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Sweden Seeks Extradition Of Assange To Face Trial On Rape Charges

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

It has been one month since UK police entered the Ecuadorian embassy in London and arrested Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. the Wikileaks founder has already been slapped with a 50-week sentence for skipping his bail in the UK, and as the UK prepares to process an extradition request from US prosecutors, they now must also decide whether Sweden has a legitimate claim.

Sweden Seeks Extradition Of Assange To Face Trial On Rape Charges

Swedish prosecutors are again requesting that Assange be extradited to Sweden to face trial on rape charges after prosecutors revived an investigation following reports that Assange had been ousted from the embassy. Assange managed to avoid extradition to Sweden for seven years by hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy (Assange initially sought refuge there back in 2012, when he skipped bail in the UK and took shelter in the embassy, claiming that the charges in Sweden were merely a ruse for him to be handed over to the US), according to RT.

Though Assange has only been charged with one count of attempting to break into a government computer in the US – a charge that carries a maximum penalty of five-and-a-half years – his lawyers have speculated that the US could introduce charges under the Espionage Act, which could carry a death sentence, once he’s safely back on American soil. Wikileaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson accused Sweden of bowing to external pressure, saying “there has been considerable political pressure on Sweden to reopen their investigation, but there has always been political pressure surrounding this case.”

In other Assange-related news, El Pais reports that the government of Ecuador will allow UK authorities to search a room occupied by Assange during his seven-year asylum, and will turn over any documents, cellphones, digital files, computers, memory drives, CDs and any other items of interest investigators might discover.

Assange’s room will be searched on May 20. Ecuador’s decision to confiscate his belongings and turn them over to foreign authorities has been relayed to Assange’s attorneys.

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The treachery of Ecuador’s new government knows no limits. I hope they enjoy their 30 pieces of IMF silver.


Yes, but you know virtually the whole world follows orders from Washington.
Everybody is scared of America, and rightly so, they have killed many many millions of innocent people.

chris chuba

“Yes, but you know virtually the whole world follows orders from Washington.”

But the U.S. MSM doesn’t know that, they think it is a coincidence that the U.S. recognized Guaido as President of Venezuela and a week later 50 states who depend on us for trade and defense did the same thing.


“But the U.S. MSM doesn’t know that,”

They know all right, they are part of the criminal conspiracy.


The US has also bribed a lot of traitors as well.
The result often being a gangster state where civilians are terrorised.


Ecuador is a small Latin vassal state and this was quite expected. US treats these south American states like banana republics and only Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua have had the temerity to stand up to US thugs and they are all being subjected to terrorism, sanctions and embargoes.


Stalling tactics because Manning won’t frame Assange.


Yep – Manning has been re-incarcerated for refusing to testify over Assange – but US prosecutors are not only looking for Manning’s testimony to frame Assange, but to also frame self, by attempting to get Manning to contradict own prior statements in any new testimony, so as to be recharged at later date (Manning will have certainly received legal advice warning of this).


Manning has been released in recent days I think, but another legal case is in the wind.

You can call me Al

Look at the dates, how low can they go ?:




The deep state in the UK and US are is a state of panic. The many trillions of £ and $ they have extorted over the past generations are now at risk.

They will do and say anything to avoid being parted from their money.


The depths the US elite will go to, have no bottom.


And possibly a cowardly way out for the UK, as the UK could extradite Mr Assange to Sweden.

The majority Swedes are rather odd, and they love America, so an extradition to Sweden would prevent much discord on the streets of Britain.

Brother Ma

Diagraceful! How many times has Sweden closed the case to reopen it again. What use is a nation’s laws when some Yank overseas can call the shots. The sooner the US falls the better for mankind!


This is a shameful and disgusting politically motivated stunt and a sham that shows that the
Swedes have lost all independence and bowed to US thuggish pressure like other Euro and Arab puppet states. The primary reason for opening up these fabricated cases against Assange is
to set an example to any future whistle-blowers who expose US war crimes and atrocities against civilians and abuses of human rights across the world. The only “crime” Julian Assange ever committed was to expose US and NATO war crimes. Hopefully, more whistle blowers will come forward and expose US, UK and Zionist crimes and the real holocaust of Palestine which has officially caused over 100,000 deaths since the Zionists occupied Palestine.

Toronto Tonto

Time to try this idiot , he wont be a flight risk this time .


Assange knew the jig was up – plenty of time to clean and/or properly encrypt his electronic devices. The Sweden vassal state has no interest in charging Assange with rape – total bullshit, fake accusations. No they just want to poison the minds of the insouciant public – make them think Assange is some deviant who deserves every injustice the American mob state inflicts upon him… retribution for publishing information others leaked exposing their depravity and criminal conduct.


Sweden has no problem with the fact that they are paying for all those lazy 3 world immigrants (aged 12 years with beards and 2m. tall), that they are being replaced by hard core Muslims that want to enforce Sharia low, that crimes like rape ,theft and murders have sky rocketed…….but in this case they want to investigate !they are doomed ,pity…..


it’s better for assange to end up in sweden first since sweden will demand more safeguards for him once it’s moronistan’s turn, safeguards uk would never make certain were in place. so even a short detour to sweden, where he won’t be found guilty of anything, particularly not of rape, is better thn being handed straight over to the neo-nazis in the washington dc without any restrictions.

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