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Syria – CIA Vetted “Rebels” Chase U.S. Forces Out Of Town

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Syria - CIA Vetted "Rebels" Chase U.S. Forces Out Of Town

US SOF in Syria

Originally appeared at MoonOfAlabama

According to the WSJ the U.S. agreed to join a further invasion of Syria by Turkey and its proxy forces:

The U.S. has agreed to send about 40 special-operations troops to work alongside Turkish forces to fight Islamic State in northern Syria, U.S. officials said.

The joint mission will take the forces east toward the northern Syrian town of Dabiq, a symbolically significant Islamic State stronghold. U.S. special-operations forces will operate as combat advisers and generally under the same guidelines as other special -operations forces are working inside Syria, U.S. officials said.

Ankara first proposed the idea of U.S. special -operations forces accompanying Turkish troops late last month as it planned a joint mission into Syria’s northern city of Jarabulus.

One can reasonably assume that the planned presence of U.S. forces amid a Turkish invasion has the sole purpose of deterring Russian or Syrian moves against it. With U.S. forces around the Russian command will have to think twice before bombing any Turkish advance beyond the borders of  their agreement with the Russians.

The deployment of some 40 U.S. special forces to Al Ra’i did not go well. The Turkish “Free Syrian Army” proxies threatened to kill the U.S. forces. They called them “unbelievers” and “crusader pigs” and the U.S. forces had to retreat under Turkish cover (video). Some FSA spokesperson later claimed that the dispute was over U.S. support for the Kurdish dominated SDF, which at times had fought against the FSA. Unconfirmed reports now say that the special forces are back in Al Ra’i after certain FSA groups were ordered out of the area. There are also reports claiming the U.S., after the special forces were chased out of town, “accidentally” bombed some FSA group in Al Ra’i. Ooops.

However, the hostile FSA forces will be around and U.S. Special Forces are obviously seen as their enemy. If the U.S. forces proceed together with the other FSA groups they will certainly have to watch their back at any and all times.

The Turkish supported sectarian “moderate” FSA groups are the very same groups the CIA has “vetted” and provided with TOW missiles and other weapons. But nobody should be astonished that such groups, driven by religious zeal, eventually turn on their sponsors. They have done so in each historic parallel one can think of.

The current ceasefire in Syria is already breaking down. U.S. media claim that Russia and Syria are blocking UN aid to the al-Qaeda ruled areas in east-Aleppo but other media say that the “rebels” are the ones threatening the convoys. In east-Aleppo al-Qaeda demonstrators held a rally (vid) against UN aid.

Russia says that the U.S. is trying to fudge on the terms of the ceasefire agreements and pushes the U.S. to publish the full accord. That is blocked by the State Department:

On Thursday, U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters in Washington that the full text of the deal worked out with Russia on the truce in Syria will not be made public. “It does deal with sensitive issues that we believe, if made public, could potentially be misused,” he said.

Translation: “It is more difficult to cheat on the agreement if the terms are public.”

The U.S. supported opposition forces are using the ceasefire to prepare for new attacks on Hama and in the north of Aleppo city. I expect those to start at the beginning of next week. They will meet prepared defenses and ferocious attacks by Syrian and Russian air forces.

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Tom Johnson

Where are all of the russian clowns? Why have you not responded to this article? Turkey is not your friend? You need to get your puppet out of Syria, because you will be held responsible.

Gabriel Hollows

Always the first post.


Most people don’t care too much about sunni-infested shitholes or kurdish majority territories. Let the turks fight with them and the Islamic state, the regime would not be able to liberate those areas by force anyway.


Where are all of the russian clowns?

At the circus, birthday parties….

Why have you not responded to this article?

Because they’re busy at the circus, birthday parties ….

Turkey is not your friend?

You really should have paid attention in English class.

Real Anti-Racist Action

“These are not the clowns you are looking for” -Onlyonecanfoolme


If the us doesn’t hold up to its end of the agreement then Russia should publish the agreement at the very least. Russia should have weighed out what to do when the us doesn’t uphold the agreement though because I don’t know of a single occasion the us has beld up its end of treaties or agreements unless it was in their own interests.

Jens Holm

Seems you dont know very much.

888mladen .

Talking to yourself? Some say it’s a sign of mental illness.

Jens Holm

Only some. I can live with that. A lot will say Im very well oriented and mist of my writing – apart for calling people names – are based on facts.

In this matter it should be well known that Assads havent allowed UN to bring food and all other kinds of help to any other than his own part of the population.

Thats not what UN (and red cros/green half moon) are made for. They are made for helping all civilians in warzones.

Russians cant even control its own friend.

888mladen .

What are White Helmets in Syria made for?

Jens Holm

ha-ha. As I read it its primary a civilian aid help for everybody outside Assads. But they do help with other stuff too and try to hide it. Thats why ISIS also have got some food and probatly medicine as well.

No one is clean in it. A lot of more neutral helpers such as UN and green cross hasnt been allowed to give anything to others than Assads. Not a single bread, a pill or a tampon. Thats why they have stopped any help.

Assads even has camouflaged ekstra help by some kind of foundations also giving help to Asssads.

But Yes: White helmets are meant for civilians in opposition to Assads and their soldiers get some of it too – sure.

888mladen .

comment image?oh=f788370528a01edca2edc861af0eb41b&oe=58A58E43

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