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Syria Battlefields Survey, February 28

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Syria Battlefields Survey, February 28

Original published by warfiles.ru; translation by J.Hawk

The first day of Syria ceasefire was marred by violations. While most provinces saw only minor skirmishes, in Damascus the violations were more severe. The militants used mortars and mobile rocket launchers to shell civilian districts.

Russian aircraft had an extra day off. Technicians are servicing the aircraft and helicopters while the air crews are resting.

Damascus City and Province

Everyone was certain that the ceasefire would not hold long in this area. Events confirmed these suspicions.

The first hours of the ceasefire saw the terrorists launch a barrage of rockets and mortar bombs against Damascus. The firing units were located in Duma and Jaubar. About 20 shells were fired in total. The SAA did not return fire.

Syrian forces in Eastern Guta were kept under fire originating from town of An Nashabiya-Balya until 7 am. After 1:30am, the militants shelled Syrian troops in Deraya. Civilian houses were damaged.

Aleppo Province

In spite of the victorious reports in all the media, the supply route to Aleppo remains blocked. Earlier reports it was cleared by commandos proved in accurate

The militants continue to hold the al-Azeeb checkpoint on the Sheikh Hilal-Ithriya road. All remaining populated areas and strategic heights along this road were recaptured by Tiger Forces, PLA, NDF, and RG. One small portion of the road remains under militant control, but it is being reduced. In order to prevent another such crisis, the Syrian forces will have to expand the buffer zone along this sector of the road.

Raqqa Province

ISIS attempted an attack in northern Raqqa, aimed against YPG self-defense units in Tel-el-Abad. The attack was supported by Turkish heavy artillery which remained on its side of the border.

The terrorists attacked the town from numerous directions but were met with heavy fire which forced them to retreat. The Kurds launched a counter-attack and began to clear the area of militants hiding in the terrain folds.

ISIS has lost the control of all the strategic heights in this area. They withdrew in disorder and retreated into Turkey.

Kurdish units were supported by coalition aircraft which carried out 10 airstrikes. By the end of the day the whole area was free of the terrorists.

20 YPG militiamen and 18 civilians were killed in the fighting. ISIS is reputed to have lose 90 fighters, according to the Kurds.

Latakia Province

RG 103rd Brigade is continuing to clear the Syria-Turkey border, pushing the remaining militants out of the province.

After a bloody battle, al-Nusra fighters were forced out of Saraf located in the Turkomen Mountains. several strategic heights near Kabane were taken by the SAA, including the Tel-en-Navarat, which is the most important elevation in the area. The objective of the operation is to take the Latakia-Idlib border under control.

Hama Province

ISIS attempted to recapture territories abandoned earlier by launching a powerful counterattack in eastern Hama, in the Salamiya district.

SAA and NDF checkpoints were attacked by seven suicide car bombs. Some of them reached their targets, killing 6 troops and 2 civilians.

Afterwards ISIS attacked villages between Mahram and Salamiya. ISIS attack failed at great cost to the militants who were forced to withdraw.

Taking advantagge of the situation, Syrian units launched a counterattack which liberated the village of Teiba. About 30 terrorists were killed in that operation.


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