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Syria Leases Latakia Port To Iran: Report

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Syria Leases Latakia Port To Iran: Report

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Iran will take over management of the port at the Syrian city of Latakia from October 1st, 2019, as per an agreement between the two countries, Asia Times reported.

This fulfills a long-standing aim of Tehran to secure access to the Mediterranean and shows that Syria-Iran co-operation is getting even deeper.

US and Israeli actions to limit the Iranian presence in Syria have resulted in almost no success. Their backing of militant groups operating in the coutnry only strengthened the Syrian-Iranian relations in the spheres of security and military.

Earlier, on February 25th Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s visited Tehran, where he met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. The trip was Assad’s first since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, approximately 9 years ago.

In recent months, a number of industrial, military, and energy deals between Tehran and Damascus have been made public, including one that provides for the establishment of power stations in Latakia. The port-management agreement is another building block in Iran’s project to maintain its presence in Syria.

Iran has also promised to address Syria’s ongoing fuel shortage by sending all future shipments of heating fuel, cooking fuel, and gasoline to the Iranian-leased section of Latakia, once it is fully operational.

Up until now, the port was operated by a French and Syrian company. The French company may take the issue to court to demand compensation from the Syrian government after it annulled its operating contract.

Asia Times speculated that the move may also impact Russian troops deployed in the nearby area. Russia operates a fortified airbase in Hmeimim in the Latakia province, and a port in the city of Tartus.

“The lease of Latakia will not only end Russia’s exclusive presence in the coastal district, it may also put Russian troops and military vehicles at risk.

Hmeimim was subjected to a series of drone attacks between January and October of 2018 and having the Iranians so close would create a higher risk of similar operations in the area, whether by Israel, the United States, or other players on the Syrian battlefield seeking to settle old scores with the Iranians.

A permanent Iranian presence in Latakia could limit and possibly obstruct Russian surveillance and intelligence gathering, jam their radio-electronic technology, and jeopardize Russian air-defenses, aircraft, and the lives of military personnel.”

The decision on Syria’s part took almost a year to take, since Iran made an official request in February 2018 to be allowed to operate the port. It did, however, appear to be according to plan, since in November 2018 Iran announced the construction of a railway that would go through Iraq and lead to the Syrian port. It was claimed that it was to help Iraq, because it couldn’t afford to build such a route.

Since the Iraqis have stated that they cannot afford construction of the railway to Basra, the railway was decided to receive Iran’s financing which will be paid back by the Iraqi side later,” Deputy Head of RAI for Infrastructure and Technical Affairs Maziyar Yazdani said.

There is also no official response by Israel, which is a staunch opposer of any Iranian presence in Syria.

Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Israel was prepared to block routes for Iranian oil exports. He also said that Israel and Russia would work together to remove all foreign forces from Syria. However, it’s obviuos that Moscow and Tel Aviv have a very different understanding of the term “foreign forces” in the regard of the Syrian conflict.

Israel’s rhetoric has always been aggressive towards Iran, but recent exchanges have shown both countries threatening the other. Both claiming that they could easily handle the enemy.


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Tommy Jensen

This is an amateurish, unprofessional step by Assad and against all International rules of order. It shows to which extent Iran are willing to brutal aggression, hostile actions and to jeopardize world peace and to suppress freedom for innocent American citizens on our soil in E-Syria.


Assad survived 8 yrs of war backed and financed by all the major powers. Who are you to say he is amateurish or unprofessional.

I’m sure he and Iran know what they are doing to secure peace and stability in Syria and the whole middle East.


Come on Tommy time to get that repeat prescription youre heading into fantasy land.


You are in E Syria, as well as anywhere else in Syria ILLEGALLY.

“…on our soil in E-Syria.”

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Promitheas Apollonious

a retard, you should not give attention to and most importantly, acknowledge him.

Arch Bungle

Relax.Tommy was being sarcastic. This should have been the clue: “suppress freedom for innocent American citizens on our soil in E-Syria”

Promitheas Apollonious

is he?

Astrid Watanabe

He does it all the time.

Promitheas Apollonious

so does alex jones and his likes… that does not make them, either sarcastic or legitimate.


Knock it off! He is nothing like Alex Jones and you are making yourself look stupid!

Promitheas Apollonious

yes moron what ever you say.


10-4 Zorba.

Promitheas Apollonious

ease on the drugs and you be fine.


Your retorts are boring.


Just leave the elderly alone! He’s gone senile like indian boi!


Actually, he is pretty smart and can be a nice guy when he wants to be…..which is not very often. ;-)

Astrid Watanabe

He is puling your leg.


It’s not against “international rules of order”, it’s only against (((international rules of order))).

H Eccles

“This is an amateurish, unprofessional step by Assad and against all International rules of order”

Well, you just have to laugh… looks like the port announcement has caused the someone to get their fanny in a twist.

Luke Hemmming

I noticed many typos and missing words in your comment so I took the liberty of correcting them for you Tommy. You can thank me later :)

This is an amateurish, unprofessional step by Trump and Bibi to attack and invade Syria and it goes against all International laws.It shows to which extent the US and Israel are willing to extend their brutal aggression, hostile actions and to jeopardize world peace and to suppress freedom for innocent Syrians citizens on our soil in E-Syria.I demand that Iran helps Syria as much as possible to rebuild our great nation. This port lease is but one step towards that goal. Least we end up like Iraq, or Vietnam or Venezuela, or Libya, or Afghanistan or Japan in WW2 and many other countries affairs in which the US has interfered in.


Nice rewrite, Tommy often has many typos. :)

Robert Ferrin

Lol ain’t you the funny one talking about rules and international law,bet you never uttered a peep when we ILLEGALLY invaded Iraq bombed Libya back to the stone age and then attacked Syria,and beside its troll day off or didn’t they tell you?.!!!

S Melanson

I think Tommy’s responses are intended as satire. I mean “suppress freedom for innocent American Citizens in E. Syria” … priceless…

Robert Campbell

It’s not your soil! You Americans are f** morons to think otherwise! your times coming real soon

Arch Bungle

You’re obviously a Zionist troll.

Zionism = EVIL


Astrid Watanabe

Are you having fun yet? look at all the creative writing you unleashed again!


Syria needs allies to help her recover economically and socially, Iran’s involvement in the operation of the port at Latakia and the railhead linking Basra with Latakia are significant since such actions disregard the Israel’s bellicose narrative. Iranians being positioned closer to Russian positions in Latakia will show Israel what Russia really thinks about foreign troops in Syria. Those that were asked by the Syrian government, and the parasites funded by the Zionist axis.


This is a sensible strategic move by Iran and links in with China’s One Belt initiative. As mentioned above, Iran’s presence on the Mediterranean may increase tensions with Israel, but it may also provide a solution to the ongoing U.S. sanctions, which have prevented the Islamic Republic from accessing this sea. “Everyone wants a Silk Road nowadays, and ports are a good place to start,” professor Joshua Landis of the University of Oklahoma told the Asia Times. “Iran dreams of building a strong regional economy based on trade, highways and pipelines that cross from Iran to the Mediterranean. Helping to build up Syrian ports is only one element in a much larger vision of prosperity and shared interests. Most important will be the day that Iran can sell its oil and gas to Europe by transporting across Iraq and Syria,” Landis added.


Just as i wrote about Syria counterbalancing Russian influence with increasing Iranian influence: A good move, and defenitively a carefully weigthed one. I guess Syria will move even further, and shift their reliance more away from Russia towards Iran. This may even lead to a more aggressive / active development regarding Idlib, and YPG.. So good that finally there is some movement.


Syria would not exist without Russia. Russia saved Syria with the efforts of Hezbolla, Iran and others. Above all, the tide turned with Russia’s modest, committed, efficient air power and advisors. Good luck without Russia in Syria.

Zionism = EVIL

Russia simply can not be TRUSTED as it is under Jew oligarchs control. Sad FACT! Putin is so shameless that he made a song and dance for some ugly fucking Jew who was killed in a illegal invasions of Lebanon in 1982, while remained quiet about the deaths of 15 Russian servicemen when the Zionists killed them in the IL-20 downing. No parades for Russian dead, but when a single Jew scum’s body was searched for and found by Russians, all of sudden Putin’s lover Nutter Yahoo is called and a ceremony for a dead filthy Zionist takes place in Kremlin. Russia is beyond pathetic!

Arch Bungle

Russia had no choice but to save Syria. Losing Syria means that very soon Russia will be so vulnerable that the West would only need to squeeze a little and Russia will crumble. Russia stepped in too late, it should have played a more active role in the Middle east, now it will have to act out of necessity rather than choice. If Syria falls, Russia falls.


There is not much difference between alliance with Iran or alliance with Russia. The (((Western))) Zionist media likes to exaggerate the smallest differences of opinion between Iran and Russia and make it seem like these two nations are secretly at war with another. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Syrian people are grateful for their limited support but at the end of the Say the Syrian on the street knows that it is the Iranian people who will stand with them through thick and thin even if their own capital gets bombed for it. Priority #1 should truly be on day one for Iran to deploy several homemade anti-air systems and their own ingenious radar’s. Security of the port will be up to them against flying-Jews are come to attack that which is good and noble and right.



Zionism = EVIL

After whupping India in the air, the Pakistanis have deployed the Chinese HQ 16 on their border near the LOC and India has literally grounded its Russian junk airforce. So Real Anti-Racist is quite correct. Buy Chinese and make alliances with China. Ruskies are corrupt and weak and owned by Jews. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/115b60fe9e01fe74208ec1f56065ce6f16b99d7b6a936c6a464de5c7a55dbc63.png


Thanks for the info. We all shall be neutrals in our way of analyzing the small pieces if info we get. Syria deals with every ally with the adapted approach. Russia s international situation is realy different than the Iranian one. Russia is trying the adapt the situation to its superpower position. Iran is in desperate need to change the whole international tendences. Russia acts with diplomacy softening the grip on its interests. Iran is in an all in behavior. S300 or others are the as symbols a kind of “Aquila Romana”


Russian Junk planes??? 2nd generation ones maybe

Arch Bungle

Better than their own home made anti-air systems they should buy the Chinese competitor to Russia’s S400 systems. It is said that the Chinese system has the same capabilities, is cheaper and has one major advantage over Russia’s s400: No electronic control veto by Russia on who or what the missiles may shoot down …

Zionism = EVIL

Chinese JF-17 Thunder has brought down a Russian SU-27 and most likely a MiG 29 recently and the PRC HQ-16/18 systems are far superior than anything Russia’s has. The Chinese are also dependable friends with sold friendship values unlike the Jew controlled Russian idiots who have no friends. China stood by its all weather friend Pakistan as it blew the Indians out of the skies, not only that the next day China openly supported Pakistan and flew in more modern weapons and so pleased by the PAF performance that it is now upgrading the mega successful JF-17 to Block 3 standard with AESA radars and much longer range PL-15 AAM, superior to AIM-120 currently on PAF F-16. It is a catastrophic failure of Iranian foreign policy that it has failed so far to create an alliance with China. That grinning faggot drama queen Zarif is a CIA agent and a disgrace and needs to be hanged.

Arch Bungle

I had great hopes for the s400/s300/s500 and great respect for Russian military hardware once. But frankly, Russian military hardware has proven itself to be absolutely worthless wherever it was needed. I can’t find one meaningful example of Russian hardware effectively countering the only *meaningful* opponent it will ever face, i.e American or European hardware. I’d advise Assad to buy all the Chinese SAM and AAD/AD hardware he can from the Chinese an keep a firewall between the troops who operate that hardware and the Russians. I’d further advise him to use that hardware mercilessly the next time Israel violates Syrian Airspace – by firing directly at Tel Aviv, like his father Hafez would have.

S Melanson

Assad’s gift to Netanyahu just before the election. Well Netanyahu, you have your answer very clearly stated now. Iran is in Syria to stay, love and kisses (my) Assad.

As for Russia commenting in the past that foreign forces all leave Syria once terrorists defeated, Assad has made clear he will heed instead Russian statements that it is solely the prerogative of Damascus what forces legally stay in Syria. Russia has been critical in saving Assad from falling but the diplomacy has been contradictory at times, particularly regarding Israel.

If Russia is not happy about Iran deal with Assad on Latakia Port, they have only themselves to blame – the deconfliction agreement was a betrayal of an ally pure and simple and for that, a price has to be paid…

Promitheas Apollonious

is not only about israel – russians deals Assad is not happy is also that they stop the SAA for the sake of turkey going into idlip and then afrin and not only. russians took it as granded that they could divide syria in 3 part’s and dictate terms to syrians how they defend their homeland because they went into syria and did what they did, that in reality was serving their own interest and as a side product the syrians.

Lets see how they react to this now.

S Melanson

Yes indeed. Russian reaction ought to be interesting.

Xoli Xoli

USA NATO agreement with Putin was to move Iranian Hizbollah forces from Quneitra.To enabling his western partner in crime Trump to recognize Golan heights as Israel territory.The agreement has not yet accepted by UN but Israeli’s and USA companies have start drilling oil.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Iran will have a naval port in Latakia to link with Turkey, Russia( Black sea, Azov and Volga ports),..also through Volga Don Channel to Caspian sea ports ( Russia, Kazajistan ,Azerbajan, Turkmenistan and Iran)..so it means to link Latakia with Iran…without use Suez , Red sea , indian Ocean….

Zionism = EVIL

Iran is the linchpin of China’s one belt and it was the Persians who created the old Silk Route. Marco Polo who made it famous was an Italian and now even Italy is the main one belt conduit in Europe despite Americunt moaning. Power is shifting literally by the hour. China quickly backed up Russia in Venezuela too and the Americunts are now floundering with all the hot air warmongering.

Zionism = EVIL

The FACT of the matter is that Iran is the only country Syria can really count on. Assad did not show up in Tehran recently just for a social visit but to realign Syrian strategic pact with Iran which now encompasses military, political, economic and social aspects. Syria’s demographics have also changed as most of the Sunni headchoppers have run to Europe and other terror havens like Turkey and Jordan. Iran is now firmly entrenched in Syria and the Zionists can keep on destroying social housing from Lebanese airspace but that is not going to make an iota of difference to ground realities. There are now close to 200,000 Iranians and Shia diaspora in Syria and they are not going anywhere. It is now a certainty that the Zionist cancer will be treated with Persian medicine sooner or later.

Zionism = EVIL

To be honest, the Americunts and their fat ignorant thug army are the biggest mass murderers and terrorists in the world and have killed over 30 million civilians since 1945 and 44 illegal wars and over 355 illegal terrorist bombings from Afghanistan to Grenada. Branding the Sepah “terrorist” will only make them more popular like Hezbollah which has had the same honor since 40 years now. It also shows Americunt and Zionist weakness and desperation as they are stuck now from Venezuela to Afghanistan. They are now transferring nuclear technology to the illiterate Saudis to fan a nuclear war in the region. It should logical for Iran to test a nuke, even though the mullahs somehow “reject” nuclear doctrine as “unIslamic” which does not make any rotational sense. Pakistan has just shown that if you are nuclear weapons power you can whack anyone, even much larger enemies. DPRK is the same. It is time for Iran to become immortal and test a nuke too.

Arch Bungle

The US has never needed a reason to attack anyone, this is just “no-drama to keep the Zionists happy.


And when Israeli stealth fighters start making warehouses go boom, will the port continue to function? Anyone think how this might complicate things even further?

Xoli Xoli

Who care wither France goes to its NATO contrl courts.No compensation France is killing Syrians with ISIS=SDF in Syria.Syria is not willing and will not cooperate with any NATO or USA agents.Israel is drilling Syrian oil in Golan heights after Trump declaration now were is this France courts.

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

Hello my fellow Jews, Kurds, and other Friends! My previous account “Wraith” was banned on LiveUAMap and other discussion sites, for NO reason. This will be my new profile

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

This iranian naval base wont last more than a week… let alone a day. It will be visited by dozens of Israeli Airforce F-16s, F-15s, and F-35s in waves. Let’s just say all the air defense missiles in the world couldn’t protect iran in latakia :)

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

Don’t cry when the Israeli Airforce completely obliterates this iranian naval base. everyone will be like “HOW DID THEY? I THOUGHT SYRIAN S-300 AND RUSSIAN S-400!!!!!!!” too bad IAF is the best, and they have radar-invisible F-35’s :D

Xoli Xoli

Time for Putin to pack and leave.Russian withdrawal in the past was to frustrate Damascus government just to legally withdraw.The truth is S-400 for Russian protection is a lie it can stop Israel jets or missiles.S-300 were activated last week but it has done nothing only Aleppo destruction from Israel.Israel has train in Cyprus how to take out s-300.Satanyahu went this week to Russia warn Putin you dance to our music.Because Trump also install its thaad system or else I will take out S-400.Only Russian army can stop Israel.Putin openly please and buy face with Trump.Satanyahu,Bolton,Pompeo,Salman, Erdogan,Merkel and Macroni of France.This is why Syria is at high risk.Only Russian planners and Generals can rescue the threat and suppressing western snake partners of Eva.


blablabla, the idea that putin is pro-squatters is ludicrous at best and completely bonkers at worst. Putin, as all russians, is very loyal to the ones that deserve loyalty and that is one thing netanyahu and his band of evil squatters haven’t earned, whereas for example, iran and to some extent turkey by now has earned so my guess is that russia would side with the new alliance rather than the squatters and aim a handful of long range missiles on tel aviv from the caspian sea if the traitorous netanyahu attempts anything stupid, as he is likely to do, when confronted by the new guys on the block. and that should keep the ever stupid and criminally insane morons out, as well.

so if we’re lucky the squatters will be well into their new diaspora (of at least 5000 years) say by 2020 and the world will see peace in the middle east for the first time since 1918!!!!


great news and very timely. the worries of the articles writer that this move may impede or hamper the russian’s nearby base is most likely just a worry and that both countries will be helped by the other’s presence. the squatters on palestinian land have every reason to feel even more hemmed in and if this is a precursor to the end of the squatters occupation of palestinian land, the world will rejoice, rest assured.

the fact that turkey iran and qatar have formed a new alliance should worry the squatters to such an extent that they are well advised to pack their bags and apply for green cards to moronistan. the new alliance’s operational base will be syria and backed by hezbollah and iraq with a treasure trove of state of the art russian as well as weapons handed by moronistan to its perceivewd proxies the squatters should really pack their bags.

the world can’t sit idle by as the squatters operate their

DEPALESTINATION-program which in real life is nothing but an ethnic cleansing program;

LEBENSRAUM-program which is abject land theft on the west bank and

CONCENTRATION CAMP GAZA which is nothing more than a death camp a la hitler’s ideas

and finally any sale of gas or other hydrocarbons to be extracted from under the seabed outside of palestina should be stopped since those hydrocarbons are the property of the palestinian people, now being killed and starved and maltreated by the squatters in their crimes against humanity, so far being perpetrated with impunity.

kick them squatters all the way to hell! meanwhile join the BDS-movement.


Greetings ya Sam Alnader, But the only two outcomes of Asad’s decision to let the Farsi in will be the aliantion between Syria and the Arab world and a bunch of Iranian shipwrecks at the bottom of the Latakia harbor

Your friends the Palestinians are again betting on the wrong horse with their support of Iran against the Arabs


of course not, the two state solution is dead and that means the squatters will have to go so that there can be peace in the middle east – the squatters have in every respect forfeited the right to be a sovereign country and when turkey iran syria and hezbollah and iraq put their collective minds to it, the squatters are toast. and do not for a second believe that saudi will turn up as the saving grace or even moronistan. donny the dunce may be stupid and have a jewish son in law but he’s not so stupid that he would engage moronistan in a fruitless effort to win a war against the entire middle east – even mohammed bin salman might turn up to help evict the squatters.

and as you might have guessed, the paramount reason for netanyahu’s quick visit to moscow this week is entirely due to the necessity to stop the formation of the alliance of turkey and iran backed by qatar’s money. israel is just isolated and it won’t get better in the next year or so.

finally -it seems to be the view that Putin is pro-squatters but nothing can be further from the truth . when netanyahu begs to come begging, putin is prepared to receive him but no more. putin has no loyaty towards the squatters whereas he has certain loyalties towards iran and turkey and syria, and those count for more than the squatters. rest assured.


Sami, nobody cares about the Palestinians. Off course Saudi Arabia will not intervene in favor of Israel, but Israel doesn’t need them Turkey Iran Hezbullah and Syria alone and together are no match to Israel. Even if the Muslim brotherhood will take control over Egypt and will join that impossible coalition they are still no match to Israel These redicolous fantasies are exactly why the Palestinians are stuck in 1948 and will continue to be refugees for another 1000 years


that’s where you’re wrong – an entire world cares more about paalestine and palestinians and abhore israel and , say after me, jews anywhere in the world and that is precisely why anti-semitism is on the rise and regardless of how much macron and his peers attempts to stop such anti-semitism, anti-semitism will be more frequent so the jews anywhere will be in for another pogrom right there in europe or in the middle east and wherever they are found -rest assured.

Arch Bungle

That bus left decades ago. The Arab world has proven to be no friends of Syria. The Persians bled for Syria, the Russians too. The Arabs threw their lot in with their old white colonial masters, like good servants. Remember an old woman crying in Shatila camp “Where are the Arabs? Where are the Arabs?”


So this is going to be bombed no doubt by Israel. Then what?


The Iranians better install a killer air defense network there and their own S-300 systems because a giant bullseye in the shape of a blue star of David just got painted on that port.


Israel can use any old excuse to attack, as they have done most recently in Aleppo. So yeah, I hope Iran doesn’t intend to keep anything too valuable there.

Arch Bungle

They know this. It’s a strategy to draw the Israelis further out of their zone of control. They’re creating targets deliberately, just like the Syrians did with the empty mock up of a nuclear reactor building some years ago. They’ve been creating fake targets all over the place, dictating Israel’s offensive actions by simply setting up props here and there …

Brother Ma

France can go sit on a stake and rotate. Their moral right to the existing contract for the Tartus port have been lost by them slavishly following US dictates.

Israel can go jump. I would love to see how tough Israel would be if it had to go against US policy as Turkey ,Iran,Syria,China ,Venezuela and Russia do today.

I love how Syria still goes ahead with plans regardless of the yapping Yanks and Zios-. More power to them.

It will be interesting to see how Russia and Iran balance their spheres of influence there without fighting. Zionato will love to see and even cause wedges between them.

Jens Holm

Very good for us and the rest of the world. Soon Iran only will have submarines.

Arch Bungle

Iran needs to co-operate this port publicly with China, formally making it part of the BRI. This will offer some defense from Israeli attacks, knowing that the Israelis are likely to seriously piss off the Chinese if they started attacking BRI infrastructure … In fact, Iran could rinse-wash-repeat the strategy by simply engaging in colocating their infrastructure at every juncture of the BRI in their neighbourhood …

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