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Syria, Iraq To Reopen Strategic Border Crossing Within Few Days

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Syria, Iraq To Reopen Strategic Border Crossing Within Few Days

Click to see full-size map. Via Google Earth.

The strategic al-Qa’im border crossing between Syria and Iraq will be reopened on September 7 after being closed for more than five years.

According to Sputnik, the security committee in Deir Ezzor and the governorate’s governor had inspected the crossing to make sure that all the preparations are completed ahead of the reopening.

“The [al-Qa’im] is fully ready to receive travelers,” a Syrian official told Sputnik, confirming that the crossing will be reopened on September 7.

The al-Qa’im crossing was set to be reopened on September 1. However, the ongoing renovation on the Iraqi side of the crossing delayed the reopening.

Iraqi government forces liberated the eastern part of Qa’im in November 2017. Within a few days, the Syrian military liberated the western part of the crossing, near the city of al-Bukamal.

The reopening of the al-Qa’im crossing is expected to boost the trade between Syria and Iraq, which would have a positive impact on the economic situation in both countries.

Syria, Iraq To Reopen Strategic Border Crossing Within Few Days

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Jens Holm

Syria has no money, but Iran can send in oil, missiles and troops.

A good thing for them might be Iranians seemes to make a base there. The area is not secure according ISIS. Someone has to cover those areas incl. the deserts all tha way to Al Tanf and west of Mosul. An opening might be an advantage.

In the other hand Iranians there – as already seen – wil be under fire. Most people think USA has let Israelians as affiliates bom´barde any Iranian facilities there.

Assads dont control Syria anymore. Iran has many unimplyed youths as spendables. Fine trade for making almost nothing for nothing.

I wonder if they will be able to use the Qaim – Abu Kamal along the Eufrat to Tabqa.

My guess is to expect Israeli strikes on that position within the next few days. Why open a border crossing without deploying anti-air defenses. Iran should should flood Iraq with anti-air missiles.

Zionism = EVIL

It has already happened as Iranian forces have brought in many SAM systems. Have patience and see what happens if the filthy lice infected Zionist rats ever try anything again.


Is ISISrael ok with this? They spent a lot of American resources to cause the Syrian war. USZOG was supposed to make the fall of Syria happen. Will they(Congress) lose their slush funding? I mean you can’t expect AIPAC to keep paying congressmen for failure.

Zionism = EVIL

So much for the lice infected filthy Zionist rats. Enjoy newly released photos of Iranian Bavar 373 which is now deployed in Syria.


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