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Sweden: This May Seem Ridiculous, But It’s True


Sweden: This May Seem Ridiculous, But It's True


Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde complained that Russians do not want to visit the country because of its negative image abroad. According to Linde, Sweden is increasingly associated with organized crime and banditry.

“It happened, for example, that representatives of Russian civil society did not come to our meetings because they were afraid that it was not safe here,” the top diplomat told Swedish daily Aftonbladet. “This may seem ridiculous, but it’s true.”

Linde claimed that Russian media outlets cover only negative events, shootings and gang-related crimes, in Sweden and vowed to work to “block the disinformation” and show that the authorities are doing everything to solve problems.

“We need to work to put a stop to disinformation and show that the government and police are doing everything they can to fight shootings and gang-related crime,” Linde said.

Over the past years, Swedene has been a targeted by a wave of violence, gang-related crime and terrorism-relates acts. In the first nine months of 2019 alone, Police had to deploy 97 times for missions.

There were 162 explosions in the country in 2018. Most of these explosions were caused by firecrackers, improvised explosive devices and hand grenades. Sweden Police said that most of the explosions were result of criminal gangs’ actions. Most of them happened  in poor insecure parts of big cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo. Gradually, where many migrants live. However, the crime is spreading and wealthy districts are also affected. The situation in Sweden became close to those in Mexico, where clashes between local police and gangs erupt on a regular basis.

A report from Stockholm police published in October 2019 said that there were at least 50 active criminal networks and a total of around 1,500 people involved. Most gangs included members aged under 16.

Sweden hides statistics on ethnicity of criminal suspects. However, when Dagens Nyheter in 2017 looked into 100 people linked to murders and attempted murders carried out with guns, they found that 90 had a so-called foreign background (born abroad or have at least one parent born abroad).

The migrant and security policy of Sweden’s government turned one of the most calm and socially attractive countries in Europe into a hotbed of street crime and gang-related crime. However, the government prefers to blame ‘Russian fake news’ for this. Inronically, even Western-funded members of the so-called Russian civil society prefer to avoid traveling to Sweden.

The position of the Swedish foreign minister demonstrates that the government is not going to adapt its approach and solve real problems of the society. Instead of this, it will ramp up propaganda of “Sweden-style tolerance” and anti-Russian histeria.




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