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Syria & Iraq War Report – August 9, 2017: Tensions Grow As US-led Coalition Strikes PMU In Border Area

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Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces and tribal forces fighters have liberated Jabir, Numaysah, Khamisiyah and Wadi Susah near the important ISIS-held town of Maadan in the province of Raqqah.

The government forces advanced amid the ongoing fighting in the area of Sukhna in the province of Homs. ISIS is desperately trying to stop the SAA advance along the Sukhna-Resafa and the Sukhna-Deir Ezzor roads and deploys reinforcements to the area. This allows government forces to advance on other frontlines.

Pro-government forces, led by the Republican Guard, are advancing against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies in Jobar and Ayn Tarma in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus. The group is excluded from the ceasefire because it has links with al-Qaeda.

The general idea of the government advance in the area is to put pressure on militants in Jobar and then to Isliate the district from Ayn Tarma. The control over the area of Zamalka and the nearby roads plays a key role in the strategy.

The SAA and its allies liberated from US-backed militants a large area in the Damascus desert, including Tal Assadi, Tal Jarin, Tal Riyahayn and Bi’r Saboun. Thus, government forces have shortened frontline and further isolated the US garrison at At Tanf.

Tensions are growing between the US-led coalition and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in Iraq.
On August 7, from 40 to 70 PMU service members were reportedly killed and at least 6 units of the military equipment were destroyed as a result of the ISIS attack in the Akashat area at the Iraqi side of the At Tanf border crossing and the US military strikes that allegedly took place during the fighting.

According to initial reports, the US-led coalition conducted at least 1 air strike on the positions of the PMU. Then, Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada (the Martyrs of Sayyid Battalions, a PMU group deployed in the area) clarified that the US-led coalition had used the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System from the At Tanf garrison.

Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada said that the coalition was aware that the military strikes hit the PMU and called on leaders of the PMU factions to held a meeting in order to discuss the incident and to prepare an appropriate response to the aggression.

The US-led coalition obviously denied any strikes on the PMU while pro-US sources speculated that the PMU just tried to blame the coalition for own losses in the battle against ISIS.

The two sides already have complicated relations because they support different sides in the ongoing Syrian conflict and have different visions of the Iraqi future after the collapse of ISIS. PMU factions oppose the US willingness to determine the Iraqi foreign and internal policy and seek to re-establish Iraq as an independent regional player.

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I am a bit amazed that the SAA puts so much effort in Tanf. It seems to me a rather safe “playground” for US allied groups – far enough from the other battle fields to be of little consequence.


Could it be that ISIS forces have retreated to areas supposedly “controlled” by US invaders? Who is the enemy of the SAA? Who created, armed and supplied ISIS? What is the difference between the ISIS agenda and the US agenda? ISIS, Turkey, the YPG, the SDF, and the US forces are all uninvited guests from the Syrian point of view. The SAA has adopted the motto “Kill them all and let Allah sort it out.” Who can blame them?

Jens Holm

Forget that propaganda shit made by Assads and Turks. None is true. its true US supported ISIS until they saw Assads didnt fall and the real face of ISIS.

US themselves and others went in because of the difference, You seemes totally blind for. ISIS began acting with terror and didnt stay in Syria(& Iraq). When ISIS took where kurds lived those got partners to reduce ISIS. They were kind of ok for Assads because the kurds were allowed to defend themselves by own milisia and could be helped by others.

So in the beginning all was kind of ok. US had no feet on the ground. That has changed because a lotof other things has chnaged there. US ssemes to be in the extra large Rojava part permanent now.

So Assads has supported YPG all the time and also PKK with russia at least until USSR broke down. After that YPG/YPJ grew and made SDF and it has grown in members and quality. Im sure that has been totally unexpected by Assads compared to barbarians acting like spendables. Im sure Assads didnt expect they has become a well structured power – even they mainly fight ISIS and Assads dint like FSA as them.

I hope Assads bring a lot of foot to the heavens door. It will take long time before Allah will let any of them in.


Come off it, ISIS was always a USzioSaud co-production as were their tactics.

Wahid Algiers

Jens Holm, one day you will see what happened to your beloved traitors, the gypsy kurds. Leave us alone with your bullshit and pro-kurd propaganda.

martin aguilar

jens lol !!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Stop with this minority communist faction within the Kurdish people who have 15-20% of the Kurdish support. People like you think with their little tiny head and not with the big head , can’t be ruled by passion need some logical and critical thinking here.

Jan Tjarks

The less space to meddle with for the USA, the better.

Jens Holm

You are right. Its a political thing trying to show they can beat USA there. So far they are the only ones not being there.

Its more important to Assads, that they once again has spread out their troops as well as making own vonerale flanks and more and longer supply lines.

Any elementary militatary should say thats barking mad for a slow moving and slow thinking army. It can only be an advantage for smaller mobile troops as fx ISIS and the very small semi-FSA`raiders close to Al tanf.

Thats how I see it.


So you are saying the SAA are winning and thats a bad thing lol, you are one of those glass half empty type of people lol

Jens Holm

Its only a big thing comaared to jihadists do and its a weak whinning based on a lot of help. Bad solution.

So we will come kind of back, where Assads again will becomne enemy nr 1 innstead of ISIS and some others.

Tudor Miron

There’s a feeling emerging that unipolar world collapse is gaining speed… I would not be surprised that US will loose Iraq within a couple of years.

Jens Holm

Bad memory again. US left because Iraq by Bagdads wanted it. US gave them a lot of gifts for help. Bagdadis failed by good reasons.

So dont make a calling US back as if US is loosing something. If anything its more like shiits of bagdad loose Iraq themselves even helped for billions by USA and allies.

Now You see Iraqian Kurdistan also seemes to have given up. seeing all the figtings among the reast of the country. Theri reactions seemes to be a real country. Its not decided themselves. But it look like a cirkus.

ISIS is not even out. Why dont Iraq take the rest of their part of Eufrat. So the real loosers seemes not to be a local USA strongpoint even if US should loose it.

Iraq as country should be diveded or something by kind of negosiations.


If they left the negotiations to themselves they won’t be ‘divieded’ and those so called Kurdistan secession won’t be allowed. They have made those point clear.
Also Iran increased political power in the region is natural and irreversible for now since most of the Iraqi economically dependent on them.

Tudor Miron

Jens Holm. US never left Iraq. Don’t feed us with this MSM BS. Their military occupying force is still there and they largely control current Iraq ruling elites. That’s why they attacked PMU – those guys don’t want invaders on their land. Iraq souvereignity is reduced to minimal at this point. That will change (imho) and that’s what I mean when saying US will loose Iraq within a couple of years from now – Iraq will largely regain its souvereignity from US.


The US left Iraq because Obama said they would. Many Americans thought he was wrong – hence the Anbar revolt and the rise of ISIS, both the creatures of America’s Gulf proxies.

Jens Holm

I wont argue with the usual twist and shout repeating shitholes as You.


Don’t argue. Share your truth.



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Hopefully US will be completely out ofafghabistan by then too


U.S. Senators John McCain: We’ve been funding ISIS all the time.

US creating, funding and arming terrorist organizations including ISIS, Al-Qaeda, HTS, FSA, PKK, SDF, YPG, Taliban etc for covert operation in our beautiful world. US morally finished.
US politicians are number one butchers in the world.


Jens Holm

rubbish and total out of context.

martin aguilar

Jens always always bullshit !!

Jens Holm

Its a dirty mix. Like buing a new care because a tie is punktioned.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Fake as ever with your imbecilic comments and this was in context of the previous and relevant comment ,you need to stop the MSM nose candy.

Jens Holm

I like Your comment. You dont like You cant tell lies here and having them kept to eat by sheep.

The support of ISIS is already well descriebed for years as well. You can read in on the internet in many versions. They say almost the same.

So why put McCain in like that. Its dirt.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

McCain has been a total shithead all his life living on the family name in the military and being abusive with those around him. When he was in Vietnam on an aircraft carrier to be a total jerk to the other pilot he pulled a very childish stunt that cost lives and almost destroyed the ship.

When as a prisoner of war he was accorded all the privilege of his family influence in the US and was used as propaganda against the US in radio broadcasts.

Then we see him later over the years dealing with all manner of terrorist groups, during a meeting with the alleged moderates while illegally in the country among the group were future leaders of ISIS and Nusra front and other Head choppers.

Now you see why many don’t like him he has never felt any remorse for his actions and continues his unapologetic ways.


For the first 3 years of seeing this claim I refused to believe it. Then I witnessed Obama allowing ISIS transport huge convoys of oil tankers go unmolested to sell the stolen oil to Turkey and Israel.
Our leaders have helped massacre the civilian population and for that I am ashamed, and I believe as long as BRIBERY is legal we will NOT get reasonable action from our leaders. Because Bribery is stronger than reason and common sense combined.

martin aguilar

Blucross , 3 years ? better later than never. I´m south american, so you can now start looking what USA is doing in Venezuela. Hope you find the truth quicker now.


What is America doing in Venezuela – aside from some democracy building exercises and a few sanctions? Nothing. Which is why Venezuelans are in the streets yearning for the USMC and to breathe free.


Your leaders have been helping jihadists for much longer that 3 years. I am old enough to remember 80’s, and it just got worse over time.comment image


Meanwhile it has been confirmed by IS that they struck the PMU while US denied any airstrikes in the region at all.

So in a way fake news.


PMU attacked 3 times. First one made by US airstrikes claimed PMU. The other 2 occasions were of the ISIS suicide bombers and assault squad.
US just admitted they are firing their HIMARS from al tanf not an airstrikes.

Justin Ryan

NOT FAKE NEWS! DutchNational is at it again! FUCKIN TROLL!

Why is it fake news? Because the USA denied bombing them?

Yet u know for a fact that the US is desperate to keep Iraq and Syria from liberating their borders so as not to enable a direct transit link that runs all the way from Iran to Syria and Lebanon!

You do know this will fail right? U really think they can keep making these excuses? There may come a time very soon when the PMU have mobile air defences! Then what? U literally gonna have SF taking them out? How? when the PMU is running with thousands of soldiers!



Any news coming from USA is totally suspicious and must be check by other different sources. USA has lost credit since long time ago “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”.


Tell it to Abadi, PMU, US and IS. They all agree IS did the deed, you anally obsessed lovable friend.

O, and now you not only want my ass but my cunt too? Sorry, first not available and the second is not there.

What a disappointment.

Justin Ryan

Again u are soooo full of shit! Always leaving out the details to try and look like u know more!
Firstly, the PMU (and others) admit they were attacked by ISIS but also said they were bombed! Ive read it was HIMRAS!
You know this! So why leave it out?
Oh because the USA denies it right????
Is that ur proof??
How much Yankee dick to u dream of sitting on? huh?
The US don’t lie? Is that what are gonna say next?
Ure ass and cunt? Are u a Fag? Lol, of course u are!
Usually when I use the word ass or cunt it means u are one!
But ur mind immediately scrambles this information into a sexual encounter! Jesus dude, if u want a dick in ur ass….. I’ve heard there is plenty of that going on in Holland! Go get it and shut up about it, there are only straight guys on this Forum u fuckin fag!


So the casualties reported vary from 40 to 60 dead with approximately 80 wounded. Some of the seriously wounded have been sent to Baghdad for medical attention.
I guess they were blindsided by US thinking that they won’t be targeted because their close cooperation in liberation of Mosul as well as a legal units of Iraq.


It is clear there never was a strike by US on PMU. Both the US, Abadi, IS and PMU confirmed this. It was an IS attack on PMU, which is embarassing to PMU as they were defeated, weren’t they?

This is a fake report and SF should have retracted it, if only to prevent you stupid commenters to make bigger fools of yourselves


The US did attack PMU position using HIMARS from Al Tanf bases. PMU did attacked by IS but it’s in two other occasion and is in different location.


PMU should respond by hitting al tanf and then saying the same excuse US gave for attacking them lmao


I am an American, ex serviceman, and I have noticed we seem to blunder in the Middle East.
I keep hearing about , ‘the American led coalition’ but I do not for a certainty what groups this is made of, anyone answer my question ?


As an Eastern European, and ex serviceman, I have noticed that you have blundered more than just in the Middle East.
Militant groups in Syria tend to change their names occasionally, and their loyalty too, so it is not really possible to make a definite list. For example, there is a recent news here of an US armed group of militants deciding to go rogue because they didn’t like ceasefire agreement. Another example of this “gender fluidity” is Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda that had name change multiple times (for obvious marketing reasons). I am sure that asking politicians that questions would be pretty amusing (and sad at the same time).

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Falayq al Rahman is just another name for HTS which is the Al Qaeda branch formerly Nusra front the Head choppers who decapitate children. She Southern Groups are proxies of the various govt support, they have no connection to the SyrianNatCongress the Turkish opposition aka the Muslim Brotherhood. The NSA in the east near Al Tanf are all Jordanian Hashemites and Foreigners and not even Syrian. They fired on other foreigners in the US backed factions already, since they recruited them from ISIS in that region. This is not a war but war on the cheap with Sunni Islamists being easy to recruit for any of their various factions.


Can you think of somewhere we haven’t blundered since Panama?


Seems like the US trying to prevent a transfer of arms from Syria/Russia to PMU units. That’s why they try to contain them as much as they can.

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