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Syria And Iraq Agree To Boost Military Cooperation And Coordination In Border Area (Video)

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On June 13, the Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army General, Osman Al-Ghanmi, met with a high-level delegation from the Syrian Ministry of Defense, headed by the Commander of the Syrian Army Operations Staff. The sides discussed the coordination and security cooperation between Syria and Iraq.

The Iraqi and Syrian officers discussed the situation in the Iraqi-Syrian theater of operations and a cooperation against a mutual enemy represented by the ISIS terrorist group. The two parties stressed that the elimination of ISIS requires more cooperation and coordination in the exchange of intelligence and border control by the regular forces of the Iraqi and Syrian armies to maintain continuous pressure on the enemy.

The Iraqi and Syrian officers discussed the establishment of a joint operation center for coordination between the two sides and providing up-to-date information  about military developments in Mosul and other frontns, including Syria.

The head of the Syrian operations Staff congratulated the Iraqi Army on its latest achievements in Mosul, praising the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces in the battles against terrorism.

He also praised the strength of the relationship between the two brotherly countries and the continuation of cooperation in the military and other fields for the benefit of the Iraqi and Syrian peoples. The goal of the cooperation is to maintain security and stability and to prevent the passage of terrorist elements inside the territories of both countries.

On June 9, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) managed to reach the Syrian-Iraqi border north of Al Tanf for the first time since 2015, and within a few days’ Iraqi forces met with the Syrian forces and reopened a road between Iraq and Syria.

Moreover, coordinated operations of the SAA and the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units soon will likely be launched in the Syrian-Iraqi border area.

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Expo Marker

The two countries, Iraq and Syria, are resisting the western oppression placed on them. Well done to both sides in this fight against terror.

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

I guess these things will be out of use from now oncomment image

Brad Isherwood

How many ISUS going to pack it in now that their pay must be minimal compared to past.
Add…..That All News is bad…..Allah is Angry : )

The ISUS with Asian nation history can jump a ship to the Phillipines where Thai food,beer,
Drugs abound.

The ultimate soldier is one who gets high mileage and then gets killed.
No payout or pension.
Does ISUS have blogger where they can Bitch about how life sucks and Saudi pay betrayed them?

The Syrian war shifts to Kurd Tweet with Image to SAA.

“Ha ha,….I get to ride in an V 22 Osprey, ….and you got to ride in an old piece of @t!”

The Syrian tweets back

“Ha ha,….I get to fly over a battlefield. ……and you only fly to a daycare”


The largest terrorist groups in the world are CIA and Pentagon due to which the entire world stability is in danger.


The bigger picture…literally

Al Tanf strategic importance isnt primarily its position from/to Jordan/Iraqbut route from to Saudi rabia

makes sence, The Qatar drama, Qatar to Russia
Turk troops allegedly to Qatar

ill also add
Trumps reference to SAud coalition as Saud or Arab/NATO
and Irans complaint to Turkey for daming the waters and conytibuting to increase of sand storms

Damn… Im looking at what ill call the damming

Brits did send considerable armor to Jordan months back and the Sauds did line up at their Saud/Iraq border
Whym it didnt happen back then??? The Russians and their capabilities


The US is petrified of North Korea with a handful of nuclear weapons, so one can assess that the US is hysterical and petrified of Russia nuclear capability.


What happened back then? It’s not that hard to work out… Saudis will never win any wars against a semi-determined opponent – Brits going along with (foolishly) them might do damage but would be kicked out – no air cover for operations, ground forces refuse to go in because of hugely increased risk – Brits cannot afford a war, it would literally bankrupt them, change of government and a pull out would result – the only way any smaller player would consider going into Syria is if US would go all out. It ain’t gonna happen – US taxpayer is also fed up with footing military adventures. This was supposed to be a walk in the park where proxy forces take all the damage. That hollow game is exposed for what it is – volunteers for death for the empire!


This formal agreement on the table the anti-ISUS coalition will be out of a job! Marvellous! They will still try to run some nasty tricks against SAA and the PMU, and a major effort should now go to exposing those tricks and getting publicity for them!

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