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JUNE 2023

Syria: Germany leaving the ranks of the US-alliance against Russia

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In a surprise move Germany left the anti-Putin-alliance formed by the USA: Germany is now officially welcoming Moscow’s readiness to act in Syria and is starting an initiative together with the Russians and the French to bring an end to the war. This is to stop the constant stream of refugees. Germany has ordered thousands of soldiers into readiness.

Syria: Germany leaving the ranks of the US-alliance against Russia

This article originally appeared at DWN, translated by Frank Jakob exclusively for SouthFront

Germany surprisingly left the alliance formed together with the United States which intended to block Russia’s entry into the Syrian conflict.

Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen told Der Spiegel that she welcomed president Putin’s intentions of joining the fight against the extremist organization “Islamic State”. It would be a matter of mutual interests, she said.

A speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added, Germany would welcome additional efforts of Russia in the fight against IS. Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier even announced the starting of a joint venture between him, Russian foreign minister Lavrov and their French colleague Laurent Fabius with the aim of bringing the Syrian civil war to an end. Lavrov and Fabius are expected to arrive in Berlin this Saturday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called upon the US-Ministry of Defence to coordinate their efforts with the Russian military. Because both sides are actively invested in Syria it would be paramount for the US to reinstate the previously ceased operational cooperation with Russia, said Lavrov on Friday in Moscow. This was intended to avoid “unintentional incidents”. Russia’s military drills in the Mediterranean would be in accordance to international law. Larvrov explained furthermore, that Russia would keep delivering weapons to the troops of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to support their struggle against the extremist organization of Islamic State (IS).

Russia already began a diplomatic offensive weeks ago. The Americans did not precisely indicate whether they would support the Russian initiative. Under no circumstances would the US give Russia credit for solving the deadlocked situation, should Russia in fact be successful. Therefore the US-government warned precautionary of a worsening in the refugee crisis should Russia intervene.

Especially the neocons are issuing warnings of any cooperation with Russia in whatever matter. US-President Obama did not clearly state whether the Russian initiative was done in coordination with the White House. Foreign Minister John Kerry went on a surprise visit to Russia in spring which, however, remained without results regarding the Syrian matter. It is likely that the US-government changed their mind in the face of the worsening of the refugee crisis so that they are now willing to cooperate with Russia in the middle east.

German Frank-Walther Steinmeier has long been trying to conciliate behind the curtains and is therefore constantly in touch with his Russian colleague Lavrov. It looks like he is the only on in the German government who realizes that the refugee crisis will get completely out of control if the war in the middle east continues. Austria and Spain signaled days ago that a Russian participation in the battle against IS was crucial. Russia began expanding its military activities in Syria.

German Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen wants to expand the deployment of the Bundeswehr in Iraq. They Bundeswehr would be ready to continue its successful work in Kurdish regions in cooperation with the Iraqi government, she told Der Spiegel on Saturday. First steps would already be undertaken. Germany delivered medical supplies, helmets and hazard-protections masks. Up to 100 Bundeswehr soldiers are training Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq. Weapons were also delivered.

Von-der Leyen also ordered thousands of German soldiers into readiness in the wake of the refugee crisis. If this was done because of the refugees or hints of terror threats is still unknown. The order was given to the troops a day before, said a speaker of the ministry on Friday in response to a report by Der Spiegel. Up to 4000 soldiers are under constant readiness to be deployed. Hundreds of soldiers were deployed to help accommodate newly-arrived refugees last weekend. The solders are financially compensated for their services under this deployment order.

Translators comment:

It has been reported that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called into question the effectiveness of the US-led coalition against Islamic State (IS). According to PNP magazine he stated, that concerned colleagues from within the US-led coalition turned to him. They informed him that the US-military did not give clearances to their fighter pilots even though they clearly located and identified Islamic State positions.

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Rita Cortis Coleiro

Merkel You are a Hypocrite!


Merkel the Jew wasn’t even elected.


THIS is like Germany giving Obama “the finger”!! That is great!! It is about time Obama was shoved under a rug!! He cares nothing for anyone except himself!




Oh this is going to piss the US government off. The US government is relying on the terrorists in Syria to get rid of Assad. The US doesn’t want to get rid of terrorists in that nation – they want to topple Assad.

But Germany and Russia will actually go in there and destroy the terrorists that are causing chaos within the nation. That means Obama’s plan to get rid of Assad is going to fail.

Tor Larsen

The ones really pissed off will be the “jewish neocons” whom prized journalist Carl Bernstein says were the ones responsible for the invasion and destruction of Iraq on totally false pretexts. And he added; “And I can say so because I am jewish.” So many of these devils originated in the former USSR; the descendants of those who destroyed the old Russia and had between 20-60 million russians slaughtered.

Tony Murphy

Jewish neocons? You mean there are non-jewish ones?

Tor Larsen

There might even be…


Yes there are: they are the brainwashed “Christians” who believe the jews are “Gods Chosen” who should be fully supported, no matter what crimes they commit. They are willing to send their own children into battle and die for Nazi causes. They refuse to question anything about those savages. To them it is blasphemy to question anything in the “Holy Book”; a book penned by jews with an evil agenda.

Max Hughes

It’s not US citizens that object, it’s our Israelli run government


The beginning of the end for the neocons and their wars and an end to their control over America! Huzzah! Spirit of “76”!


Better late than never, you stupid, girly-men krauts!


F Germany and Russia and who ever looks like we are about to have to remind the world America is still a super power and go to ww3 better remember Germany us and our allies won two ww and this time we be the wors so we all need to worry poor people like refugees are during every day war looks like killing everyone is what’s happening and Germany your putting in camps next the ovens we know the camps are about to start killing f this lets go to war


It looks like the jew instigated genocidal war of terror that created the refugee crisis in Europe is going to blow up in their dirty little faces. The refugees are victims of jewish terror. They should have the right to sue the fascist theocracy of Nazi israel for reperations and the Palestinians gain the right of return. The UN should invade, secure their nuclear arsenal by removing the weapons and drive the “settlers behind the 1947 UN “Green Line” and ensure they don’t have the military capability to strike beyond the Green Line. This American, Viet-Nam vet is glad to see that Germany knows the solution. Hopefully: the EU will give Obummer and his war criminal cohorts “the finger” as well!

Gabriele D'Annunzio

The EU is done, welcome to nationalist europe. with any luck the UN and NATO are done also

Max Hughes

That’s why their called AskaNAZI


Scenes like this have played out throughout history every time an empire dies, and it can never happen a moment too soon. Don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out, Uncle Sam.

Gabriele D'Annunzio

Dan’t rape too many sand n!ggers while your down there, you will get a disease


Americans need to go home! Stay in their country and don’t export/import anything.

Nobody needs anything from America.

Gabriele D'Annunzio

Why thank you. It’s about time your continent started pulling its own weight.

Gabriele D'Annunzio

Europe will be Nationalist in a year. Thank you Obama. Why is this text in Russian?


“Under no circumstances would the US give Russia credit for solving the deadlocked situation, should Russia in fact be successful.”

Why not?

“According to PNP magazine he [Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov] stated, that concerned colleagues from within the US-led coalition…informed him that the US-military did not give clearances to their fighter pilots even though they clearly located and identified Islamic State positions.”

George M S Alejo

I do not trust those germany and france becaus they are being pay by zionist pigs


True they have been corrupted and extorted by those “zionist pigs”, as you call them. It sounds as if their citizenry are waking up to the horror that is Nazi Zionism. Going against the US of Nazi israel is a good thing. They are regaining respectability and some measure of trust, especially when they match action with words.

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