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Syria Dismisses Reports Of ‘Large Explosions’ In Southern Deir Ezzor

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Syria Dismisses Reports Of ‘Large Explosions’ In Southern Deir Ezzor

Click to see full-size image. Source: syriahr.com

Damascus has dismissed reports of “large explosion” near the town of al-Bukamal in the southern countryside of Deir Ezzor. 

The reports emerged on January 30 morning. The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that the explosions took place in the al-Abbas area, where Iranian-backed forces are known to be present.

The monitoring group later said that the explosions destroyed ammunition depots of Iranian-backed forces. The group shared a photo allegedly showing one of the explosions. The photo has not been verified yet.

Syria Dismisses Reports Of ‘Large Explosions’ In Southern Deir Ezzor

Click to see full-size image. Source: syriahr.com

These claims were later dismissed by the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency, which didn’t comment on the SOHR’s photo.

“The explosions reported by some channels in al-Bukamal in southern Deir Ezzor are untrue,” the agency’s reporter said.

Early on January 13, a series of airstrikes targeted military posts and ammunition depots between Deir Ezzor city and al-Bukamal. According to a new report, the airstrikes were carried out by stealth F-35 fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force. The jets used GPU-39 SDBs [small-diameter bombs].

The explosions reported today near al-Bukamal were likely caused by the disposal of war debris. Any real military incident will be revealed by satellite images, as usual.


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Icarus Tanović

GPU 39? How about firecrackers instead for somw larger ones? And if it is fulled with concrete i stead of HE, that even makea biger bang.

johnny rotten

The Coventry liar has been lied to, why doesn’t that surprise me?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I know what the SOHR is and who the fat little turd supports, but why would he make this up, what would be the point, and what would his side [which is the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey in that order] have to gain by making this up, not a damn thing I can think of.
syrialiveuamaps also reported the incident and I think they’re very reliable, so as much as I hate to admit it, I suspect it’s not more of his lies this time.
In western Aleppo the Iranian forces have been clamping down on the Kurds in several villages, so perhaps the Kurds in Aleppo got their Kurdish friends in the SDF to talk to the US and convinced them to deliver a message on their behalf, who knows.

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