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JUNE 2023

Swedish Police Appeals for Public Help Due to ‘Upward Spiral of Violence’ in Malmö

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Police of the Swedish city of Malmö has appealed to local citizens in order to encouraged them to help police to solve scores of serious crimes.

Swedish Police Appeals for Public Help Due to ‘Upward Spiral of Violence’ in Malmö

Photo: Corbis / Demotix / Ian Pace

On Friday, chief of police of the Swedish city of Malmö, Stefan Sinteus, issued an open letter for local citizens in order to encouraged them to provide testimonies, which might help police to solve scores of serious crimes, including dozens of attempted killings, rapes, beatings, murders and other offenses, and find perpetrators in a spike in violence in the city.

“I can assure you that the police in Malmö are doing everything we can for suspected perpetrators to be held accountable. But we cannot do it on our own. We depend on you, and your witness statements, to solve these violent crimes. Therefore I appeal now to you: Help us,” Sinteus wrote.

According to the letter, potential witnesses in the murder, committed in Rosengard district of Malmö city on January 14 and claimed the life of 16-year-old Iraqi boy Ahmed Obaid, did not want to give any testimony due to racist threats directed at his former schoolmates. Reportedly, the threats were posted under the photo of the boy’s dead body.

“They are scared. They are terrified and are wondering who’s going to be shot next,” the Swedish Sydsvenskan newspaper quoted the words of the school’s headmaster.

Obaid was living in Sweden since early childhood, after his family found refuge there. He was shot, being next to a bus stop and later died of his wounds. According to police, there were several witnesses at the scene at the time of the shooting.

In his open letter, the chief of police also mentioned an attempted murder of another teenager, committed on Saturday, and promised to take whatever measures are necessary to push forward both investigations.

According to Senteus, “Malmö police are currently investigating 11 murders and 80 attempted murders,” as well as “other crimes of violence, beatings, rapes, thefts and frauds.” Last week, reinforcements from the National Operations Department (NOA) were sent to Malmo in order to help city’s police to tackle what Sinteus described as “an upward spiral [of violence] of large dimensions.”

It is not the first time that Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden, which has an over 80 percent migrant population, predominantly of Middle Eastern, African and Eastern European origin, has raised the alarm about the increasing wave of violence. Last year, a series of arsons, blasts and shootings, which followed the sentencing of three men, who committed a bomb attack in the Christmas Eve in Rosengard, made local police to appeal to their colleagues at a national level for help.

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You’ve been invaded – call out the army and drive the invaders back into the sea. If you can’t do that, then learn to speak Arabic, keep your women indoors so they don’t get raped, and convert to Islam so you don’t get beheaded.


Good advice but they can’t hear you. They yearn only to surrender. To lick the boots of their inferiors.

I express only contempt for Swedes in the hope that it will awaken a tiny amount of anger that will grow. Reason is useless. Rape and murder awaken nobody. Perhaps hearing contempt will work. It is silly to hope, I know.


Deport all the subhuman scum. It is easy. You import the third world, you get the third world!



If Europe needs immigrants in order to maintain population , their are millions of Indians , Chinese , Thai , Vietnamese , Australians etc who have a good education , have passports and identification and pose no threat to European culture . This EU ” open door” , must be closed anyone can see it is producing out of control results.


Good point. (And Afrikaners, btw.)

It is beyond odd that not the two worst groups were chosen – Muslims and Africans. Both are wildly, magnificently, superbly, audaciously, fabulously absurd choices.


Let Sweden be an example for the rest of Europe of what “diversity” really means.


Swedish open door policy has gone way to far. Just look at what is on the other side of the door! Are their politicians mental cases?


Easy to coerce or blackmail, comes to mind.


No. They do it freely because they are cretins and lunatics. Whisper “multiculturalism” in their ear and they wet their pants with joy.

No coercion is necessary. It’s purely in the realm of abnormal psychology and pathological feminism and leftism. And the hatred of Barbara Spectre.

Tyrant Fashister

What can be source of this crime ! I wonder !?

Jens Holm

Its well desciebed. Its concentration of incommings to areas, so they dont integrate. Its also a great lack of jobs.

Its a city problem. Refugees and emmigrants dont spread out and many are not useless at all in a land like sweeden at all. The problems are made extra by so many has arrived in flocks.

The Swedes want to have new in but a lttle by a little but many but having jobs, education and housing for them.

Dont blames sweedes for stopping. They have european record for incomming and treat them well. But this time its like a tzunami and not normal in numbers.

And the crimerate is not only a muslim one at all. The opening to Eastern Europe fx Lituania, Poland & Kaliningrad has made many problems incl. weapons are easy availible. Its – so to speak – been more attracrtive to be criminels.

The police and other meassures has not been upgraded much.

Dirtmakers are seen here with the usual pessimist and hate speaking and has only primitive solutions. In they other hand they also are right. Why should we westerns have so many incommers and even be blamed for 99% in Syria, Iraq and other places.

Why does Assads and Iraq leaders blame us for stopping like USA as well. Where are their responsability. The seems not to care a shit and will only get rid of those expensive citisens.

And why dont 8-10 million refugees as in Syria dont remove the leaders of those countries…And if they dont – Is it theirs….And well, why do some expects our contries are theirs, when some 50% not even – by many good reasons – have a job after 10 years and we have to pay most of them the rest of their lousy lives.

Most of those people are fine, but too many refugees fit like better hay for cars. Their traditions are too often, what we have been figting hard against here.

Who pays that…We do.


** Dont blames sweedes for stopping. They have european record for incomming and treat them well. **

The fact they have the European record is proof of the stupidity of Swedes. You wonder why the Syrians don’t remove their leaders. The real mystery is what the Swedes vote for the leaders who betray them. They vote in the traitors again and again and again. The next election? Re-election!! Guaranteed!!! Sweden Democrats are the potential saviors but Swedish voters will run from them like a silly woman from a mouse. Sensible people! Eek!

PS – Syrian leaders fight for the people and do not need to be removed. It is the US who wages war against them.

PPS – it’s not concentration. It’s the religion and/or primitive culture that will never change. You can take the African out of Africa but not the Africa out of Africans. That is a safe assumption than “all cultures and races are the same.”

Jens Holm

I dont think You respect swedes have choosen by the parlament and goverment, that their way are to be many more and educate incommers.

Of course its allowed to be an oposition to that.

We are many more in the world, which dont want Assads compared to sweedes and swedish woman kills mice.

We are down there too, and You are wrong writing USA as a solo project.

I cant eat Your populism, but angree in some matters and would like some corrections here and there.


Swedarabia ,not Sweden any more

Lord Humongous

Here is what I recommend. The Swedish military should occupy Parliament and arrest the Prime Minister for high crimes against Sweden. Arrest all members of Parliament for being complicit in these crimes. Begin forced deportation of all Muslim animals from your formerly beautiful country. It is the ONLY WAY you will save Sweden.


Excellent. Special exception: Sweden Democrats.

John Marks

If Malmö is now 80% Muslim/foreign, better to declare it independent and police itself.


Whatever cause the Swedes the most humiliation I am in favor of.


The Swedish fools reap what they showed. This was foreseeable from the first day but they wanted to be a moral superpower. Now they are a superjoke.

svenne svensk

Well in this city part of my city there are only people with roots from middle east and the rest of the people with roots from outside Europe I would say at least almost none with Swedish roots. So the racist threats would be for shure between different none Swedish groups .


They need to employ a police department with the experience and resources to maintain order for the population they govern.

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