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Sweden: This May Seem Ridiculous, But It’s True

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Sweden: This May Seem Ridiculous, But It's True


Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde complained that Russians do not want to visit the country because of its negative image abroad. According to Linde, Sweden is increasingly associated with organized crime and banditry.

“It happened, for example, that representatives of Russian civil society did not come to our meetings because they were afraid that it was not safe here,” the top diplomat told Swedish daily Aftonbladet. “This may seem ridiculous, but it’s true.”

Linde claimed that Russian media outlets cover only negative events, shootings and gang-related crimes, in Sweden and vowed to work to “block the disinformation” and show that the authorities are doing everything to solve problems.

“We need to work to put a stop to disinformation and show that the government and police are doing everything they can to fight shootings and gang-related crime,” Linde said.

Over the past years, Swedene has been a targeted by a wave of violence, gang-related crime and terrorism-relates acts. In the first nine months of 2019 alone, Police had to deploy 97 times for missions.

There were 162 explosions in the country in 2018. Most of these explosions were caused by firecrackers, improvised explosive devices and hand grenades. Sweden Police said that most of the explosions were result of criminal gangs’ actions. Most of them happened  in poor insecure parts of big cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo. Gradually, where many migrants live. However, the crime is spreading and wealthy districts are also affected. The situation in Sweden became close to those in Mexico, where clashes between local police and gangs erupt on a regular basis.

A report from Stockholm police published in October 2019 said that there were at least 50 active criminal networks and a total of around 1,500 people involved. Most gangs included members aged under 16.

Sweden hides statistics on ethnicity of criminal suspects. However, when Dagens Nyheter in 2017 looked into 100 people linked to murders and attempted murders carried out with guns, they found that 90 had a so-called foreign background (born abroad or have at least one parent born abroad).

The migrant and security policy of Sweden’s government turned one of the most calm and socially attractive countries in Europe into a hotbed of street crime and gang-related crime. However, the government prefers to blame ‘Russian fake news’ for this. Inronically, even Western-funded members of the so-called Russian civil society prefer to avoid traveling to Sweden.

The position of the Swedish foreign minister demonstrates that the government is not going to adapt its approach and solve real problems of the society. Instead of this, it will ramp up propaganda of “Sweden-style tolerance” and anti-Russian histeria.


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Prince Teutonic

That’s what you get when you allow mass immigration from ME and Africa into your country…


Unfortunatly these are the consequences of blindly supporting the US policies…The real problem woul’ve been if the terrorist in syria topled the gorvernement, how many refugees would’ve flown into europe.

Jens Holm

None has been blin about that. Fx You can see the coalision for/against Syria is very small.

The coialision arpund the rest is much bigger and many nations are there. Even the contributions are small many does it.

As usual everybod else then any in the whole ME region makes it.

So far more then 5 millions are not in the country and 5 million are internal refugees not in their homes. 550.000 are dead and probatly the same for wounded in bodies and souls forever. We also see some small destructions here and there…

Sp what the F..K are You comapring with.

You also insist in, that the only alternative are Jihadimet as a well trained monkey by Assad. Erdogan or Iran ….

Thats becuse You are not allowed to see the rst of the world has very good possible changes in many versions. And when You see us, its also in a biased version,where only our bad sides are shown and only those are exposed.

Let me remind You, that people from You emmigrate to EU and USA and certaily not to You. How comes those people prefare us.

When they arrive, so many try to create semilar to, where we were 100 yars ago or more, so our including all is impossible and we get the socalled Gheeo areas, where most are muslims and in some countries just a little better then Gaza. 50% of the incommers remain like that – and insist.

Thats our politics. No way. An important parts is to make changes, so You have possibilities to make welfare for more.

And we dont steal Your oil and ather minerals. We actually pay well for most of it. you forgey You own thieves like Assad and theNepotists named as Baad Artists, which You even protect.

You only can protect Yourself uniting Yourself electing good leaders and if they are not good be able to elect others. The same for influence. People has to have responsabilities fortheir own life and see what they get for their tax aport from being plundred by maters financed by theft and corruption.

Only SDFs in the whole Syria can learn You something new in needed structures and others things. Thats why 4 countries dont like the¨m and deperate try to keep them stupid or pretend, they are.

Sghame on You. Clean Your own house. NMost rats there are not from abroad.


You make no sense ! You’ve written a whole article, yet i couldnt understand anything you wrote xD.

Jens Holm

I am sorry, but very impressing You cant understand anything. Not many are able to that.

I make some changes in the spellings and bythat has correctet my long comment above this.


Not good enough, Jens. Try a little harder

Jens Holm

I write common english relative well and not in simplied lawyers and doctors for authist.

You probatly think and translate from Turkish or Arabic and as long as You are in that kind of pidgin, You wont understand very verymuch for real.

I learned that pidgin in school one upon a time ago, but since that I have improved even a lot is spoken into written.

So I should translate my Danish to Turkish or Arabic and next to pidgin perfect engelish.

No way motherf F…..

Ashok Varma

The gentleman in question is a complete idiot and his English is un-discernible. He also upvotes himself with his “Iron Zion” tandem account. There is a pattern in his madness.


Try writing in a language you know, for a change

Jens Holm

No wonder You kill each other all the time, when You not even has a languge for so many things.

I will try to remember to write “non mixted room” nex time I visit the toilet and my sister only can go, wherever I go and stay home as I wish.

Ashok Varma

US instigated endless wars have caused massive destabilization in the world and the refugee crises in an obvious by-product.

Hasbara Hunter

Brussels the Filthy Trojan Horse-Traitors opened the Gates to Europe…because Europe needs 2% economic growth every year…Europeans are not reproducing enough and thus you gotta import new Units from abroad to keep selling mo’ cars…The Middle Class will have to pay for all these newcomers so that they will get poorer…The Elites are getting richer because they can sell more food, cars & gasoline…Elites basically want to get rid of the Middle Class…

Sweden always remind me of this Cunt


They would not have needed to import this many immigrants from the Middle East or Eastern Europe if they had not pushed so hard for women in the work force and be ‘independent’. Society doesn’t need atomized independent individuals, it needs families. But the government can only tax the breadwinner in the family. That is why they pushed so hard for women to join the workforce. More people to tax. Corporations wanted this as well because when the women joined the workforce the workforce almost doubled in size. And wages began to stagnate after that ever since. So now a family needs two incomes to enjoy the same lifestyle that could be had with a single income in the past. And the whole women must be independent mantra has caused women to delay getting married, single parent families and a declining birthrate. Which then caused the government and corporations to push for unbridled immigration. Otherwise economic growth would have slowed down. They wanted to have their cake and eat it at the same time. Men and women working, everybody being taxed, declining families and immigration to make up for the birth deficit. The fact that society is disintegrating, not really their problem.

Hasbara Hunter

No it is not their problem because the Elitists will go and live where there is Peace & Quietness… Europe has got Enough Peoples and I personally do not think that Africa, India or whatever country.. should become our Breeding-Grounds..Let these Countries take care of their own folks….after the AngloZioNazis pissed offf out of their Nations that is…because if I was born in Somalia I would have left that shithole too…

Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under

Destruction of the traditional family unit. :'(

Jens Holm

Most of us living here see, we have replaced the traditionel family unit with something better for almost all.

We have no intensions in going back to horses in our agrable land as well as letter, stamps and very slow has replaced, I can write and the mail, facebook or twitter arrives, and I get an answer right away.

We also compensate meetings by car and far away instaed of days with the homie horse.

Jens Holm

You seemes to have forgotten a lot even its nice written.

Fx You ignore the raised living standard by vomen educate and work. Another one could be, why I should pay for women doing hardlyu nothing. Why should they not pay for themselves.

I see the delay of children as a very good thing. We already are 7 billions. Therefore it make sense to import and adopt and adapt.

Look at Your won turf having demonstrations in Iraq, Iran and demonstrations in Syria for getting a job at all. That was fine, if those people had a life. They dont.

Its the best recruitmachanisme in the whole world for paid soldiers/mercenairies. 50% of the men in Syria was unimployed in Syria before the figthtings. Its was the men, and the women has a much higher unomplkoyment rate and wasnt even paid a good saklery for, what they did.

I am not impressed seeing the alternatives.

And we do want to work and almost all, which can. Thats because our tax is not the elementary and often corrupted one as Yours.

We get tax again and the middle class too. Low prices for childcare, free school, freee educatioon, free medical care and hospital, half price at the dentist. We get money, if we looose are jobs, we dont have to pay to our old grandparents as well as the ones, which are handicapped and cant work.

You also seemes to ignore we do try to equalize by giving the poorest pats a life and include them. The same for all that, You as private has to pay pr family insteadof well planned tax, where some dont get medicin, no new teeths, a broomstick and hardly a bed with a riif above.

And if it was that bad, all probatly would go home and wait for pronyted money from the Goverment.

The badest and most ineffective thing is Your family business. 80% os that if You are typical MEs. You dont get the best imployed by it, You have nepotisme of the worst family kind an You are not paid pr hours for, what You are worth.

As written before. Young men get cars for doing a job. Women only gets flowers. We dont accept that crap.

The effictive busisnes here are companies owned by many and often by stockings, so we only has 20% in private more or less family companies. Even relative small companies need specialised educated people and not the one Grandpa loves the most.

Its alspo totally crap wages has stagnated ever since women went into jobs and has remained so. If You look at the income level and the result in living age, houses, food, vacation, pension, feling well on the last years of Your life, as unimplyed – EVERYTHING.

Then You should see the statistics for EU and the semilar but smaller before that, it was born from, it dont say so.

The cake to share has become 5 times bigger since that(compared from which Year You compare).

The unbrilled part of our emmigrants are not asked for at all. They come because of someone like You are not able to create wellfare by creating even simple jobs ad certainly no advanced.

I write it again for the 5678654 time. If oil producers cant even produce simple plastic products for simply local datyli lige, thats where You get my level of rspect for Your systems.

Vomen are just as bright as men. Why should I pay for them. I dont see that. Why should some old men and women decide, what I shpulddo with my life. I dont see that. I will compared with the rest in thewhoe world and not in a 2 room muslim context with or without fountain.

It a typical muslim advise by Muhammed, that You should have walls around Your family. Thats followed well by You. You dont connect to 2% growth but cement Your own way of making minus.

Jan Lavicka

she is not a human

Jens Holm

I wonder why Europeans dont emmigrate to ME as soon as possible.

The middle class aæways pay, thats why we prefare to upgrade incommers, so they become one of our kind.

Jens Holm

No, its not.

The swedish plan for many years has been well organized integration, which included organs to handle it was there decided by their elected ones in Parlament as well as Goverment.

But Syrians arrived as a big tzunami and overpopulated everything.

Stupid remark from You.


well organized integration lol

Sweden is lost, rapes & gang violence up, grenade attacks, no go zones, all thanks to leftist lunacy to destroy the fabric of a state.

Jens Holm

No, they are not. They are wounded and the change will take many years.

It is a problem too much is opened too much up too fast. We as danes can handle most of it and swedes will too.

Our worst problems are systematic crime from Eastern Europe nd joining our own relative few ones and both ways.

WE and swedes had not compensated that kind of open borders by better ecternal and internal police and customers. Fx our goverment sayd: We have no use if bordercontrol and save the emplyed there. But that was wrong. We immidiatly should have given those saved ones new kinds of jobs according to new kind of crimes.

Another thing is that those criminel parts of the travel and living here at least almost only kill their own. Some here enjoy that part very much.

I dont know how You define “LEFTIES”, butwe see many company owners enjoy import og emigrants and refugees very much. It keeps the wages down and so many are even lower then that being illegal workers also paying no income tax.

So You might be very right far out or things are quite different in Sweden.

Most emmigrants as well as refugees are not like that at all. A typical true estimate says 95% of the old danes make no crime and 90% of the incomming muslims are not criinals at all. Thats more then 9 of 10.

So small groups fx from Syria has many more criminals and they do crime again and again. Thats why it can be handled even big improments are needed.

Even most of the poorest non integratiable muslims are not criminals at all. Never. They raise theor children and are very different from us and we might not accept that part, but theft, rape, gang violation is a no go for them as well as for us.

You also have to learn 2 other things: 1) Many are Young and Young ones makes more crime in that period and 2) If You add 1 million people in fx Sweden, You will have more criminal acts. The trick is the % remain the same.

And it has risen.


BTW Turkey was prepared, because they knew this was comming. Bashar Jaafari once mentioned in the UN security council about how turkey have built Refugee camps before they were protests in Syria.

John Wallace

If the Police are doing all it can to stop shooting and gang violence then it is not disinformation to say it is happening Wasn’t it a pretty peaceful country until ll those refugees arrived then if they are the ones behind most of it then no point trying to hide the truth , call them out on it and put them on a boat that has just dropped off more that is heading back for the next load.Stop blaming the innocent to protect the guilty.

J Ramirez

Most countries where peaceful places till the US started spreading ” Democracy” like an STD ;}

John Wallace

Yes agree and this is a direct result of this STD. Secure True Democracy .

Jens Holm

No, they wasnt. You seemes born with no memorycard or even a calender.

Tommy Jensen

The innocent are the most guilty because they refuse change.


“tolerance” is ideology.


this is what happens when you’re afraid of you own shadow – and when the government is paralysed with washington dc’s narrative there is no room for what is right, just the usual rigmarole ex the white house.

incompetent coppers and a political class whose collective iq is less than 85 which is just bound to fail to take measured and intelligent decisions. as an example switzerland has a high collective iq and can take measured and intelligent decisions and the same applies to finland. russia’s collective decisions need to be nursed along by a strong hand. uk wishy washy some times wrong and often right, the brexit vote is right indeed and it will serve the country well. the EUs collective IQ is on average about the same as poland’s and that is as bad as it gets.


Lol, western governments love to use the term “disinformation” when the truth runs counter to their propaganda. ‘Diversity is Sweden’s strength’ don’t you know! How could anyone NOT want to be enriched by such lawlessness, violence and terrorism?…

Tudor Miron

Yeah! Blame Russkies for letting your country be invaded by totally alien people/culture that seemed uncontrolled but in reality went according to plan. Obama said it openly that in place of old Europe there will be new nations, new languages and new countries. Plan to establish Islamic Khalifate in place of Europe is postponed (because other aspects didn’t go according to plan) but they will surely get back at it when they can.


Essentially this is what happens when you sack other nations, then bring huge numbers of war sick and trained men to the country. A country like Germany now, where their men video rapes but not try to stop them. The old world sent to the new world and the old sees tolerance as akin to a short skirt


Of course, its the pesky Russians fault, everything is the Russians fault, even the weather as they claim in Norway, is because of Putin, and dont waist time on this eh….. counterings coming from a eh…. Swedish hasbarats, dumskaller as I call em, indoctrinated to sutch an extent they refuse to acknowledge anything apart from the belife in their own propaganda witch is that nothing bad happens, and profs it with statistics witch we all know are fake, thruout bogus, and never will reflect the reality witch is coming crashing down on the PC-infested morons, I really feel sorry for them, I always have liked Sweds, been there and so on, no problems, even the cops are normal and have an philosphy that is remarkably logical, compared to Norway.

Yeah, of since we are always portrayed as “rightwinged” witch is equally nonsensical as the never ending whining about been a Nazi, and the never ending row of lame exuses, from unemplyment to lack of language skils, well, I have expirienced everything, incl working with people whom could speek 10 Norwegian words, and that wasnt even a problem, since the jobs where plain and straight forward, to then claim its about this is to me again an derailment of reality, but when it comes to jobs where the demand is adecvat its something else, and we will never have an genuine debate because of the counter debaters whom of course dont wanna deal with the fact this, massive influx is what creates the problem, if it was pink elephats the problem would be the same, it creates ripple effects in the society, housing prices due to subsedizing, to well fare witch is sky rocketing, to crimes whom have evolved to be unpresedented in Swedish history, and so on, to the neo-liberal policy witch have an impackt on the Sweish work force and trade, etc etc, and this massive influx is over streaching the thin lines witch barely fuctioned before this latest 3 decades of war fare and interventions did create, we warned you dumb f…. but nobody bothered to listen, and now, look around you, this is the result of simply pouring people into europa and the Nordick countrys unrestricted and propaganda from lying scums as this Swedish dick is trying to convince us about that there is no problems is just that, propaganda.

Violence, is rampant when the police force is shakled, politicaly castrated, and the Gov hinders the facts, and the MSM lies about everything, and fakes the rest.
There is one majore reason for this escalation and that is due to Poltics, when a cop arresting an African is more afraid of His job because of the implications of the police politics when the MSM can jump on them for polarising, since the perperatore is African, the counter is to do nothing, and the criminals is of course, encuraged by the fact they have free range, and why do we alow this to escalate, why is it an problem to just throw them out, tell me, when they conduct crimes in an rate that is scaring ordinary people witch have nothing to say against the level of violence we all are expiriencing to day as we speak.
They cant do anything, and we all know why, because of the treason comitted by the Polticians whom sets the politics of an nation, where they protect the criminals contra their own people.

That, is where we stand to day, everywhere, and we cant do anything, and instead we face riddicilous stupidtys coming from an MSM and Polticians whom do whatever they can to point on anything, anywhere but here, and just listen to Lofgren, and do read what this rats are saying, it will amaze you.
And on top of it, one family owns most of the large MSM outlets in Sweden, and they are Jewish.
Yeah, like Norway, nothing, absolutelly nothing of any kind of critics is alowed, its simply never debated or when its debated we end up with scums as this Swedish whom is in here right now, exusing their own failed poltics, we can debate why they are here, but even that is clouded with propaganda, from the war on Libya to Syria, after crushing Iraq and Afganistan of course all for bringing freedom and democrasy, my ass, but thats where this Swedish morons probably are, and that is due to corruption, of politics and we all know it, but they will never admit it, and there you have the reason for all this flows of so called refugees, from Africa to Asia.
I have nothing but contempt for this whom love to humanise this nations back to the stone age, yeah, and denies the effect of their own lies.
End the cowardness of been an mere petty vassal of the Imperial banana republic and ISISrael and I can ashure you, then we can throw them all out, the reasos for been here is gone, but hell no, right, eh…. Swed.
The true Nordicks( yeah, the norse whines about 3 generation Pakis cant be norwegians when most of the southerners in Norway isnt genuine nordick them selfs, huh, just an generation or two older, but that debate can be taken later) are an dying breed, most of the just Khazars, week rotte qujones, whom instead of aknowledge the misstake, just hides it behind nonsense and an PC-infested rethoric we all know comes from the Globalistic scums whom invented PC-ism to crush any kind of Nationalism, witch is to serve and protect your own land and people, nothing else, and is hanging on the Imperial banana republic skirts, and of course, the Jews, and Norwegian MSM is like the Sweds, completely infested by the Tribe and never alows any kind of critics to the wars, and coups like Bolivia.
And as if that isnt enough, blames anyone whom dont belive in the propaganda war for been Russian trolls, yeah, or been a Nazi, of course and the never ending freak show about Anti-semetism, whil the fake Jews is sllaughtering Palestinians whom de facto are Semits, beat that.

The purge will come, Swed, and I hope they hang every scumbag like you where ever they find them, you destroyed Sweden, because the effect, the inflow can be dealth with, but the enemy within have to be exterminated, completely.

The clock is ticking.



That’s what you get when you keep searching for Russian submarines in your bathtub – and finding them.

Hide Behind

The population of Sweden is aging and in decline so low it cannot replace those who are dying yearly.
Ethnicity alone cannot support a nation in an economicly connected financial and industrialized world.
On one hand robotics and higher technology decreases needs of labor pool, jobs cannot continually come from make work additions that do not see any
increase in productivity, (increase in bureaucracy of governments , education and industrial financial managemet) and where ones export goods depend upon foreign acceptance to provide revenues.
An mainly internalized financial orientated system is foxhole economy, goes nowhere except downward.
In Sweden’s declining population there are still not enough meaningfully positions to be found for its youth, so bad is it there is constant pressure to lower retirement age, retire means retire completely from all of labor pool.
Shortening of work week hours, job sharing while keeping older high wages total still in place, and yes increasingly the use of
restrictive triage system in regards to medical care.
In other words Sweden is a failing State, as are most European states and it’s government based on meritocracy no longer relys upon wasteful Democratic Institutions and its’ processes.

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