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JUNE 2021

Sweden Unveils Plans For ‘Total Societal Mobilization’ Against Russia

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Originally appeared at Zero Hedge

In yet another sign of what Russia expert Stephen Cohen has described as the escalating New Cold War, non-NATO aligned Sweden is initiating detailed plans to ready itself for total societal mobilization in response to military attack from a major external power. As Aaron Mehta points out in his exclusive for Defense News entitled Fortress Sweden: Inside the plan to mobilize Swedish society against Russia, that major external power is none other than Russia, whose heavily militarized port of Kaliningrad lies a little over 220 miles across the ocean from Sweden.

During past Cold War decades, Sweden (along with other non-NATO Nordic country Finland) was known for keeping painstakingly detailed survival readiness plans in case of a great power invasion, down to “how parking garages were designed so you could use them as shelters” according to Magnus Nordenman of the Atlantic Council. But the program was left derelict after the collapse of the Soviet Union and a new era of peace meant the end of such “total defense” plans.

Sweden Unveils Plans For 'Total Societal Mobilization' Against Russia

But in 2017 a government sponsored commission was formed to investigate and lay the groundwork for plans to resurrect and update plans for total Swedish societal mobilization. Though the commissions findings were not set to be delivered until May 2019, it produced a 6-page preliminary findings report late last year (out of a total working report of 243 pages), likely in response to increased tensions between NATO and Russia in the Baltic region.

According to Defense News:

The report estimates that between 2021 and 2025, Sweden will need to invest 4.2 billion krona (U.S. $510.5 million) per year on its total defense proposals. While not a major spend by American defense levels, that is a serious investment for Sweden, especially considering it is additional money on top of what the country intends to invest in its armed forces.

And thus far, during program’s trial period:

Sweden has allocated about 400 million krona per year in 2018, 2019 and 2020 to invest in total defense developments. That culminates with a major exercise, tentatively planned for the year 2020, involving all aspects of the total defense concept — in essence, a trial run incorporating the entire nation.

The funds will be allotted as follows according to the preliminary report provided by the planning commission:

A lot will go toward infrastructure, such as building new shelters and depots. Other funds will go toward requirements to defend the homeland. Broadly, those funds will go to “rescue service and home protection, health-care system and pharmaceuticals, private enterprises, emergency power solutions, food and water supply, basic economic transactions, cyber security and psychological defense,” per the commission.

One of the more interesting aspects to the allocations of funds involves “training to resist propaganda efforts and fake news spread via social media” in order to – in the words of Swedish Defence Commission head Bjorn von Sydow – “defend the democratic principles that are vital to the nation.”

Sweden Unveils Plans For 'Total Societal Mobilization' Against Russia

Daily Mail: Last year Russia deployed the SA-21 Growler anti-aircraft missile which can shoot down jets at a range of 250 miles.

The other interesting, and most controversial aspect, is that the study acknowledges a significant gap in time between the start of a major power invasion and mobilization of Sweden’s military, as well as the possibility of the arrival of allied ground forces necessary to repel a major invasion by a country like Russia.

The commission put Swedish military mobilization at a week, and allied force arrival at a whopping three months (based on talks commission representatives held with undisclosed NATO officials) – in the meantime “civilians would have to fend for themselves as best they can” – preparedness for which forms the basis of the commission’s study.

According to Defense News:

Early in the process, the commission seized on two key principals: that it would take Sweden’s military a week to be fully mobilized, and that it would take three months before allied ground forces would be able to arrive in force to assist Sweden in reclaiming its territory.

On the first point, von Sydow said it is a simple reality that to mobilize the entire nation would take time. For that week, civilians would have to fend for themselves as best they can — something he described as having been calmly received by the Swedish public.

The second point is perhaps more controversial, in that it’s based not on policy but on a mix of historic studies and conversations with allies. Because Sweden is not part of NATO, any military action would have to come from a coalition of willing allies.

And it’s an open question whether, in the face of what would realistically be a multi-pronged Russian invasion of Europe, any allied ground forces would actually come to Sweden’s aid.

Though there’s been a series of recent bilateral agreements with some European nations, and crucially including the U.S., a long tradition of Swedish neutrality has left the Scandinavian country without any definitive treaties wherein allies would be obliged to act.

Meanwhile, Sweden last year reintroduced military conscription for all Swedes born in or after 1999 (the prior conscription policy was abolished in 2010) in response to perceived as heightened Russian aggression in the region, and a build-up of forces in and along the Baltic Sea.

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As long as its defense, as in preparing to fight on Swedish soil AND ONLY on Swedish soil I’d say that Sweden is welcome to waste all that money on something that will never happen. Now if it were a case of Sweden preparing to send troops outside of their own country to fight Russia on the other hand….. But from what I’ve read that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Tudor Miron

Preparing to defend from imaginary outside threat is OK but how does Sweden do regarding the situation where some parts of it are already a “no go” zones for Swedish people? Fuming about “Aggressive Bear” should help redirecting public opinion from real problems?


Don’t deny it, you Ruskies very well know that you plan to defend if NATO attacks your country. Your so-called president even had the nerve to threat any attacker on Russia or her allies with retaliation!

If that’s not clear and present aggression I don’t know what is. Sweden has every right to be afraid of your aggressive manners when they start the “liberation” of Russia because you lack the capacity to digest a few bombs on your heads (freedom-bringers, mind you) for your own good.

Why do you hate freedom and democracy so much? Why?

Bobo Voxar

if Sweden can be land attacked so Finland or Norway are first… as you see Russia and Sweden have no common borders … so how?.. Sweden is allready attacked just from INSIDE with cultural enrichment and this “russian” threat is just theatre and poor performance to hide this … enlarging “no-go” zones is bigger shit and after 15y russian agression will be awaited as liberation by population …

Gladys Williams

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Tudor Miron

Lol! That was a good one.
Off topic and on the serious note. One guy here claimed that in Iran they hang kurds in the streets and let them hang for long time. Do such public executions really happen? I was very sceptical but he provided links. Those looked fishy (similar narrative to msm) but I said to him that I will ask from real Iranian.


The execution happens in a few cases, including murder (with prior intention), smuggling huge amount of drugs and rape of minors. High profile offenders might be executed publicly, so the picture from “an” execution might be genuine, but the reason for that is not.

If the guy claimed the bodies will remained hanged and not brought done immediately afterwards I wouldn’t believe him. If he claimed they are executed because they’re Kurds (or any other group for that matter) he is lying.
One of the things the MSM screams for as hard as they can is the execution of rapists with under-age victims, specially if the victim is a boy. The MSM presents the rapists as homosexuals and claim Iran kills gays.
In any case, I highly doubt about bodies remained hanged after the death has been called.

Anyway, kindly re-post the links and I’ll take a look at them. Meanwhile if NATO attacked you guys, you’d better not defend or even think about such silly notions!

Tudor Miron

https://southfront.org/least-35-people-killed-militant-shelling-market-damascus/ you can find it in the comments section. Guys nik is Luna. Please find the links because I don’t want to repost them without knowing if it is truth and even than I don’t think that reposting such images doesn’t make the world a better place. I agree that most terrible crimes should be punished to death (terrorists, baby rapers etc.) and Russia was forced to adopt current lifetime sentense as max criminal punishment. I don’t think that there’s need for public execution on the streets thought.


Yes, they’re PJAK members, a PKK branch active in Iran.
MSM never says anything about what they did and just present them as an innocent teacher (Farzad Kamangar), young girl (Shirin Alam-Houli) and so on. They did terror attacks (murder of border patrols, murder of a local council representative which was a Kord by the way, killing of another Kord with his 8 years-old son, bombing in Tehran and like-wise terror acts).
They all convicted in preliminary, revision and appeal courts and the execution was carried out at the presence of their attorneys.

The only reason we hear about them in the MSM is because by twisting and hiding some unimportant facts (like what they did, how many times they went to court, who is their complainant, etc) they can paint Iran they way they want, otherwise they never talk about the executions in KSA or Bahrain under the pretext of terrorism (which never happens, as you may know Shi’as don’t do terror attacks or attack defenceless civilians).

I agree with you on the last point.

Tudor Miron

We don’t actually plan to just defend – one doesn’t need be a historian to know what’s going to happen. Two last times when western empire invaded it all ended up in their capitals (those that were used as a spearhead). Sweds, understanding that Nato is not going to ask their wish and may well attack Russia in some way. Sweds are preparing for 2nd phase without delay. It would be actually smarter from Sweden to declare war and surrender in the same day. It would save them some.


I like your suggestion to Swedes. If they’ve got any senses remained it’s one of better plans in case of war.
Seriously, you can actually not defend and leave everything to the generals Dekabr, Yanvar and Fevral. The last 2 times they kicked some serious arse.

Valery Grigoryev

A-ha…but generals July and August also did a good job during the Kursk Arc battle in 1943, and next year the same generals with the help of their colleagues, generals June and September, did a good job in Belorussia, Ukraina and Balkans :)

Promitheas Apollonious

it worked so far.

Ariel Cohen

Well said . .


And they’re worrying about fake news? To think I once thought of migrating there. In light of the fact that they don’t know whether they’re male or female, enjoy their no-go zones, find Russians under every bed, I’m sure glad I didn’t make that mistake!

Mario Ceva

The “invasion in Sweden are the inmigrants send by Soros and Co. not the Russian. Swedish are in delirium.

Petrus Levelleri

Delirium tremens. I know the country and it’s hopeless in many ways. I feel bad for them, there is actually nice people.


Nice guys always finish last. Because they will be taken advantage of by not so nice people.

Tommy Jensen

Nice guys are being f..ked day and night in their arses.


Fools, spending money to support the collapsing american economy.

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

Sweden should focus on preventing its demographic suicide or there will be no Sweden left to defend against threats, either real or imaginary.

northerntruthseeker .

OK….. I have the most basic question here:


There, once I get a decent answer, I will let everyone know….

Tommy Jensen

USA told us we should do it, therefore we did it because USA told us to do it.
We the sheeple can only do what USA is telling us to do. If we dont do it USA will slap us in our butt and we cant have that, cant we?

Tommy Jensen

They would better defend themselves against the two real threats they are facing:
– they are not free but slaves of the US (as shown by this orwellian move)
– massive islamist immigration.

Tommy Jensen

Here the evidence! Russia is using humour as a weapon of mass destruction against the West whom they hate because they envy our values………………………….LOL.


Sweden should prepare for a war in case it happens, every nation should. That being said, we all know Sweden will remain neutral (unless outright attacked) in a war. Switzerland and Sweden are the twp “neutral nations.”


Lots of countries were neutral. The Netherlands was once neutral. Didn’t stop the Germans for one second. And you can ask the Belgians how being neutral works when you’re on the main invasion route into France. Neutrality without the means to back it up, or be more useful to a potential aggressor means nothing. Switzerland was always too tough to take, and the Swedes were too useful to invade. With German panzers being made from Swedish iron ore.

Richard M

Swedes have gone Full Retard! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAKG-kbKeIo

Richard M
Richard M
Petrus Levelleri

Bofors and Saab are losing market share? Haha… Well, if the Swedish taxpayer pays for defense (as long as it is defense and not offense) instead of muslim migrants “integration”, they might be happy. Is that their plan? I thought they were a bit more clever than that, but anyways.


No it would not “realistically be a multi-pronged Russian invasion of Europe”. Russia’s defense budget is something like 8% of NATO’s, there is nothing “realistic” about this Cold War wet dream. Or in other words, it’s all lies. And the “build-up of forces in and along the Baltic Sea” involves mostly *NATO* forces, duh. You want security for your little gay country, you seek good ties with both sides while provoking neither.
In other news, the gloves are coming off in the fight against Nord Stream 2, but European presstitutes seemingly can’t find the letters “American meddling” on their keyboards.


Sweden has secretly allied itself with Nato in a future aggression at Russia. Sweden has sided with Nato aggression. Thanks Sweden for telling the world who you really are. So shameful, so sad.


Oh ffs Sweden, why must you consistently show everyone what a bunch of idiots you are? If Russia actually wanted to invade you, there is little you could do to stop them anyway.

Maybe be a little more concerned about your country’s impending demographic suicide, instead of imaginary ‘Russian threat’ narratives.

Then again… once Islam has conquered your nation you might want the Russians to invade after all…


Swedes already have 3 enemies!
1. Beta male evolution
2. Muslim rapists / criminals
3. its own government

Tommy Jensen

Actually the populations would feel more safe and secure in dumb skandinavia if Russia invaded.
Skandinavia have only 1 security risk and its name is USA.

Panthera Pardus

Well if Sweden enlists all the returning goat-fucker defeated in Syria then Sweden will be a force to be considered – it will be also the northern country in the world ruled by sharia law but, hey, they will never fall under Russia!


Why doesn’t Sweden make itself unaligned and work for a peaceful relationship with Russia and Europe.
It would be a lot cheaper than pouring money into the USA offence industry.


Sweden the most brainwashed nation on Earth, the pillar of globalism/’liberalism’, blindly follow the globalist narrative once again.


These morons don’t need to worry about Russians but about their own traitor politicians and the Muslims and Africans they forced on Swedes and which are destroying Sweden. This story is surreal.

The Farney Fontenoy

Sweden is a joke, if Russia invaded, there would be no civilian defence, instead it would be like Syria, with lots of little East Ghoutas, with local sheikhs ruling their turf, they would make no attempt to defend anything as long as they had their own sharia-ruled enclave, thus the country would quickly collapse.

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