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Syria: Dissuasion has its limits

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Published in espanol.almayadeen.net, translated by Lisbeth Mechter exclusively for SouthFront

Syria: Dissuasion has its limits

Aleppo, Syria

Article written by Pedro García Hernández, PL Correspondent in Syria

Both Syria and Russia, altogether with other allies, trusted on the power of dissuasion by establishing a cease-fire since February 27th; but reality allows to asses that it (dissuasion) has limits in such a complex international situation.

The truce in Syria

Between that date and the current moments, for friends and foes, the truce worked since it enhanced the process of national reconciliation in 112 localities and towns and 59 armed groups that assumed it.

A majority considered it as an important step together with the negotiation in Geneva, Switzerland, to stop this war imposed to the nation of the Levant that until now has left over 270 000 dead and massive material and spiritual losses.

But dissuasion, the capability to make, by means of reason, someone change its mindset and actions, shows that terrorist groups and its sponsors understand it in a different way.

Both Al Nusra Front and the so-called Islamic State (Daesh), took advantage of it mainly for being re-supplied by means of a well-structured logistic system, receiving tanks, heavy weaponry and chemical components.

The denounces in regards to this fact were and are systematically made by Damascus, Moscow and Teheran as part of a patient strategy, repeatedly dissuasive that even tried to convince the US and its partners that it (the denounce) was an acceptable tactic.

After the retake of the city of Palmira, the Syrian Armed Forces, in clear respect to the UN resolutions and the principles of the cease-fire agreement, stopped the offensive operations altogether with the Russian Air Forces.

Not even for a single moment, likeminded groups with Daesh or the Al-Nusra Front accepted that resolution; in fact they started frantic attacks against regions in the Syrian provinces of Latakia, Homs, Hama and Aleppo.

Until today, they have violated the truce for more than 540 times with terrible consequences for civil population, especially in Aleppo, where there are over a hundred dead and almost 500 of injured.

Nevertheless, and besides the negative media campaign against Syria and its allies, the acceptance of the cease of hostilities continued, but is facing now the continuous sabotage of those who don’t believe in a reasonable dissuasion.

Russia, that isn´t taking part in Syria in the way that western media and officials, in strict operative conflict with the government of Bashar Al Assad, has concluded that dissuasion reached its limits.

Since May 25th, Russia assumed rightfully altogether with Syria all the necessary responses to face the actions of terrorist groups and their sponsors.

With the advances reached in the reconciliation process, the Syrian Armed Forces will have now the most logical option of not only containing but also fighting against the terrorist groups in over a dozen of combat fronts.

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George Washington

How much did Bibi pay Putin to let his Nusrat toys recharge their batteries? – See the Israeli tank story for those who still don’t think Putin has rolled over. – So disappointed in him and Lavrov lately, poor Shoigu is probably going out of his mind watching this.

George Washington

Russian now has to come back months later and bomb positions the SAA captured in Jan-Feb. – So many good men died for this “ceasefire” – what a massive failure on the part of the Russian diplomatic corps. Spin this disaster however you want SouthFront – every single reader comment on this subject has been critical.

– If Deir Ezzor falls in the next few weeks (which I doubt but they are in serious trouble at the moment) I will hold Putin and Lavrov personally responsible. Reducing the air support for the Palmyra offensive and giving Nusra a reprieve were huge mistakes. – Ask Neville Chamberlain how his “appeasement” strategy worked…c’mon Putin!

George Washington

When one side violates a “ceasefire” 500+ times and the other side does not return fire, they just look weak. Not noble, not chivalrous, not holier than thou – just weak. And quite possibly dead. – I’m starting to think Putin doesn’t want Syria to actually win the war. He just wants to “freeze” this conflict like the one in Ukraine. If Assad always needs Russian support to survive he can’t rely solely on Iran/Hezbollah, whose primary interest is protecting Shiites in Syria from radical Islam. Russia’s objectives in the region are much murkier. If they truly support Assad why would they return a Syrian trophy of war to Israel? – Ghaddafi’s ghost is watching you, Putin. Don’t let Syria become the next Libya.


Every war is also a propaganda war, a clash of ideas. If Lavrov&Kerry could have negotiated a true peace, great. Instead, Russia ended up legitimizing the Zionist/hegemonic/whatever-you-call-it notion “Groups A and B are ‘legitimate opposition’ BECAUSE they are being armed by the US”. This kind of thinking endangers others, and Russia in the Caucasus. In fact, reconciling those who can be reconciled seemed to have been going just fine, because the 4+1 coalition *were seen to be winning*. This is the Middle East after all, and strength matters. If countries resisting US hegemony can’t form cohesive alliances they will fail, simple as that. None of the individually are a match for NATO & friends, and the Empire knows it.

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