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Synagogue Collapse In Israel Leaves Two Dead, More Than 150 Injured (Videos)

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Synagogue Collapse In Israel Leaves Two Dead, More Than 150 Injured (Videos)

Screen grab from one of the videos of the accident.

On May 16, at least two people were killed and more than 150 others were wounded when a bleacher collapsed at an uncompleted synagogue in Givat Zeev just outside of Jerusalem in the West Bank.

The bleacher was packed with ultra-Orthodox worshippers who were praying at the beginning of Shavuot. Videos of the accident surfaced online.

The Israeli military, that’s currently carrying out a major operation against Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, said in an official statement that it had dispatched medics and other search and rescue troops to assist at the scene. Some of the wounded were airlifted in military helicopters.

The mayor of Givat Zeev held the Israeli Police responsible. According to him, the police ignored previous calls to take action and evict the building because it was uncompleted and dangerous. Nevertheless, Jerusalem Police chief Doron Turgeman said that negligence was behind the accident, adding that arrests will likely be carried out.

The Givat Zeev accident comes after a stampede at a religious festival in northern Israel that killed 45 ultra-Orthodox Jews. The accident, which took place on April 29, was the deadliest civilian disaster in the history of Israel.

The deadly accident will likely place more pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is struggling to stay in power while embarking on a military operation in Gaza. A few hours after the accident in Givat Zeev, the death toll from Israeli strikes on the Palestinian enclave reached 209. At least 55 of the casualties are children.


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The word synagogue used to mean “a place to commit wicked acts”, until the grammar corporate Zionazi globalists changed the language. Just like with the current postmodern “critical theory” trends of liberal “diversity” owed to their machinations on “antisemitism”.

Even “antiglobalist” Putin made “Holocaust” denial a crime, just like the Western Ziocorporate terrorists, by conflating it with the Great Patriotic War, while the Rothschild neocolony keeps massmurdering Palestinians, Christian and Muslims alike.

Last edited 1 year ago by shylockracy

Unfortunately, Pootin licks Chickenshit Satanyahoo arse. Chickenshit is Pootin God.


Putin’s been a magnificent ally for the Russian Zioligarchy, and a more or less good leader for Russia’s general population.

For globalist figures like Netanyahu, Navalny would find it impossible to make a better business partner than Putin.

Ashok Varma

Sadly true.


you get plus 4 from me aswell since you are right and the minus 2 is a shame

Ashok Varma

Russia is now the main protector of Zionists and China now has to step in to protect Palestinian rights as it along with Norway organized the last UNSC meeting. Russia is a two bit player anyway and that message is not lost on the Arabs or the world in general.


this plus and minus system is utterly laughable i just gave you plus 4 because these idiotic putinists gave you minus 2

Davide Herzog

Making ” Holocaust ” a denial crime Putin demonstrate his anti- Ziocorporate- globalism” . Here in west eurasia is a crime to pronounce that word : 5 years jail for ” antisemitism ” . In fact nazists decided it was time to go ahead as usually , at least in the last 2 centuries , they often do when the times are ready for an advancement of their conqueror’ s agenda : now that there aren’t anymore any revisionists around ( now that 90% of the population in brainwashed about it – and not only about it ….! ) it was time ( some years ago ) to impose the new word everybody HAS to use . Shoa is the new and the only word they are allowed to use . It’ s very clear and logic ! Holocaust means ” sacrifice , shoa means ” tragedy ” . Sacrifice needs a subject while a tragedy is something that happens without any will , any plan !

Criminalizing the use of ” holocaust ” zionists are making an operation of delating their own guilt : if nobody in the future will speak of a sacrifice nobody will ever think somebody committed it !

On the contrary we know very well zionists created nazism and leaded it and killed voluntarily the jews they choosed with attention as told soros the famous nazist antifascist , that’ s to say zionist , so beloved from leftists and antifascists ( everybody knows antifascist leftists are all nazi ‘s asses lickers … ). So , now the paradigme changed , is useful to accept the old propaganda . The jews killed were not 6 millions but 60 millions ! More jews were killed by zionism /nazism the more zionists are regettable and criminal and desrving to be executed by a Norimberga trial . Putin is a genius .

J Ramirez

Why didn’t the finish the job?


More good news coming out of that Den of Thieves and Snakes!!!!


Thank you, all merciful one! Holiest in the Highest for this divine act of mercy upon the human race!

Elizabeth Dilling



2 zio terrorist children of lucifer departed to hell.. Lucifer awaits them all.


This is a disaster and some piece of shit politicized it

Fog of War

Oy Vey !

jens Holm

yes it is a disater. It was only one small section that collapsed . Pity the whole f ing lot didn’t crush the lot of scum there, then it would have been celebration time again.

Jens Holm

I want to watch it in slow motion on repeat that will be sooo good. Goooing doown again





Love it!

Arch Bungle

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution at work …


Since Jesus, the Jews have been cursed by him…. the children of demons, usurpers, pigs, dogs, devils, liars, father of all lies, snakes, brood of vipers, murderers and so on.




Now you see’em…now they don’t hahaha satans soo kind to his spawn lol

Arch Bungle

Mazel Tov, motherf*ckers!

Proud hindu

Jesus was a rebel not a god or prophet


You don’t know what you’re saying


i didnt knew that cows could talk


it seems as if the jews lied to you hinds they dont care about you neither do they want to build you toilets its as if you are still unclear about their true nature but they understood that you are useless cows and they are not interested in feeding you animals more feces from their afters

Potato Man

And your mother came right of Satan’s ass and give birth to you.

Arch Bungle

You wouldn’t know Jesus the jew from Jesus the Mexican, so shut your stupid piehole and go fish your relatives out of the river.


these synagogues of the devil should all be burned with the zionists locked inside

Ashok Varma

The Zionist criminal child killers are reaping KARMA is double doses, first the cowardly losers could not even fight Hamas like men and bombed women, children and media and the rockets keep coming. After this abject humiliation, who will ever take the Zionist loser parasites seriously.


oy vey, karma is antisemitic!


@southfront i can do as much plus and minus as i want on comments so this is not really a functioning method of likes and if you want i can prove this to you and do plus 20 on a comment


If GOD wanted the Jews in Palestine he would not THROW THEM OUT everytime they go there.


Something similar just happened weeks ago in Israel – a crowd of fundamentalist Orthodox Jews trampled their own resulting in fatalities. It was event with large numbers – described as very poorly organized and condemned as unwise in middle of pandemic lock-down. Seems whilst the Israeli government remains in flux and Netanyahu needs the ongoing Orthodox factional support, the latter are increasingly ignoring police and state safety procedures for their public events.


Probably a sabotage. But not Palestinians.


…………..My my my, So there is a God !

Jens Borg

Another wild party in synagogue!

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