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Swedish Mainstream Media Is “Hiding The Full Picture”: Trump Is Right About Crisis In Sweden

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Swedish Mainstream Media Is "Hiding The Full Picture": Trump Is Right About Crisis In Sweden

Screenshot from the video at http://nyheteridag.se

This text originally appeared at NYHETERIDAG; Written by Chang Frick

Is it correct that Sweden got major problems handling the immigration? I would say yes. My grounds for claiming that is just by looking out the window where I live, inside a migrant dominated area. Almost every evening cars are set on fire and police officers are attacked by criminal gangs. But you don’t read very much about it in the Swedish main stream media.

There are lots of claims about what is going on in Sweden. On one side you have the Swedish main stream media that are very close to liberal press in the United States. We do not have anything like Fox News in Sweden, so there is not any big ”right-wing” media. Instead of Fox News, there is an ”alternative” scene with different kind of media outlets, some more serious than others. And some of them you can claim is based mostly in fake news.

But, you wont get the whole picture from the Swedish main stream media either. And you might just as well get fooled about specific claims about what is true and not.

My name is Chang Frick and i run this news outlet that you are reading right now. Ive been reporting a lot about whats going on in the suburbs in Sweden. When i work i am very often on the ground with my camera, taking photos and filming. So everything you see in the video above is produced by me. On top of that, i live in an area called ”Hallunda” in southern Stockholm. That is an heavily immigrant dominated area, mostly people from the middle east.

I see myself as a libertarian and if i could choose whoever president i would like to see in the United States it would be Ron Paul. Yeah, i am that kind of guy. But, whatever my personal political opinions are, i always put a big effort to report my stories correctly. When i do an article about something that happened in an immigrant area, i call the police and ask questions. I am always very carefully with presenting whom i talked to and i write down quotes word-by-word.

I talk to people on the ground, i ask what they have seen or heard. I never ask them what they think is going on, just what they know is going on. I also check how they know it, did they see it themselves and so on. That is basic journalism, you have to check stuff very carefully. I am not saying i am perfect, everyone can do a mistake, but i would say i put a lot of an effort to get my reporting correct.

My news outlet is not very big, but i get a lot of traffic in Sweden every time i report about what is going on in the suburbs. I would say my readers trust me a lot in my reporting, and a lot of my readers are politicians. At the same time, some critics claim that even I am producing fake news, but so far i have not seen anyone represent any evidence for it. But of course, anyone is more than welcome to look for wrongdoings from my side – that will just force me to become even better.

So, i will make some claims based on my experience of what is going on in Sweden. This is in the light of what Donald Trump recently said about Sweden.

1. You can’t get the whole picture reading Swedish MSM

The main stream media in Sweden is usually not lying or reporting fake news, even though it happens sometimes. But i would say it is mistakes and not anything that is done with purpose. A big news-outlet publishes lots and lots of stories every day, so of course you can find some wrongdoing once in a while. That does not mean the main stream media is a fake propaganda-machine. Mostly, what they claim, is usually true. There is references and all.

However, the mainstream media in Sweden is not giving you the whole picture. That is a claim I can make. You see, by not reporting some issues, you are not lying. And that, I would say, gives you a better understanding how it works. And it is because of that I built my own news outlet, where I try to fill in the blank spots that you cant find elsewhere from Sweden.

There is a lot going on in the Swedish suburbs that i would say is totally out of control. Ive seen it myself so many times, i have been talking to a lot of people living in these areas. After all, they are my neighbors.

2. No, we did not have any terror attack recently

Some people in social media even thinks that because of what Trump said, there have been a terror attack in Sweden. There have not been any such event in several years. It have happened once, but that was six years ago and nobody, except of the terrorist himself, got killed. What is true however is that Sweden got a lot of people who travel abroad to Syria and Irak to join ISIS.

Those guys get radicalized in Sweden and they also get recruited on Swedish soil. I dont know the numbers, but there is estimates of about a couple of hundreds. Lots of these guys return to Sweden after their participation in Syria and Iraq. So, are those people dangerous to Swedish society? Well, if you look at what happened in Nice or in Berlin, it is essentially enough with just one terrorist to create a lot of mess. And dead people.

3. Is there no go areas in Sweden? Well, it depends who you are…

Some claim that it is really dangerous to go to specific areas in Sweden. There is a term being used in Sweden that is ”no go zones”. I live in an area often described as that and well, i can go outside any time I want and walk around the area and nothing special will happen. But, at the same time, lots of people still does not feel safe in this area. Some of them is security personell and police officers.

And car owners. There is a lot of cars being set on fire. I have not a perfect answer yet to why this is happening. Some cars that are set on fire is about insurance fraud. I would say that more of those fires is about keeping the police busy. Just a few blocks away, there is lots of drugs being sold on the streets. If there is a police with resources to act, it means bad business for the local druglords. So lots of cars being set on fire is related to this, just to keep the police busy.

Some claim that cars being set on fire is about some muslim takeover or some kind of jihad. There is no evidence at all for that. I have never really seen anything than confirms such a claim.

But what is true is that the police get attacked in some of these no go zones. I have seen, and filmed that, myself. Immigrant kids throw rocks and even molotov-cocktails towards police officers during riots. The most known riots was those in Husby in northern Stockholm in 2013. Such riots does not happen very often, but there is definately tensions just below the surface in these areas, so we can most probably expect somewhat similar stuff going on in the future.

And working as a police officer in these areas means you often need back up from your colleagues. It happen more and more often that police officers are getting physical attacked. In an area nearby where i live someone threw a hand grenade towards the police who was sitting in a van. It was pretty much pure luck that they didn’t get injured. At other occasions there is molotov cocktails being thrown at the police and other stuff that can seriously harm, or even kill, a police officer.

So, well, you can’t totally deny that for some people these areas could be considered ”no go areas”. And, oh yes, some of these areas is pretty much ”no go” if you are trying to film or takes photos. There is a big chance that you will be attacked. It have happened to me and a lot of others as well.

4. Can Sweden handle the immigration?

This is a question where the answer is both yes and no. The migration, mainly from the middle east, is changing Sweden a lot. We have areas that are not even close to something we used to have. I am of course referring to the ”no go areas”. And those areas are growing, mostly because it is really hard to get a job if you are born outside Europe. To get a job you have to learn the language, you need education and you also need to understand the social codes in Sweden.

And by social codes i mean that swedes are not very tolerant at all. For example, when i was hanging out in New York i could talk to anyone in the subway. People are open minded and curious in New York, no matter who you are. It is not like that at all in Sweden. In the subway you will find most people being quiet or just talking to someone they already know. I am just trying to pinpoint a small example why it can be hard to ”get in” to the Swedish society. And to get a job, you need to know people.

So, lots of immigrants are living on social welfare. And they have nothing meaningful to do during the days. And the kids usually have their parents as role models, so you can figure out the rest.

This is the biggest problem Sweden is facing today. I base that claim on the political discussion but also where most of the government money is spent. Notice, the discussion about where tax money is going is a tricky one, so i am not presenting any exact numbers. What i am saying is that immigration is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, cost for tax payers in Sweden.

The effect on the society is that the whole society is changing from what it used to be. Not everything with the ”new” Sweden is bad, there are of course a lot of good examples, but as it is today – the sum of the effects – is going the wrong way. More and more people feel insecure, something i am pretty sure is related to immigration – even if i don’t have any scientific paper showing it.

5. Is Donald Trump correct about his claim about Sweden?

Well, the claim i am referring to is the tweet below, a tweet that i think sums it up what mr Trump have tried to say the latest days.

And yes, i would say he is correct. This is based on what i see myself, but also what different police officers tells me and other officials working with issues related in one way or another to immigration. The issue with immigrants is the number one political question and still there are no good answers how to deal with it.

And there is another thing that most people does not talk about. It is the law abiding immigrants, which absolutely most immigrants are, that is the true victims here. It is those who is living with constant fear of what is going on. I know that because I talk to them almost every day. They are, after all, my neighbors.

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>>And there is another thing that most people does not talk about. It is the law abiding immigrants, which absolutely most immigrants are, that is the true victims here. It is those who is living with constant fear of what is going on. I know that because I talk to them almost every day. They are, after all, my neighbors.<<

As with everything in life, the rotten eggs spoil things for everybody.

Overall a very good article, that correlates to my own personal experiences.

Igor Ochocinszk

For people trying to reach the glorious Caliphate of Sweden: The Balkan route is closed, like seriously closed, unless you wanna rely on smugglers wouldnt suggest it. I would recommend two other routes:

1) Enter Libya (particularly easy,shouldn’t have problem with that,unless you can’t afford flight tickets and you’re living to the south of the Sahara Desert)(Possible alternatives are Morocco and Tunisia, it is not impossible to get to EU via that route, however authorities there are way tougher and were bribed by EU officials,so law enforcement may try to stop you, yet some people for example manage to break from Morocco into Spain’s enclave of Ceuta or Melila)

Get across the Mediterranean or atleast move across the sea enough so Italian/ Maltese/Spanish or whoever elses coast guard finds you

Move northwards via Italian border prefered into Austria or Switzerland, then via them into Germany

From Germany move into Denmark ( your valuable items may be confiscated there, beware to securely hide anything valuable, they won’t pull out any golden teeth you have but will certainly seize your iPhone )

Cross into Malmo via bridge or just swim to Helsingborg, its very close to Denmark, like really close, if can’t swim then take a boat


2) Cross into Turkey

Travel North-east into Georgia (this border is pretty porous, lots of jihadists traveled the other direction, Georgian customs officers don’t give a damn bout border security, they just pretend they do.

Move North into Russian Federation, make sure you don’t look suspicious ( like a long beard but shaved moustache) and don’t carry any weapons, because militaries of southern republics of Russia are pretty trigger-happy

….LONG way north across Russia, travel till you reach it’s border with Norway, near either villages of Ryakoski, Salmiyarvi or preferably Pechenga, while you’re moving across Russia, may consider buying a cheap used bicycle and some equipment to cut through fencing

Cut the fence if you’re not allowed to just drive through the border outpost with your bicycle. (WARNING: don’t take the “easy” route via Finland, Finland has a treaty with Russia for illegal migrants extradition and they do have cameras there and a sufficient amount of personnel, its likely you’ll be discovered before you move across Finland into Sweden)

Congratulations, you’re in Norway! Now you’re just few hundred kilometres away from border with Sweden, moving across Northern Norway can be perilous, especially in winter, to be honest, dont try it in winter, move across it in summer preferably.



So why are you giving directions to illegal immigrants on how to get into Sweden and Europe, idiot?


It may be instructions on how to get caught. Igor may be a dis-informed travel agent. “consider buying a cheap bicycle and wire cutters” :D


You may be right; I hadn’t thought of that… But the real problem is, even when these illegals are actually caught, today’s Euro-governments and security forces don’t (or can’t) deport them or do anything to them – mostly they just keep them in camps for a while before releasing them. That’s why they need to be stopped BEFORE they breach the borders of European territory.

svenne svensk

Yesterday 3 afghan 17 to 19 they say they are but could be much older got sent to prison for the assault and rape of 15 year old boy, he was on his way home from a friend when they attacked him.


As an Australian I found the state of Sweden shocking and very surprising, groups of arab kids with hate in their eyes would spit at me and yell stuff in Swedish – they were very surprised as I would turn around and confront them and yell loudly in English that id skull fuck them to death then set their family on fire – I could see in their eyes they were confused – white people were supposed to be scared of them, where im from in Australia these faggots would be seen as easy meat, so sad and unesessary, this has been done to Sweden deliberately and the average Swede (Swedish women in particular) seem so brainwashed, the girl I was with was from a rural area known for its nationalism and her family had similar thinking to myself, but that was rare. I did find the Swedes cold as far as interpersonal relationships, you had to get to know them first and after that they were alright but that took a lot of time, I was often criticised for talking to random people I didnt know. Sad stuff but maybe it will take the Swedes being backed against the wall to find their inner viking and BBQ whatever problamatic populations they have. Red Ice TV is a great media site from Sweden – https://redice.tv/


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