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Symptom Of A Disease: Far-Right Group Arrested In Germany For Plotting Attacks

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Symptom Of A Disease: Far-Right Group Arrested In Germany For Plotting Attacks

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A group of German far-right nationalists, calling themselves “Der harte Kern” (German for “The Hard Core”) were arrested by German authorities on February 14th.

During the raids, prosecuting authorities arrested 12 of 13 people suspected of being part of or involved with the terror cell. Federal prosecutors said the raids had confirmed suspicions of planned wrongdoing.

Prosecutors said the group, founded by five suspected right-wing extremists, hoped to plunge Germany into a civil-war-like state, but their plans had not yet reached fruition.

Only four of the five founders were arrested.

The eight other people arrested were suspected of financially supporting the core group, procuring weapons and providing assistance for future attacks.

Prosecutors say the men wanted to cause “circumstances akin to civil war” by plotting “yet-unspecified attacks against politicians, asylum-seekers and Muslims.”

They allegedly met over WhatsApp. Reportedly, the investigators also discovered links with the extremist group Soldiers of Odin, which was founded in Finland in 2015, amid the European Union refugee crisis.

While official information remains scarce, local media also reported that the police found weapons while raiding a total of 13 residences across six German states, these include Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Lower Saxony, North-Rhine Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt.

North Rhine Westphalia Interior Minister Herbert Reul revealed that an administrative police employee had been suspended in relation to the raids.

Right-wing terror groups have drawn the attention of authorities after the murder of conservative local politician Walter Lübcke last June and an October attack on a synagogue in eastern city of Halle. Both cases were linked to the extreme right.

There’s been an evident increase in far-right tensions throughout Europe, due to the failing policy provided to the block regarding immigrants, and repatriating known terrorists, or providing asylum to foreign “reformed” terrorists who then orchestrate or even carry out terror attacks, as there are numerous examples of such things transpiring.


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Zionism = EVIL

Fake Nazis sponsored by the AshkeNAZI, what a surprise!


Neo-nazis = EVIL

AM Hants

Talking of ‘Far Right Groups’ and Germany, bearing in mind, they have just held the Munich Conference, which was focused on Ukraine, Syria and Iran, there is an interesting article over on Stalker Zone.

Zelensky Called Putin

‘… Apparently, not only me, but also Putin’s imagination was not enough to imagine what a team of clowns was planning to do after their declared potential rejection of the Minsk Agreements. After that, it will become almost impossible for the UAF to even shell the cities of Donbass. Along with the Minsk Agreements, the ceasefire envisaged by it will cease to apply. After that it will be possible to respond to every shell fired at Donbass calmly with the massive suppression of the Ukrainian army’s fire points. In Idlib the militants also periodically fired at Assad’s troops. Now they don’t know where to run or where to hide. And they, by the way, were protected by the Turks, with which Russia has no reason to definitively quarrel. But the Turks also got. In general, somehow it has been historically so that everyone to whom Russia provides assistance (even humanitarian) suddenly learns to shoot perfectly well from the most modern artillery systems (where do they find them?), with the first salvo covering any target (wherever it hides)…’

read more: https://www.stalkerzone.org/zelensky-called-putin/


All of the Right Wing /Left Wing and Zio-Liberal furore is always pointed at the Right Wing zealots whilst there is silence regarding the Left wing and secrecy regarding the Zio-Liberal Soros gang.

What we can see is a mass migration to Europe from beyond Europe that is diluting established Europeans with Europe. Such migrations of other civilisations have ALWAYS caused discord and death.

Ironically the far left and far right have similar civil rights doctrines and an unholy alliance between the two could ‘neutralise’ the Zio-Liberal plan for a melange of races to be subjugated from Israel. :)

AM Hants

Think both groups created by same game masters in order to play us. Bored of it all.


I think you are right, AM.
Sorry, to avoid any confusion, ‘correct’. :)


You are fucking nuts, Florian. There is no such thing as “race” in homo sapiens. However, since apes started to evolve and changed from homo erectus to today homo sapiens they have always been migrating and exchanging between tribes, cultures and languages….your childish and fascist views on migration and culture is WRONG


Look at the world as it is and not as you may like it to be, Matt.

Race , Culture and religion have always been flash points and always will be.
Like it or not that is a fact of life.

Tommy Jensen

Matt is a bit right. Its not the mix of races and/or culture which is the flash point.
Its the political plan and deliberate purpose of creating chaos and tensions and anger between us, we should be aware of.


Yes, and such a malign purpose has always been accelerated by mass migrations due to man and nature.


Facts are not equal to all, its a bit like religion, for some there is this god or that god, for some its human invented.. for me the last one is a fact and for a growing part of humanity, “race” does not exist and cultures are becoming more the same..


You are proving Florian’s point, and have swallowed the Kalergi Plan – hook, line and sinker.


On the contrary, it has you that swalowed the germanic racist bullshit theory


Billions of the world still consider ‘race’ to be very important to them
I am one of those in a benign and firm way.

I will leave you at appreciate the delights of a melange of racial insanities that have existed for hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution.


Its not billions anymore, sorry for you….any person that understands science knows races do not exist within homo sapiens. A race is used to define those inbred creatures called race dogs, cats, horses and several other slave beings


Ignorance is still widespread, by the way ;-)
Just a question about three nationalities: Turks, Indians and Russians, what “races” are they in your reality?


The whole subject of race is fragmented by time.
Irrespective of what origins they are.

Today the mass of the worlds population identify strongly with one of the many disparate groups of humans and skin colour is a part of that, along with physical and mental traits etc.

You may not like the reality we exist in, yet no amount of ‘virtue signalling ‘ by Libtards will change the current reality

All people such as you serve to do is to increase the objection to MASS immigration into long established civilisations.

Europe is today being swamped with alien cultures, religious cults etc, with different outlooks to the accepted behaviour of the locals.

People such as you who promote the ‘right’ of mass migration , only serve to create mass violence. Historically it has always been the case.
The blood will be on your hands, not mine.

I have no objection to MODERATE migration that is 1% per generation at the very most.


You have a very weird and twisted view on migration. To compare migration today, with for example medieval times doesn’t make any sense….


Choose if you will, to live in an established community of your own countrymen OR to live in a closed and recently ‘enriched’ community in Sweden for instance, Matt.
Which would you choose?

Like it or not the barbarism of the Middle Ages from Africa and the Wahabi Middle East IS flooding into Europe .
If you cannot see this, Matt, perhaps you should leave your ivory tower for a while and stroll down the streets of an ‘enriched’ area with or without a rolex watch.


I never chose the place where i live, like most people. I do like it, because it is cosmopolitan with more then 150 nationalities. If i could choose, i would choose a tropical place, because i hate winters…
Again, we have a very diferent view on both Africa and the ME. Africa is the cradle of humanity and the ME is the cradle of agriculture and organised civilisations. I travel a lot and have no Ivory tower, on the contrary, i have an open view that starts with a positive approach instead of fear and hate, as you do. Sorry for you, Florian


Nature is very cruel.
The cradle of civilisation thousands of years ago left behind the African race long ago , if we consider the cultural malaise on that continent today.

Perhaps you could get a posting to Burkina Faso :).
That would ba a laugh a minute these days.


Again you gave a very ignorant reply. Everybody knows that there is no such thing as the african race, the people on the continent has the most diversities in DNA on the planet :-)))


The Africans consider themselves to be a race in Africa, the US and elsewhere. Just as other grouping do. I have no argument with that. It has has always been that way and always will be, and bleeding heart liberals such as you in an echo chamber of self importance and entitlement to ‘lead’ are just an irritant.

In the real world , ‘race’ is largely an appearance issue and has always has been . The witchdoctor use of DNA by folks like you achieves nothing that really matters. It might be of interest to a few people, but the majority do not care. They look at their skin colour and associate with that heritage.

It time all of this race mumbo jumbo today by folks like you.Matt, will be seen for what it is. Just another another period in history where certain cults revelled in lunacy along with those who self identify as Greta bloody Thunberg , or a wannabe ‘woman’ with a beard and bollocks who competes in female sports.

Perhaps one day you will be posted to an enlightened society where you can self identify as a man without a head. Your self declared ‘right’ to exist without a connected head would come in handy in an Al Nusra or ISIS enclave as a White man.


I feel sorry for you Florian. Its obvious you are stuck in this 19th century nationalism view on reality….


I feel sorry for you, Matt. Its obvious that you are stuck in a 20th century bolshevik zionist dystopia that you refuse to see.


Its obvious now, you are just as insane as the rest in the comment section on this website….


You have no idea what’s going on do you people who think that racism is somehow a seroius problem amongst the general public are just mindless idiots the msm pushes this line to protect the Zionists and their allies from fair criticism as their crimes are just getting too obvious so they have to shut down any debate and let’s face it if there was an open and honest debate about the crimes of the Zionists and their allies some sort of organised resistance to their brutality would eventuate


We didn’t evolve from apes and its mass migration that is the problem it destroys societies


Sorry, I simply dont belive an word of this, the Germs have no credibility what so ever, and somehow, this comes now, yeah, timing is everything.
I dont bother to deep dive into their nonsense but sees this as another one of plenty Psy-ops, and by the way, 13 persons in an population of millions, while Germans are been attacked every day, they never debate that, and then this comes up, uh…..why am I not the slightest surpriced.
Remeber the Rothe Arme Fraction, anyone, and now we know it was Al-CIAda behind it all.



I agree with you.

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