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JULY 2022

Syria Halts Damascus Airport Flights After New Israeli Attack

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Syria Halts Damascus Airport Flights After New Israeli Attack

An Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter jet flies during an aerial demonstration. (photo credit: AMIR COHEN – REUTERS)

Early on June 10, a new wave of Israeli airstrikes targeted the southern outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency. 

“At 4:20 am, the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial aggression with a salvo of missile launched from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some positions to the south of Damascus city,” a Syrian military official told the state-run agency. “Our air defenses confronted the aggressor’s missiles and shot down most of them”.

The unnamed official added that the Israeli airstrikes wounded a civilian and caused some material losses, without elaborating.

A satellite image taken just a few hours after the airstrikes confirmed that the target was Damascus International Airport. The northern and southern runways of the airport were both struck. In a statement, the Syrian Ministry of Transport announced the suspension of all flights from and to the airport for 48 hours. Some flights will be redirected to Aleppo International Airport.

Damascus International Airport was the target of a number of Israeli attacks in April and May. Israel claims that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has been shipping advanced strategic weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon through the airport.

Israel ramped up its attacks on Syria this month. On June 6, a series of Israeli airstrikes targeted military positions near the town of al-Kiswah to the south of Damascus. On June 8, Israeli battle tanks advanced in the UN-monitored buffer zone in the governorate of al-Quneitra and opened fire at a military observation post near the town of al-Malgah.


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Retired Troll

The Zionist criminals are out of control as Russia is busy with Ukraine denazification project, Syria and Iran must respond or these attacks will get worse.


Palestine needs a lot of dejewification. What is the best way to get rid of parasites?


Easy to infiltrate hamas, that’s the problem. Mossad agents pose like they’re fighting for the Palestinian cause and Hamas will most likely let them in. Hamas needs to monitor online activities because that’s how Mossad interacting with their agents, through face book


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Last edited 23 days ago by Catherine


But Russia’s ‘business” relationship with I$rael and Turkey remains the biggest contradiction and thorn in it’s side given that it’s own men and women are at the same time dying in Syria and now Ukraine?…

Can’t have it both ways!

Last edited 23 days ago by Matt

The poisoned juice is out of control and begging to get whacked. I pray for the day the repulsive, warfare welfare rump entity in apartheid, occupied Palestine is defanged and neutraliZed for eternity. Humanity must rid itself of this evil vermin.


And as usual the world is silent, no mercy, no comment, no protest, nothing. How hypocrit you can be? Why is Syria not sending a big missil to Ben Gurion? And where was the AD? S300 the Bavar from Iran who could shoot them down when they are on the Golan who is Syrian territorry? And the blue helmets in the buffer zone, deaf and blind? Assad is acting as a pussy. Let them feel the force from a lion !!!


Syria is fighting turkey and Isis at the same time. If they respond to Israel that’s another superpower they’ll have to fight. If Israel joins, isis will see it as the perfect time to go full force against Assad, and turkey will provide the support isis will need. Israel is another war for another time, it sucks, but Assad trying to fight them will exhaust the SAA


In my country, in a talk show, a Jew ( yes a Jew and a prominent intellectual too ) denounced the Israeli violation of a dozen UN resolutions. His point was that not only Russia uses violence, it is a prerogative of every decently powerful country.

The anchorwoman tried to silence him. Yes she tried to silence a Jew, because he attacked Israel. She said she didn’t know about these resolutions, according to her there was nothing of the sort.

This is the level of satanic derangement the west is immersed in.


The attacks on Syria could be stopped if UN declare Israeli terrorist state a weapons free zone.


Israel chariot month long training has clearly gave them a morale boost. Israel thinks it’s ready for war after they successfully finished the training. Since then:

-Israel has been going to Golan and creating more security zones.

-Going to the border line at Lebanon with dogs, dozen IDF terrorist, and tanks and shooting towards the sky to scare Lebanese civilians that are watching.

-Trying to take Lebanese oil from the sea after Sayed Nasrallah mentioned that Lebanon should start extracting the oil (trying to lure Hezbollah to do the first strike so they can get approval to start war)

-attacking Syrian airport that are closest to Lebanese border to try and halt Iran-Hezbollah activities.

– Doing Mossad operations in Iran trying to lure Iran to retaliate

Israel like every time before war does these moves to show they’re baddest on the block, but always preform horribly during the big show. They didn’t want their infantry to conduct operations during the Hamas clashes so Hamas doesn’t make the IDF look bad when everyone was paying attention to the conflict last may.

IDF ghost unit is anew unit responsible for going to Lebanon and looking for Hezbollah missiles during the war, and the IDF unit 8200 has been training cyber warfare to counter Hezbollah. Netanyahu was gloating last year and basically said IDF has back doors into civilian and company websites in Israel and around the world. They think all this will stop Hezbollah, but they seem to forget that if Hezbollah goes guerrilla like in 2006, their unit 8200 and ghost unit won’t be affective. If Hezbollah does hit and run methods, you won’t be able to track them down.

Last edited 23 days ago by Jnoub

They seem bent on war for sure. The middle east is becoming very dicey. More globalist plans.


My guess is Israel is doing this while their troops morale is high from the training in Cyprus. Israel has never fought a war against advanced military weapons, and their iron dome couldn’t intercept Hezbollah hasan drone a couple months ago, so that’s not a good look on Israel. Hezbollah onik anti ship missiles, the iron dome won’t be able to stop it. The iron dome has been only exposed to average rockets at best, not ballistic missiles. Iron dome job isn’t missiles, so I don’t understand why they thought putting iron dome on a ship will do anything.

American shrinkage

I don’t understand why syria allows Israel to bomb it without any reprecussion


zionists bestards use expensive missiles paid by american taxpayers…..but they have more symbolic impact than military, dont forget how cowards are the IDF soldiers in the ground.

The Crunge

If Yemen has no air force and can fight the Saudis, you’d figure the syrians can fight the Jews. They may lose a shit ton of people, but wtf? If Palestine can shoot rockets into Israel you’d figure Syria could do something. I just don’t get it.

The Crunge

Syreah, wouldn’t want to be ya.

The Crunge

And why are the Jews just attacking piece meal? If the Syrians do nothing, why not go all out? So many questions.

Lance Ripplinger

Syria military always claims they “shot down most of the missiles”. Where is the proof they did? I’m not convinced that Syria’s air defense is all they want you to think it is.

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