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JUNE 2020

Syria Map: Military Situation in Northern Part of Aleppo Province on December 1, 2016


The map depicts the military situation in the northern part of Aleppo province on December 1, 2016

Syria Map: Military Situation in Northern Part of Aleppo Province on December 1, 2016

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  • Byzantines

    Russia-Lavrov has to stop the dirty games and the bargains and to help really Assad and his allies…

    • Terence Silvestre Jr.

      I’ve been commenting the same thing for a long time.
      Those terrorists have no word neither honor and moral. To gain time and be able to regroup and receive more reinforcements they are capable of everything for later violate again and again their own agreements mocking the good faith and ingenuity of Russia and their allies in Syria.
      They are puppets of their foreign sponsors and only care about their own hidden agenda.
      Wakup Russia, please.

    • Jojje

      One must understand the political game as well as the military one… the serbs were fucked during the 90s because of not understanding that military gains were used against them where they were seen as the butchers and in the end lost due to losing the media war. This is strategically better to create divisions and tensions among the rebels.. it is not all about fighting militarily

      • Jens Holm

        Shit of the worst kind. Their political ideas of once again being the kleader of a great Serbia was wrong. THE the military came in, where the had all, croats could buy and Bosniaks had to go to Saudis and Al Kaida, which was the only ones in the world, which would and could help them.

        Serbs were fools in their own country, and they are still fools. Seems that will be same situation in many years. I became a gangter state of the worst kind.

  • Kire Stojanovski

    That green color on the northern part of Aleppo City shouldn’t be there anymore, did you forget to paint it red? :)