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JUNE 2020

Syria And Turkey Brace For New Military Confrontation In Syria’s Greater Idlib


Syria And Turkey Brace For New Military Confrontation In Syria’s Greater Idlib

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The March 5 Russian-Turkish agreement on Syria’s Greater Idlib continuous to hold on, despite a series of violations by radical militants in the region and unfulfilled promises by Ankara. Syria and Turkey, however, appear to be preparing for a new military confrontation in the northwestern region.

In the ceasefire’s first few weeks, the Turkish military raised the number of its “observation posts” in Greater Idlib to 44. Ankara also deployed large reinforcements in the Syrian region, with some sources reporting the deployment of around 1,400 military vehicles there.

Turkish National Defense Ministry, Hulusi Akar, stressed on March 20 that Ankara will go on with its deployment plans in Greater Idlib.

“The Turkish Armed Forces is continuing planned deployment and distribution of troops in the Idlib de-escalation zone of northwestern Syria, in line with the cease-fire of March 6. Reports by some media organizations about withdrawals of our troops from the region do not reflect the truth,” the Anadolu Agency quoted Akar as saying.

While Turkey is taking advantage of the recent agreement with Russia to deploy more and more troops in Greater Idlib, it is yet to fulfill any of its commitments under the agreement.

The M4 highway, which links Syria’s industrial hub, Aleppo city, with the port city of Lattakia, is still blocked by militants. Reopening the strategic highway is the keystone of the recent Russian-Turkish agreement.

On the other side, the Damascus government is fulfilling its commitments, by halting its aerial and land operations in Greater Idlib. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), however, is preparing for a worst case scenario. Fresh reinforcements are reportedly being sent to the region, especially to the army’s positions south of the M4.

In a phone call on March 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad discussed the agreement on Greater Idlib.

“During the call, President al-Assad and Putin touched upon the implementation of the Russian-Turkish agreements concluded on March 5 to achieve stability in Idlib region and the continued violation of these agreements by terrorist organizations in addition to the political process,” a statement released by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reads.

If no progress is made in implementing the Russian-Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib, a military confrontation could break out in the region within a few weeks.

Damascus and is allies will likely move to reopen the M4 highway by force. This will not likely happen without a direct confrontation between the SAA and the Turkish military, similar to what we saw last month.




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  • klove and light

    well…told u donks so…… Putin is a treacherous Zionist pig

    only a madman who has lost all his senses or a treacherous Zionist pig, could have the idea and come to the conclusion that a Invasion and occupation by Turkey of syrian land would Benefit the legitimate gov. of assad.

    North east syria

  • gustavo

    As always, Russia-Turkey agreements smell bullshit.

  • elpocho

    Why can’t Turkey respect agreements? They just seem angry with something and not cool with themselves and that makes them breach agreements very easily

    • Tim Williams

      There will not be another meeting with PUTIN regarding IDLIB … TURKS will now lose 20,000 soldiers in IDLIB, KURDS will hit them everywhere, multiple cities will be hit with car bombs creating complete chaos inside TURKEY.

      PUTIN warned the madman no less than 5 times to stay out of IDLIB or suffer the consequences … the imbecile does not learn …

      • gustavo

        I hope this be true. Let us see what will happen later.

        • Raptar Driver

          Putin the meek will just make another deal

      • Sergei Formosa

        Cool down animal, the moment the Assad monkeys or their russian pimps start throwing bullets at Turkish soldiers, they will be evaporated in few hours and Damascus will be taken over in 2 days. So know what you ask for dirty little monkey

    • gustavo

      Maybe you have not understood that Turkey (NATO member) is following ISrael-USA-NATO plans to destroy Syria. If you can’t understand this, you will not be able to understand what is happening in Syria.

    • V. Mecki

      Why can’t Turkey respect agreements?

      They ar Turks.

  • Tim Williams
  • Rhodium 10

    Turkey is a NATO member who has a mandate to create a Pseudocalifate-State( a new Kosovo) inside Syria…therefore Syria and Russia have the need to prevent it…otherwise the terrorism Virus will grow and spread again!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Putin and Dr. Assad had an hour long phone conversation two days ago and the decision is pretty much taken to liberate all of Syria and the Turkeys will be slaughtered if they don’t leave Arab lands voluntarily and take their headchoppers with them. Russia has a second large operational base in Idlib now with SU-35 interception vector from Qamishli is less than 5 minutes. The Turkey antiquated F-16 are no match for very aggressive and well trained Russian pilots flying the most modern Super Flankers with R-73 Archers and long range BVR R-77 Adders. The Turkeys would not even know what hit them.


      • Sergei Formosa

        Putin had also a secret phone call with Netanyahu in wich Putin has given some SAA coordinates…Monkey tries to act like he is anti-zionist but he is one of the biggest zion-asslickers out there, but just in secret

  • Tim Williams
    • Sergei Formosa

      In EVERY country the real number is much higher, including in Europe and the US, simply because there arent enough testing kits

  • <>

    Goodluck Turkey, crush the shia dogs.

    • Stef

      You joker hahahahaha
      Syrian Army are all sunni
      The Iran shia forces do not participate in the offensive

  • don

    Lets talk the next area that the Syrian Army will likely take back and in what stages it will happen.

    Will they simply take back the southern part that is not in the claimed 6 kilometer de escalation zone? Will they go for Jisr Al Shugur first? Will they close off the northern escape route? Will they just skip all the nonsense and go straight to Idlib? Will they take Dar TaIzza and close to the border above Saramada? Will they take Atarib and Saramada and cut the 420 highway? Whats next?

  • Jim Bim

    Russia has been fooled by the Turks once again.
    The Turks like their terrorist friends, have no intention to fulfill the agreement.

    • Sergei Formosa

      Arrogant Russian christian terrorists keep violating the deal after Turkey has given them more than they asked for and now starting to cry….

  • Xanatos

    As usual, Russia wins in the diplomatic agreement only to see Turks violate their promises.

    It’s time to end this charade.

  • Raptar Driver

    Just get on with it already!

  • nyomarek

    These demented roaches don’t know yet, but the flame carried by the Syrian Alliance will burn them all away. Significant NATO/US/IsraHell airstrikes to be expected as a retaliation, because the ISIS roaches were prevented to establish their Sharia Caliphate in Syria.

  • igybundy

    hitler also said he was invading countries to protect civilians..