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Syria-Iraq War Report – October 30, 2017: Syrian Army Crushes ISIS And Al-Qaeda In Northern Hama

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Syrian government forces are clashing with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and ISIS in the northeastern countryside of Hama.

Recently, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) liberated the villages of Jub Tabqaliyah, Abu Laffah, Wadi Zurub, Kherbet Juwayid, Msheirfeh and Rasm al-Tinah. According to pro-government sources, 30 HTS members, including 3 military commanders, were killed.

Separately, the SAA and the NDF advanced on the village of Abu Dali in northern Hama. It was captured by HTS on October 8.
According to pro-government sources, government forces recaptured Farkeh, Zahra Hill and Rajm Alahmar area, but didn’t enter Abu Dali itself.

The SAA and the NDF used clashes between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and ISIS in order to prepare and launch a limited military operation aimed at building a wider buffer zone west of the Ithriyah-Aleppo highway, which has been repeatedly attacked by militants over the last year.

In the city of Deir Ezzor, the SAA Tiger Forces, the Republican Guard and the NDF liberated worker district 1, worker district 2, Afri district and the stadium from ISIS terrorists. Government troops also advanced in the districts of al-Hamidiyah and Jbela.

The advance came amid an intense fighting with ISIS. The terrorist group’s media outlet Amaq claimed that pro-government forces lost 35 fighters, two battle tanks and a BMP-1 vehicle.

At the same time, the SAA and Hezbollah attempted to push towards al-Bukamal from the direction of T2 Pumping Station. However, no significant success was achieved.

On October 28, the US-led coalition officially announced that it and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are working to consolidate their gains in the Omar oil fields and to advance on the ISIS-held border town of al-Bukamal at the border with Iraq.

The real goal of the advance is to attempt to prevent Syria and Iraq from restoring control over the Deir Ezzor-Baghdad highway.

In Iraq, the army, the Federal Police, the Counter-Terrorism Service and the Popular Mobilization Units are working to build a buffer between an area controlled by the US-backed forces in Syria and an area controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq.

As soon as, government forces establish full control over Faysh Khabur area, this goal will be achieved. Furthermore, Iraq and Turkey have already agreed to establish a Turkish-Iraqi border crossing using this area.

The successful operation of government forces to re-take contested areas from the KRG’s Peshmerga force came amid a rapid push towards the ISIS-held city of al-Qaim. This clearly demonstrated that the army and its allies have much more military power than the KRG’s leadership expected while it was starting their attempt to secede from Iraq.

On Sunday, the KRG’s President Masoud Barzani announced that he resigns from the presidency on November 1. This decision is a logical result of the recent failures of the KRG policy and a loss of large oil—rich areas to the federal government that started with the September 25 independence referendum held by Barzani’s government.

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Impossible for me to cheer any of these actions because, how the hell can I, sitting in my Computer room in Sacramento California really know who to call good guys and who to call bad ? I trust ‘south front’, but only have a limited amount of time to study the ‘middle east’ while I also feel compelled to comment on America’s, California, and Sacramento’s troubles also…(we still have ‘secret’ city council meetings and bribery is legal) Can you imagine? Bribery, which is far stronger than reason and common sense combined, is still legal ! Yet we vote! My troubles may sound childish compared to waking up to the sound of ak47’s still my troubles , being closer, need my attention. Good luck to All.

Jonathan Cohen

ABORTION RIGHTS IN kIRKUK AND RAQQA!!!!! I may move to Sacramento next year. The biggest problems on earth may not be in Sacramento City Council, but the ONLY hope for saving the world is. Start by repealing elitist ZONING and local contraception funding to save local school tax AND the environment! Raqqa was destroyed because they failed to fund enough CONTRACEPTION!!! Sacramento can still be saved!

Jens Holm

Im kind of that too. Whats the purpose of Fx the Barzani attitude as well as the reactions to it. I see no try for any solutions. It even make me laugh, that Barzanis according to SF has been defeated by those troops. Those troops of peshmerga are withdrawn and Kurds there has to find someone bettter Brzani then this one.

Those parts of Iraqi Kurdistan behave exact the same way as the Bagdads. It wasnt supposed to, and it certainly include corruption of the worst kind too.

I dont see the points of taking that and those cheackpoints at all. But I so see Barzanis shouldt take that land even it should be a part of of Kurdish autonome. Things like has to be handled by negosiations and with no guaranti for changes.

My own oppinion are Bagdads are same kind of type of people as Saddams, which became ISIS. They cant run northern part of Iraq just using it for oilgrabbing.

So If I was them, I would have waited 1-2-3 years and be the helper for Bagdads in distress taking over most of the parts taken after 2003 and given each other fair amounts of oil.


At least it is a (small) chance for KRG to clean up the Barzani and Talebani clans.

They are corrupt, nepotistic and a sort of tribal warlords.

In this they are very much alike the Erdoganistas, Assads, Maliki’s, in short, the political spectrum of Iraq, Turkey and Syria.

Jens Holm

Yes, but I see no soulution, if they has to be cleaned up by someone like themselves.


Karmas a bitch – what goes around comes around, theive land and your land will be theived.

Keith Smith

https://www.globalresearch.ca/twenty-six-things-about-the-islamic-state-isil-that-obama-does-not-want-you-to-know-about/5414735 this is a summary of early history of al qaeda and ISIS. any US backed coalition force fighting ISIS hasnt been invited unless its russia, and for whatever reason they give, they are shooting bullets on a sovereign state


actually your troubles are far far sounder than you seem to realize ! what do you think is the model that gets the US its “malleable and unprincipled” presidents, leading to tragic policies (turning to tragedies in so many regions and for so many earth dwellers) ??? The model is based on bribery, … or LOBBYING, to sound politically correct !

In my remote region of the world there is a saying that who steals from a pulse, steals from a stash ! so that feeling it gives you, it’s about what it is, it’s repulsive ! and about those who revel into it, the greedy, hypocrite and the unscrupulous !

And as to who is the bad guy and the good guy in the syrian mess, well man I trust no one, I come here because I get served better than elsewhere far more often, and I don’t think I will ever know the full truth about suria (syria), but I certainly know there are clearly people however clumsy or unceremonious, who are where they are supposed to be and doing what they are supposed to do (syrians and its coalition), while there are others who wouldn’t give a damn about any outcome whatsoever, as long as the shooting keeps going, simply because they don’t give a f*** about the place, their family don’t depend on it, namely the US, GCC and their mercenaries ! So I just read and read, try as many sources as I can and try to build an unbiased image, however blurred, it always ends up very clear, just like when your eyes have to adapt to a sudden limited luminosity ! But that’s just me, you will have to find your own formula and ways ! But being here is already telling about what you think of MSM, but you will need to build an opinion about these alternatives too ! Changing for the sake of changing doesn’t bring about any change of direction !


I know this about Syria. In 2014 they held a presidential election and Asaad won by a landslide. A real landslide – 88%, not some Western (brexit-like) 51:49 thingie. The only countries that did not allow Syrians in their countries to cast their ballots were US & Friends.

Come hell and high water Asaad has stuck by his post and his country – he did not even move his wife and children out to safety. …. Yanukovich fled at the first sign of trouble, the Catalonian guy has just run off to Brussels…. how many of us have presidents who would do what Asaad did: stay, face the music and fight, for years? …. I doubt mine would – he’d’ve take the offer of riches and fancy lifestyle in exile.

I know The West phrases this as “Asaad refuses to relinquish power” but I think it says a lot about the character of the guy, his love for his country and his determination for Syrian sovereignty and independence.

Tudor Miron

Blucross… This report is about fighting ISIS. What’s here to be confused about? You’re not sure that ISIS are bad guys? ISIS and Al Queda is considered terrorists by just about everyone – UN, Russia, US and even Israel (officially) admit that those are terrible guys :) Another thing is that US/Israel is using terrorist groupls to serve their geopolitical goals but that is covert and they will never admit it in public.


Are they? They apparently grew out of ex-Iraqi military types in the chaos left by the US… their self-proclaimed caliph was “held” by the CIA. Then there were all those fancy (but beautifully produced) head-chopping videos where the worst terrorists the world has ever seen spared our sensitive feelings by not showing us the dirty deed… We have the US airlifting ISIS types from Deir Ezzor to Afghanistan?? We have Israel treating them in hospitals and sending them back to Syria to fight?? The US watched ISIS oil convoys (convoys, not lone trucks) stealing Syrian oil for the black market for more than a year till Russia started to bomb them. Then, when the US finally bombed some too – they first dropped leaflets warning the world’s worst terrorists the bombs were coming???

And if Al Qaeda are also the bad buys (a CIA creation BTW, and Taliban too) then…. why is the US protecting (and supplying) them in Syria? (Kurdish declared terrorist group too.)

Our terrorists are weeds in one area – and roses in another. We KNOW that ISIS and AQ are the bad guys because we’ve been told so so long and loud but …. some things just don’t add up. Seems like there are multiple fences and the bad guys this side this fence are the good guys that side that fence.

Jus’ sayin’ …. smoke and mirrors.

Tudor Miron

I agree but that’s going into details when Blucross is not sure about very basics. As far as I understood there’s a problem with considering SAA being the good guys. But that fact that Daesh/Nusra are nothing also than US/UK/Israel irregular armed forces – I agree.

Solomon Krupacek

russians are again traitors


Sorry pal for my intrusion in your thoughts/reasoning but I couldn’t resist writing my own rule of thumb (how deformed my thumb may be). Who ever collaborate with US on any particular mission in Middle East, they are not up to anything good on that particular mission.


Quite glad to have that “Peshmarge” mythology busted ! really about time ! And the real tragedy in all this, is Barzani will walk after securing misery for his own people for the next foreseable future !

He had a golden opportunity, after their “heroics against daesh (mostly scripted, feigned), to contribute to social recognition of his people as a trully integral part of Iraq (status quo), but no, he needed more and more … for himself until he couldn’t secure an iota for the kurds !

Most of time people get carried away by what politicians say and forget about the ordinary man, the plumber, the laborer, … he just wants bread to bring back to the wife, that’s all !

And now what did the kurdish laborer do to deserve the “traitor” label that’s going to be hanging on his back wherever he goes across Iraq ? Poor man, he should at least get a right to throw a stone or two at that filth pretending to represent him !

Deo Cass

If the Russians want, Al-Bukamal border crossing could be liberated in less than 24 hours. But Russia simply doesn’t want to provide any air support to the Syrian government forces there, and wihout Russian SU35’s covering the Syrian army advance the Syrian government ground troops are easy prey for US air power. The same could be said about the PMU who have been warned by the US not to advance on al-Qaim. The real obstacle Syria has to bring an end to this war is the illegal US/Zionist interference, aggression, invasion and occupation of Syrian svereign land. Now Russia, which was invited to Syria by the Syrian government to give a chance to Syrian government forces to bring an end to this bloody US/Zionist aggression and invasion, has simply stepped aside basically leaving the illegal US occupation forces to dictate to the legitimate Syrian government where it can operate and where it cannot on Syria’s own sovereign land and issue threats.

Solomon Krupacek

but solomon was the liar

Valery Grigoryev

Unfortunately, it looks like you are right…


My guess is that all of this came from Lavrov-Kerry agreement, trying to avoid a WWIII ? or, just to agree how Syria will be divided ? I am not sure, but Russia is acting like that.


Part of the report is FAKE news.

SAA did NOT advance in DeZ city but lost considerable ground and today SAA admitted this.

Imo SF should update its reports when they contain incorrect news.

Furthermore, I miss the update on SDF, a considerable player here.

Lastly I miss the report on SAA having breached in a major way the de-escalation zone in the south by artillery shelling.


Dear friend, if you say that there is a “fake part” in the report, please, provide sources of your claims.


Hammurabi’s Justice‏ @Hammurabi_News 3 u3 uur geleden Meer The regime`s military media has confirmed our news yday about #DeirEzZor city, important statement in the pic

The published memorandum I could not copy somehow, but go the tweet and it is there.

Mark heeft geretweet #المرصدالسوري #SOHR‏ @syriahr 5 u5 uur geleden Meer #SOHR regime forces breach #Syrian South truce agreement by shelling on areas in the southern countryside of #Idlib http://www.syriahr.com/en/?p=77419


Mark heeft geretweet FSA News‏ @FSAPlatform 2 u2 uur geleden Meer #Breaking ll #Quneitra

#FSA forces engage in heavy combat with regime militias on the outskirts of Al-Ajraf, rural north Quneit

Mark‏ @markito0171 7 u7 uur geleden Meer #Syria #DeirEzZor Report #Assad-forces withdrawn from al-Husayniyah toward Aleppo roundabout & #SDF took over suburb

Should be sufficiennt I would think.

And I object to the suggestion of trolling when one disagrees with a SF report.

Solomon Krupacek

leave us!


Dear friend, as to the situation in Deir Ezzor, you provided a short message from one anti-government Twitter source as the only truth. No details, photos, videos or statements by the SAA, ISIS(Amaq) included. The same thing is about Hussaniyah. The approach demonstrated by you is an easy way to get a wrong picture of the situation on the ground. Unfortunately, the same approach is often demostrated by big mainstream media outlets covering the conflict.


I stopped reading at SOHR


I think you mean “Crushes”


Dear friends, block the trolls. Response is what they feed on. If I’m irritating you, block me too. It’s a free world (in here).

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