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Syria-Iraq War Report – October 17, 2017: Peshmerga Retreating From Contested Areas In Iraq

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have made more gains against ISIS in Deir Ezzor province.

Northwest of Mayadin city, SAA units liberated the villages of Salu, Toub, Aliyat and Zabari and advanced on Mu Hasan.

North of Deir Ezzor, the SAA reportedly took control of Al-Husayniyah and Safirah at-Tahtaniyah, and advanced inside the remaining ISIS-held pocket. In inside the city, government troops liberated Kenamat, Khassarat and the old airport area and separated the ISIS-held area into two parts.

Now, the SAA will likely focus on ISIS terrorists blocked in the Industrial Centre, al-Sina and Saqr Island. When this area is liberated, government forces will be able to liberate the rest of the city.

The separatist Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) headed by its president Masoud Barzani is facing hard times in northern Iraq.

On October 16, the Iraqi Army, the Federal Police and the Popular Mobilization Units took back the contested city of Kirkuk as well as nearby oil and military installations.

On October 17, the Peshmerga withdrew from the Yazidi-populated town of Sinjar. Iraqi forces embedded with Yazidi members of the PMU entered Sinjar from the direction of Tal Qasif and Tal Banat and established control over the town as well as nearby points.

Meanwhile, Germany has temporarily suspended its training and assistance program to the Peshmerga in response to tensions over the contested areas in northern Iraq. About 150 German service members involved in the program are stationed in the KRG capital of Ebril.

The US-led coalition has released a statement that it does not support either side of the conflict. The US consulate in Baghdad said that it supports “the peaceful exercise of joint administration by the central and regional governments, consistent with the Iraqi Constitution, in all disputed areas.”

Considering that Baghdad sees the KRG’s will to turn the Kurdish autonomous region and the September 25 independence referendum as an unconstitutional move, it is clear that the US just abandoned the KRG in the standoff for contested areas seized by KRG forces during the conflict with ISIS.

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Jan Tjarks

SDF, do you see what happens when you are not useful to the USA anymore now? Ask your brothers and sisters from the KRG.

Is the USA interested in gas and oil from the middle east? No, it’s interested to take out a competitor on the international markets, as the USA are exporting this themselves. They are interested in a price that fits their fracking industry.

As such, the longer the Iraq Iran war goes, the better. Oh, wait, that was the past, to cheaply buy up oil for expensive weapons, while at the same time knocking both countries out of international politics and influence. Now the USA export themselves, thus the main objective is to knock those countries out of competition and removing them from international politics …

Causing chaos as much as possible is the best way to get rid of competitors, that includes Russian competition too, straining their economy with war efforts in the region. The Russian well understood that, this is why Reagans 1980s coup won’t succeed anymore. We saw Saudi Arabia flying to Moscow, we saw even Israel flying to Moscow. It’s not Washington where to get reasonable talks.

The global chessboard, it’s been played very well by the Russians. They always had the better chess players anyway.


As you say, the US/Israeli Empire either feeds on looted assets or chaos, both of which profit America/Israel. However all the Low Hanging Fruit is plundered now and their branches cut off for firewood. The remaining fruit is out of reach for the US thieves.


Chaos is a Ladder


Only when the rungs are not rotten and can carry the overweight Americans.

jim crowland

You have some spaghetti in your ideas. Does the US wants cheap oil or high oil? Get your act together

Jan Tjarks

Nothing wrong with it:

Past > Cheap oil & LNG, to topple the Soviet economy which already is history. Present > Expensive, to feed the export industry for oil & LNG.

However, with Saudi Arabia being asked to sell cheap again (another toppling of Russia) won’t be able to achieve the same result. As such, cutting off nations like Iran or Russia via sanctions, while delivering US products at the same time for a higher price. The Ukraine paying more for coal and gas, as its not from Donbass or Russia. The Baltic states, Poland and to some degree Europe, paying more for LNG from the USA, while Russia is “sanctioned”. Those sanctions are nothing else than protectionism in the end, an economy war.

The funny thing is, the western countries imposed sanctions on Russia, due to the USA pushing for it. At the same time, the trade between USA and Russia skyrocketed. =)

It’s very important to cut off Iran and Russia from delivering gas and oil, as else the USA would be as f*cked as Saudi Arabia is already now.

Russia isn’t the Soviet Union nor acting like it, something the USA still didn’t get.


Trump Team is incapable of developing a strategy, so it is following path of least resistance. Other than occasional crazy outbursts by Trump, US is following a pretty traditional arc.

Solomon Krupacek

little landgrabber, you can see, how will you end.


It’s the best we could hope for. If Trump alienates the whole world, America will withdraw its forces, and the American people will benefit from the first peace they’ve had in decades.


Now Iraq and Syria both are advancing towards correct direction.

Richard M

Klingons and Romulans too!


Hi friend you have referred me to the extraterrestrial world. I have watched Star Trek many times but I have never understood that what they are talking about. Its so interesting.

Richard M

Hi. Do you really think that Saudi Arabia’s ally, Pakistan will ally with Iran, Iraq and Syria? Do you know how long it took UK & USSR to occupy Iran in 1941?


Past experiences are no guarantee for the future. If it were that would mean that the British could now sail up the Potomac and sack and burn Washington again.

But you’re right that Pakistan would never ally with Iran. Then again, who needs them, bunch of backstabbers!

Richard M

Like Rob points out, they may make temporary alliance of convenience against Israel, but those Deobandis will never be friends of any non-Jihadist, Salafist, Takfirs.


Muslims are all united but to some degree. In Arab Israel war Pakistani Pilot have flown Syrian jets and attacked Israeli cities and shoot down Israeli jets. Still Pakistani army forces in Iraq and Syria working together with SAA even military equipments also supplied to Syria and Iraq from Pakistan but all these things are underground because Pakistan also have good relations with Saudi Arabia and don’t want to hurt them.

Richard M

Yes. They helped Bangladesh with population control in 1971. Pakistan-Afghanistan relations are hostile, to put it mildly. In Balochistan both Pakistan and Iran support rival terrorists inside the other’s territory.


Pakistan military used to contract intel for Saudi Arabia , at least the higher ranks are all Wahhabi Sunni . Rob have you ever been to Pakistan , they are so poor , they can not even help themselves . All those countries you mentioned have tried to help Pakistan , the only exception being Bangladesh , which after their “war of independence” , they helped by sending “SS” Wahhabi officers to wipe out Buddhist hill tribes along the Burmese border . Ten to fifteen percent of Pakistani’s do well , the military where most “foreign aid ” goes , do best , and then the corporate crowd . But the rest 85% , are lucky if they make $2.00 US a day .


@disqus_hRhhFYRiy3:disqus A bit of a history lesson from 1941 would be good , as you seem to know it .

Richard M

Thanks. I’m too lazy to run an online education course though. Short answer is Reza Shah favored the Nazis, so UK and USSR invaded simultaneously. Occupation was completed in 3 weeks. Reza Shah had to resign. Then Reza Pahlavi was installed as a puppet. Pahlavi stayed until 1979 when Khomeini took over. PM Mosaddegh was a threat to Pahlavi’s power in 1953. CIA arranged a coup to eliminate him leaving the puppet Pahlavi in power for another 26 years.

In neighboring Iraq in 1941, UK also occupied the country after a new PM favored the Nazis. UK took about 4 weeks to conquer Iraq.

Please google for details. History gives us insights about the course of current events! :D

Gabriel Hollows

Could you guys improve the volumen of your video player? The Youtube vids are fine, but this ones I struggle to hear even with the volume maxed.

dan kopfz

Kurds over-reached, and now they’ll get nothing.

Israel should take note of how quickly a little empire can unravel when the tide turns against it.

Jonathan Cohen


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