Syria Map: Military Situation in Northern Part of Aleppo Province on November 29, 2016


On November 29, the Syrian army and the Kurdish YPG advanced against Turkey-led militant coalition east of Aleppo city and captured the village of Azraq from it, deploying roughly 6 km from al-Bab.

With recent reports about airstrikes on the Turkish military by the Syrian Air Force in northern Syria and ongoing heavy clashes between Turkish forces and YPG units east of al-Bab, the army-YPG advance in the area delivers a major blow to Ankara’s hopes of military expansion in the war-torn country.

This also could lead to further military escalation if the Erdogan regime decides to deploy more military force to achieve its goals in Syria.

Click to see the full-size map

Click to see the full-size map


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  • Havia Leonardo

    Reports of very AGGRESSIVE insane Erdogan today

  • Ivanus59

    I know Aleppo city is not the focus on this map, but update it to remove that patch of green in north half of East Aleppo. Since 2 SAA just beat the shit out of the takfiris there. :P

  • Bob

    Wow, this is moving seriously fast now, can barely keep up with daily developments.