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JUNE 2021

Syria: Battle for Manbij on June 8

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Syria: Battle for Manbij on June 8

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Foroces (SDF) are preparing for a finla storm of the ISIS-ctonrolled city of Manbij. According to the logic of the advance, the SDF is going to consolidate the gains along the M4 highway before the strom will be launched.]

Nonetheless, there are unconfirmed reports that sporadic clashes between ISIS militants and SDF units have been observed in the urban area of Manbij: Al-Mankubah.

SDF units are clashing with ISIS near the village of Nawaja:

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Now is the time to finish it. SDF might want to consider leaving the west open for all that are leaving the city while firing on those not SDF wanting to enter.

While storming the center, keep reserves and, should those not be needed, those can drive on westward and northward after the city is taken.

Seize the momentum while its there.

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