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Syria, Iraq Preparing To Reopen Al-Bukamal Border Crossing (Map)

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Syria and Iraq are preparing to re-open the al-Bukamal border crossing on the Baghdad-Deir Ezzor highway.

On June 12, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem sent a letter to his Iraqi counterpart, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, on increasing the efforts to reopen the border crossing between Syria and Iraq that connects the Syrian city of al-Bukamal and the Iraqi city of al-Qa’im, the state-run news agency SANA reported.

The agency added that the Iraqi Foreign Ministry had revealed that the letter was delivered during a meeting with Syria’s ambassador in Baghdad Sattam Jadaan al-Dandah. Al-Jaafari emphasized the need to coordinate the sides’ stances and to enchane the cooperation between the two countries in order to solve the problems through political solutions and non-interference in states’ affairs.

Al-Dandah said that Iraq’s position is to support a peaceful solution of the crisis in Syria noting the Damascus government’s desire to enhance bilateral cooperation to achieve stability.

Syria, Iraq Preparing To Reopen Al-Bukamal Border Crossing (Map)

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Great news!

Cheryl Brandon

What is disturbing is this, Robert Di Niro has no problem with the money
relationships $chumpinstein has , which is dangerous to USA’s
sovereignty? I mean , he is not concerned that, a Rothschild agents is
writing Energy Policies which will not benefit the planet or the
majority of people on this planet? A Israhelli Rothschild agent is head
of the USA regime.? Di Niro is not concerned. He should be concerned
about the cross dressing/jesuit educated agent/ Kapa Beta 5 secret society-
Wilbur Ross; Commerce Secretary who funded $chump on behalf of the
Rothschild International Crime Family? De Niro is not talking about why,
ISIS+USA are living in the same area IN Hajin Syria. with mo arrest.
The ISIS Leaders roam freely between Syria and Iraq borders. As they are
all partners with the OIL THIEVING project of GENIE OIL whose plan is
to STEAL OIL from Iran/Syria and Venezuela., they just murder Iraqis and
Syrians civilains and provide safe haven for the ISIS assets

Promitheas Apollonious

and we care what a paid whore, of hollywood, think exactly why?


Because the general public are now so debased by the worship of ‘celebrity ‘ , that their minds are numbed by trivia that has been used by Hollywood to control their every day lives.

US TV etc is foremost in this mind control with the UK closely behind.

In fact tomorrow the world is involved in a celebration of grown men kicking a ball around in ‘Cathedrals’ that have cost billions to construct. This madness is then repeated every 4 years.

Promitheas Apollonious

Sad but true. I often wonder if the world is so much gone that can not be saved, from itself.


In the past there has always been great change due to a plethora of factors.
There is no reason to think this cycle will not continue.
Whether the next cycle will be beneficial for the ordinary citizens , remains to be seen and in the now global arena the effects will reach a larger proportion of all living things.


De Niro is a man who has mastered the art of pretending to be someone he is not. IOW., he is a prize master fraudster. He has done this so well and so often that he has become very rich and famous doing it.

Why would anyone take seriously ANYTHING said by such a person?


So, what does anybody in the American entertainment industry have to do with the border crossing, hmm?


Deliberately or not, you have completely missed the thrust of Cheryls comments.

In my understanding Cheryl is saying that De Niro is just part another faction who competes with Trumps faction, they all hate each other BUT only because both want to be in power so as gain wealth from the plunder of other nations.

The US is a state controlled by many different Zio Mafia clans, all of whom would slit each others throats for a ‘dollar’. European nations are much the same BUT they have mostly evolved to conceal their criminality. The US public display of such infighting is similar to that of Britain until about 1700.


You pegged it Florian. Yeah, thee is a real circus going on in the open in the US. Yes, they are eating each other alive now, through things like the sex scandals. I was just jumping over all of it, to ask if it really meant anything in the long run. My take it does not not. I wish well to you Florian.


Thank you for your kind words John. :)

Bill Wilson

That ain’t gonna happen until the SAA eliminates ISIS in the Homs desert.


ISIS is in a death trap in the Homs desert.

Bill Wilson

True, yet they’re still running around causing problems for the SAA and FSA/USA. It may take awhile to get rid of them if they have water and supplies squirreled away in scattered locations.


ISIL as you know them no longer exist. Those in the desert and all their wannabe were now under direction and support of USA/Israel.


Bill, do you notice how the US and it’s proxy, so innocently left a pocket of ISIS on the east bank of Euphrates (al-Marshidah, al-Safafinah, upper Baghuz) right next to al-BuKamal?

How do you suppose the remnants of ISIS (you know, the ones who didn’t join the SDF, yet) surrounded in that pocket find ammo and reinforcement to carry an attack on Bukamal by crossing the river, like they did a few days ago?

They cause problems for SAA alright, but for FSA/USA!? puh-leez!


Desert areas everywhere have and will always be areas where trained and acclimatised gangs can operate from in relative secrecy.

The British LRDG ( Long Range Desert Group ) and the SAS who operated in tandem during WW2, are of course the proponents of such operations. As long as the US has bases in the localities to resupply and rest, there will be problems in the Syrian desert.


Syrian and Iraqi nations should aware the US, UK, French and Italian some forty thieves are there for stealing your lands and assets. Kill them all as soon as possible otherwise they will kill you.

Promitheas Apollonious

you think they dont know that and expect us, to tell them? Seriously now.

Joe Dirt

Death to Islam!


That won’t please Israel.
…An extra smile.

Chris P

This is a smart way to keep the weapons flowing without being able to identify them. Additionally, it makes it harder for USA and Israel to know exactly what is going on.
Trade is good for both countries too.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This is good news for everyone but the truck drivers. The trucks traveling on this highway are going to have the biggest red targets on them and I wouldn’t like to be driving one even if they paid me a million dollars.
Isis is still operating between As Sukhnah and Dier ez-Zor city just east of the highway, that’s a 130km stretch of highway. Then there’s another 100km of Isis infested highway to traverse before they’re even close to safe, well they’re 20 km south of the Highway which is close enough to being infested. Then the last 50km to the Iraqi border has Isis on the other side of the river not more than a stones throw away, and that’s the safest part. Would you like to drive one of these trucks.
Hopefully Assad takes care of Isis before the Highways fully opened for business, they’ll run out of truck drivers otherwise.

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