard and moderated) to Alah and to enjoy their 38 virgins now, and without any ceases fire (usually planned by USA and Russia). Our heart is with you syrians, go ahead and destroy completely these terrorist organizations created by USA-OTAN-Israel.

  • Ronald

    Considering the last 24hours , this jihad nightmare will be over in a week or much less . SAA , and all standing with them , VERY WELL DONE . But do not stop , please till these animals are done .

  • Bobby

    Satanyahu didn’t have a good night’s sleep last night. The Greater IsraeHELL project is falling apart as we speak.

  • Gil

    They realy have to finish with central Alepo prety soon, because they have to concentrate forces in North to stop Turquish advance.