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Syria Battlefields Survey, February 29

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Syria Battlefields Survey, February 29

Original published by warfiles.ru; translation by J.Hawk

Ceasefire violations are continuing. None of the warring factions has taken responsibility for the shelling, and instead they continue to accuse each other of provocations.

While the warring parties which are to eventually sit behind a negotiating table and unite their forces against terrorists are continuing to blame one another of violating the ceasefire, ISIS are once again shelling northern parts of the city of Aleppo and are attempting to launch counterattacks in the Latakia province which borders Turkey. Moreover, ISIS in Latakia is being aided by the Turkish military which is shelling Syrian Kurd positions and civilians.

Turkish president Erdogan is extremely unhappy with the situation in the region. Ankara is trying to limit the Kurds’ influence in any way possible in order to prevent Turkey from breaking apart, since the Kurds are claiming part of Turkey as part of their new independent state. Therefore the Turkish military is continuing to amass troops on the border with Syria and is conducting provocative bombardments.

Russian MOD on the Syria ceasefire

Russian MOD has analyzed the first days of the ceasefire. The MOD will post daily updated information on factions which observe or violate the ceasefire. However, ISIS and al-Nusra are not subject to the ceasefire and will continue to be targeted. The terrorists were bragging prior to the ceasefire that they would double the rate of their attacks against government forces and civilian areas. However, they are taking heavy losses and retreating rapidly.


Turkish light armored vehicle destroyed a Kurdish RPG

Aleppo Province

Syrian government forces finally succeeded in clearing the strategic supply route into Aleppo which was taken under control by ISIS a week earlier.

The task was accomplished by elite SAA units sent from other sectors of the front. As a result, SAA offensive against Raqqa and the Tabaqa airbase had to be temporarily halted.

Four jihadist attempts to recapture at least a small portion of the territory and rescue the militants trapped at the Aleppo powerplant utterly failed. The surrounded terrorists were mopped up and the powerplant is now fully clear of terrorists, thanks to the Tiger Forces which have since been dispatched on a new mission. The nature of their new mission has not bee reported.

Combat engineers are conducting mine clearance at the powerplant, and soon this most industrialized part of Syria will once again receive electricity which will greatly facilitate the return to normal life.

Syria Battlefields Survey, February 29

The last ISIS stronghold in the province, and their “road of life” which ran  through the al-Azib checkpoint, were captured by the SAA late afternoon yesterday. The road is now open again, though it is currently being used only by the military which is sending the necessary supplies to the SAA units. The road is still not ready for civilian traffic because its shoulders are still mined.

Now that the road has been cleared, the most combat-effective forces will be once again sent against Raqqa which is now the most important target for Syria’s generals. Whoever is the first to enter the “ISIS capital” will obtain major political dividends, which will give them an edge not only within Syria but also in the region as a whole.

The situation in Aleppo is still unsettled. Some of the city quarters are occupied by the militants. They conducted a rocket bombardment at 12:34 Damascus time of the city’s western parts. Explosions were heard near the Great Prophet mosque. No group has accepted responsibility. Government forces are refraining from returning fire to avoid breaking the ceasefire.

Hama Province

Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists are trying to end the ceasefire. While in Latakia and Aleppo they limit themselves to shelling, in southern Hama they attempted to launch a counter-attack after they were joined by Ahrar ash-Sham militants.

The two forces attacked SAA positions on the northern bank of Oronte river near Harb-Nafsa which is the jihadists’ main stronghold in the province.

SAA reported four of its checkpoints were attacked. The attacks failed and the militants suffered heavy losses. Several wanted terrorists were killed, including Jaber ad-Daher and Sami Hasan as-Saidal. Four armored vehicles were also destroyed. Six battalions of al-Nusra, which were sent here from various provinces, participated in the attack.

Latakia and Idlib Provinces

The 103rd RG Brigade is now operating in Idlib province which is nearly completely under terrorist occupation.

After capturing Ain al-Baida, Syrian commandos moved toward Jisr-esh-Shugura. The commandoes are now only 15km distant from the city.

Syria Battlefields Survey, February 29

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