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Syria’s Daraa Crisis Deepens, While Northern Syria Moves Closer To Chaos

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Syria’s Daraa Crisis Deepens, While Northern Syria Moves Closer To Chaos
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Syria’s Daraa Crisis Deepens, While Northern Syria Moves Closer To Chaos
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The crisis in Syria’s southern province of Daraa continues, as the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) elite 4th Division deployed heavy rocket launchers.

They brought the weapons near the southern part of Daraa city, known as Daraa al-Balad on August 20th

Syrian pro-government sources said that the rocket launchers were deployed to mount more pressure on the gunmen, who are still refusing to leave the area and conclude any sort of agreement.

Late on August 20th, Mohamed Hilal Zatima, a former rebel commander, was killed by SAA shelling in the area where the gunmen are dug in.

The killing of Zatima will likely lead to more escalation in Daraa al-Balad, which the SAA expects, as some local media report that an ultimatum was put forth, providing the former rebels with at most 15 days to surrender their weapons.

Less than a week earlier, Russia offered local leaders in Daraa al-Balad a roadmap that would fulfill the demands of Syrian authorities and guarantee the rights of the locals, which the former rebels rejected.

Meanwhile, Russia’s efforts in Greater Idlib are a bit less diplomatic towards Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and other al-Qaeda-affiliated factions.

On August 19th, Russian warplanes bombed a headquarters of HTS in the town of Ein Shib in the western Idlib countryside.

On August 20th, a series of airstrikes hit Ein Shib as well as the town of Qurqnia in the northern countryside of Idlib.

On August 21st, Russian airstrikes destroyed a compound located near the town of Hmeimat in the al-Ghab Plains in the northwestern countryside of Hama. The region is an infamous stronghold of HTS, the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib, and the Turkistan Islamic Party.

On August 22nd, making it four days in a row, airstrikes struck the outskirts of the towns of Kansafra, Mareian and Almaouzrah in the al-Zawiya Mount in the southern countryside of Idlib.

These efforts are necessary because HTS and the factions with it continue to violate the ceasefire agreement in Greater Idlib, while Turkey does nothing but undermines it even further.

Ankara is mostly focused on fighting the Kurdish groups in Northeastern Syria.

Turkish combat drones continue to target areas held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria’s northeastern region.

On August 21st and 22nd, Turkish drone strikes struck vehicles belonging to the SDF, no human losses were reported.

On August 20th, however, Turkey carried out two lethal drone strikes.

The first strike claimed the life of Saladin al-Shihabi, an Iranian Kurdish commander of the SDF.

The second strike claimed the lives of four personnel of the SDF, including a commander of the Tell Tamer Military Council.

The SDF blamed Russia of being unable to contain the ceasefire violations by Turkey and the terrorist factions it backs.

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Syria is doomed in a well calculated plan and the Russians cannot help, it’s too big for them. Eventually the plan is to slowly break and divide Syria into pieces

Killer Angel

balkanization is always the plan of the cabal.


Fix your eyes on that imaginary cabal and your real enemy is happy coz you can’t see him. The people you abuse as cabal have never been anti Islam.

Jim Allen

You are the most pitiful troll I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter.

Jim Allen

Y’all ain’t real bright now, are ya’ ? Don’t you think if this “well calculated plan,” existed anywhere outside your pinhead it would be underway ? What you describe is the failed plan, you pipe drunk pitiful troll. Syria is going nowhere, the criminal invader’s, and thieving occupier’s that have already been defeated, but too arrogant to leave have been grinding themselves to a standstill, and financial ruin. Meanwhile the criminal banking cabal is busy killing off as much of the world population as fast as it can as resistance is growing faster. Decades of cabal planning have been destroyed, thanks to Russia, and the cabal is running out manpower to drive this “well calculated plan” you’re hallucinating about.

Florian Geyer

Well said, Jim.

Jim Allen

Thank you.


You’re dump, Russians have a military approach onlyandnothingmore, building a nation is bigger than that, you need economic, social and political solutions you dumpster, your Russians have no such. Syria will be no more forever

Jim Allen

Go tell your troll lies to someone that might believe your inane ranting’s. Russian’s are doing quite well in the building of their country, and Federation. The fact Russia repaid it’s debt in full to Central bank is more than your country has managed, and is one of damn few countries with a growing economy, a modernized military, prepared for whatever comes it’s way, armed with reliable, accurate, advanced technology, and capabilities, many of these have no analog in the world. Self-sufficient, with record breaking crop’s that yield far more than the countries need’s, and how about the successful restoration, and upgrades to a now self-sufficient Crimea. Legally separated from Ukraine, that closed down everything, and it’s military at the border prepared to attack the civilian population. Nice new bridge, airport, the Black Sea Resorts open, agriculture expanded, and a well trained, and armed military of its own. While the country voted to leave the failed State of Ukraine, and voted to join the Federation, all nice, and legal, record’s on file at the International Court’s in Brussels. If Russia was how you’re lying, it would be an easy target for the West to crash, as it did in the 1990’s. Russia has accomplished all this, and much more in 31(+/-) year’s. It’s got the Cabal (it really exists) it’s wholly owned subsidiary, US, and NATO stopped dead in it’s tracks, and hemorrhaging cubic dollars in several countries it’s had illegally attacked, and occupied. Without borrowing money. Russia’s reserve is growing faster than its economy. I’m sorry for your brainwashed condition that has affected your ability to think with logic, reason, and clarity, it also seems you have a chronic spinal injury as well.


Building the Country will be done once the last rat is exterminated.


I like your version.

Jim Allen

You don’t speak for anyone, and your ad hominem is sub-standard. There’s a reason you receive nothing but down vote’s to your absurd, and fake narratives. Kindly buzz off, or I’ll call your grandmother, and snitch you off for lying online, and watching porn again. She’ll come down to her basement, where you live, take your Cheeto’s, and spank your ass with her flip-flop.


If a nation is too weak to stay united, it should come apart. I am not a fan of death and war. Thus, maybe they should just stop this endless fighting and all sides declare victory in their fiefs.


Go tell it to the western backed head hacking Apes.

Fog of War

The ” rebels ” will never give up Daraa as its to close to Israhell, while Putin will attempt to stall its recapture as long as possible for the same before mentioned reason.


The US is doomed to enter a depression and/or high inflation. It will soon have little interest in trying to play a role in Syria, regardless of its sick subservience to Israel.


Honestly cannot figure out what is up here. SAA believed that jihadis would all just disappear? esp after sending reconciled rebels right into the front at Idlib, causing massive casualties and bad feelings? also, jihadis are not the types to just drop their weapons. I used to work for a general who would say, ‘that’s already in my outbox’ whenever i brought up an issue we thought was resolved. I think he must have trained with the geniuses in Damascus.


Why don’t you go on screw yourself

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