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Syria Battlefields Survey, February 26

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Syria Battlefields Survey, February 26

Original published by warfiles.ru; translation by J.Hawk

The Syria ceasefire is to begin tonight at midnight. Syrian air force is distributing leaflets over areas occupied by the enemy, including special applications which rebel commanders ought to fill out and transfer to the ceasefire center at Hmeimim.

Moscow announced that airstrikes against rebel positions will continue until 10pm Moscow time which corresponds to midnight, Damascus time. Eastern Guta, northern Homs, and western Aleppo experienced the heaviest airstrikes of the day.

Aleppo Province

The SAA has fully liberated Hanasser. Prior to the liberation, Syrian forces destroyed a rebel group in the village of Rasm an-Nafal.

ISIS did not get much sleep last night as it was continuously bombed by Russian aircraft which flew over 30 sorties in support of Syrian troops.

After liberating Hanasser, Tiger Forces commandoes proceeded to liberate other towns along the vitally important supply route to Aleppo. The elite brigade supported by Gepard Forces teams 3 and 6 as well as units of the Republican Guard, Hezbollah, and National Defense Forces, succeeded in liberating five villages over the course of two days.

This morning Syrian special operations troops expelled the enemy from villages Shilallah al-Saghira, Minaya, and Jokhah in lightning operations. The attack was launched from the villages which were liberated earlier.

Then the elite units launched an attack on Hawaz whose capture will lead to the occupation of commanding heights over Raheep. Rebel attack against El-Hammam failed. It was also reported that the last villages along the Hanasser-Aleppo route have been liberated, thus opening the Aleppo supply route. The enemy was forced to retreat from Raheeb, Rawahayb, Rasm al-Tineh, and Muntar. Syrian troops then proceeded to clear the Sheiha Hilal-Ithriyah secondary road which the militants are also blocking.

However, ISIS forces remaining in the area could fall into a trap. They have only a narrow escape route leading to Raqqa which could be cut at any moment. If they are to survive, they will have to retreat otherwise they will be killed by the combination of Syrian elite units and Russian aircraft.

Fighting is continuing in the city of Aleppo itself. The most serious clashes took place in the Beni-Zeid and Han al-Asal districts.

Hama Province

No major land operations were conducted. Syrian aicraft launched airstrikes against al-Qaeda militant concentrations near Wadi al-Azib, destroying a number of fortified positions and several pieces of equipment.

Deir ez-Zor Province

The terrorists are continuing to probe the airbase defenses. There were clashes near the village of Beit-Dhem and the southern checkpoint.

There were short clashes in the provincial capital near al-Afri and ad-Jbeil. Terrorists suffered serious losses after a supply column was ambushed.

Homs Province

Syrian airstrikes hit three militant headquarters, destroying a number of vehicles in Palmira. Jaysh al-Fath was bombed near Telbis where it lost a command point.

Latakia and Idlib Provinces

SAA’s 103rd Republican Guard Brigade cleared the last areas on the border with Idlib. Ain al-Baida in Kurdish mountains was liberated in the morning. The commandoes have thus entered Idlib territory, and Syrian forces have advanced 3km toward the border with Turkey. The Islamists are controlling only a small area a few square kilometers large near Kobani and al-Sirmaniyah.

Syrian aircraft bombed several Jabhat al-Nusra bases, destroying infrastructure and equipment


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