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Swedish RBS-17 Guided Missile Spotted With Ukrainian Forces (Video)

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Swedish RBS-17 Guided Missile Spotted With Ukrainian Forces (Video)

Robot 17 (RBS-17) short-range anti-ship missile (Swedish Armed Forces photo)

The Swedish-made RBS-17 precision-guided missile system has been spotted with Ukrainian forces for the first time ever. 

On October 21, a video showing personnel from the Armed Forces of Ukrainian (AFU) launching an RBS-17 missile at Russian forces on an unidentified front in Ukraine surfaced online.

The RBS-17, officially known as Robot 17, is based on the American AGM-114C Hellfire missile. Sweden’s defense giant Bofors developed the guided missile to be able to work against naval targets. A special portable launcher was made to allow infantry to transport and fire the system from land.

The missile is guided with semi-active laser and has a maximum engagement range of up to eight kilometers. It is armed with a warhead weighting nine kilograms.

While the RBS-17 was especially developed to engage naval target, it is also possible to use it against ground targets like any Hellfire missile. The AFU is apparently taking advantage of this capability.

In June, more than three months after the beginning of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, Sweden announced that it will be supplying the AFU with RBS-17 missile systems, without providing any details.

Russian forces have not contributed any losses to RBS-17 missiles, so far. However, the remains of what appears to be an RBS-17 were found after an attack by the AFU on the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant last August. Back then, the missile was identified as a British Brimstone which was also developed from the Hellfire.



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North Koreans won against the US back in the 50ies

The supply lines of the Western parasites to the Nazis should be block immediately. That’s why it is important for the Union State to invade West Ukraine asap in order to cut supply ways and roads of Western weapons, specially long range missiles from the USA. The time is now.

John Tosh

Why did the American Defense minister call the Russian Defense minister? Because Erdogan said President Putin has softened his position.

The CIA and Pentagon were all listening on the call looking for any sign of weakness.

What the clowns did not know is they just showed Russia they are backed to the wall, cannot fight and realize throwing billions of printed Dollars or Euros were simply diluting the value of the reserve currency. Ukraine is like a cocaine addict with money. They always want more. Nothing comes from more weapons or more money.

Losing is what the West is doing now on a global stage.

North Koreans won against the US back in the 50ies

Macron today> “-At some point they will have to sit down at the negotiating table with Moscow.” Hmm, is this the same Mothersucker who some weeks ago arrogantly said that Moscow should leave all Ukrainian territory?! So, the tone is changing.

Everyone knows it's the Jews.

Winter is coming and the French citizens are pissed.


Aren’t the French citizens always discontent and voting for the wrong president person?

Zelensky your Cockroach

“Free” elections, like in America. And indoctrinated sheep. Just like you.

You are actually something between a sewer rat and a cockroach. But more stupid than both.

Actually Macron was heavily criticized from fanatical nato hordes for being ‘moderate’ towards Russia back in February. Same as Scholz. But Uncle Sam started squeezing their balls and their soon changed their tune, especially cuck Scholz (probably beaten into submission by trans-lesbian duo Annal-ena and Lambrecht). France is still slightly less occupied than Germany, they even dared to criticize Americans for selling gas 4-6 times more expensive. Don’t forget France and Germany tried to negotiate some kind of peaceful solution in Minsk, sabotaged by criminals from Washington. Americans never wanted peace.

Last edited 5 months ago by Ostsee
West Front

Genau so isses.

he’s a paid for douche everything out of his mouth is bs

Macron is bi-polar, oscillating between neocon delusions and reality.


He is also bi-sexual


USA and the rest of the Allies will never abandon Ukraine…russia will pay dearly for it’s aggression…heheheh

Putin The Great

Yea, you’re right. They will have more lands taken from the ukropithecus fascistus murican colony. JUSA kikejoos will never abandon KKKraine because they want money back plus the interest. But off course without the south liberated from the fascist garbage. So, the galician polski shithole will be owe big-time for generations and the nazi fanboys remained in that shithole probably will going to want jobs inside Russia, but for no avail. Inside JEU soon they will be thrown out, recession hit hard the natives, heheheheh !


You sound like the Nazi don’t you think so, and completely unaware of it, so it means you are a socialist.


Russia already lost 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

West Front

yeah, kind of – but only in your monkeypox dream


Together we stand, side by side. I have started to notice since covid 19 Europe and the US has sobered up from the dependency on China and now russias gas. China and Russia were welcomed into the world from commie thieving. Now we will see if they want to remain in that sector of the world or they want their own system. Let’s see.

Uncle Chutzpah

Cartoon in US newspaper St. Louis Dispatch in 1911 by Robert Minor, the title is called “Deelighted”. It’s the mocking of Karl Marx and his American financial backers, most of whom are named in the comic. Communism was financed by Wall Street and in particular a significant number of named families. Those who overthrew the Russian government in 1917 were mostly not even Russian as Solzhenitsyn pointed out repeatedly in his books. You are ignorant of history and how the world really works. Better get educated because it’s coming back: totalitarianism/ communism are one in the same. Brought to the world by the satanic people all along. If you received the jab you can get your id number by downloading a bluetooth low energy detection app. Whenever you go through airport scanning they know who you are by your id and they know the day you received your chip. Go ahead and check.


I am not so ignorant as you might think. The problems with Russia existed before the revolutions, the revolutions only worsened it. Now Vladolf has proven it once again with paying off debt and then started a conflict with no purpose running the economy into the bottom, maybe Vladolf is also working on behalf of Wall Street.

I’ll look into the Bluetooth app.


I am aware of the history. It’s an endless drama and trauma we’re they wear the victim hood halo everyday. Whendoes their responsibility starts, will it ever start?

Ok I’ll check the Bluetooth detector and see if works on some of the vaxxed.

hans raus dead

Hey bitch, good you returned for 9211st time today, so I can use your shit mouth as an urinal once again lol I really need to piss! here, open your dumb mouth and swallow: 💦 💦💦💦💦

Ahhh good….

Now fuck off back to whatever shithole you crawled from and return tomorrow when I have to shit :D

Last edited 5 months ago by hans raus dead

What a tiny Willy you had and flabby ass. Something for the zombie Vladolf ghey fanclub to impressed by. Tomorrow I am busy with my russian women so you have to poop in your diapers and have your ugly mama to change them for you


So, Sweden lost its neutrality and is openly engaged in the war against Russia. Are the people being asked if they are ok to be bombed in the future? There energy destroyd, country devastated…. Russia will not forget !!!


Russia will punish everyone who doesn’t obey their dictatorship?


US will punish everyone who doesn’t obey their dictatorship?

Corrected it for you. You can thank me later.

Wladimir Putin

Selensky turned the Russian army into a joke, bahahaha. But im here in my bunker and enjoy watching my russia going to s*** Love, your Wladimir Putin


Winter is coming and Russians are pissed off when whole “SMO” sucks as hell. Putin’s era of 2008-2022 is story from stagnation to military disaster and global humiliation.

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