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JULY 2020

Syria: Last Steps Toward Global Escalation?


Syria: Last Steps Toward Global Escalation?

The situation over the Syrian war has become especially acute.

  • Ankara has officially claimed that Turkey rests responsibility for the Ankara attacks upon the Assad government and Syrian Kurds. Furthermore, the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK), a Kurdish militant group, has repotedly claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • The Turkey’s authorities have clearly stated that they will conduct military operations against Kurds in Syria
  • Today, The Security Council of the Russian Federation meeting discussed the situation in Syria including the ongoing escatlion at the Syrian-Turkish border.
  • At 2000 GMT, a UN Security Council meeting is to be called by  Russia’s request to discuss Ankara’s plans for a ground operation in Syria.

These developments signify that the escalation in Syria is possible during next 48 hours.

This is why SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is releasing an exclusive video describing the military capabilities of the Russian military grouping in Syria within 2-3 hours.



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  • Here are the detailed facts in the image below of who has actually been attacking who…
    And here is the greatest Hezbollah website ever! http://www.electronicresistance.net/

    • LiberalsRLost

      Well that is an excellent pictorial of the present sit-rep……

      and just to think how the pentagram leadership will pat each other on the back and give each other bonuses for a chaos-well-done….or as well called it during our normal FTX weeks a real Charlie Foxtrot….!

      guess it’s what they do since they can’t get the F-35 to fly …or its Littoral ships underway…

  • John

    Great graphic layout.
    I did notice however that nobody attacks Israel, not even ISIS.
    And yet it shows Israel attacking ISIS.
    Guess I missed that one.
    How curious.