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Sweden: Immigrants Arrested After ‘Gang-Raping Woman on Facebook Live

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Sweden: Immigrants Arrested After 'Gang-Raping Woman on Facebook Live

Written by Chris Menahan; Originally appeared at InformationLiberation

A group of immigrants reportedly streamed themselves gang-raping a woman on Facebook Live.  

From RT:

Three men have been arrested in Uppsala, Sweden over suspicions of gang rape. Local media report police were alerted after being tipped off that the crime was being streamed on Facebook.

The crime allegedly took place early Sunday morning, with the police reportedly receiving a tip-off around 9:00am.

Aftonbladet daily spoke to some of the members of the closed Facebook group in which the “aggravated rape” was reportedly broadcast live. Witnesses said the girl being gang-raped was close to unconscious at the time.

One of them, Lovisa, 22, says she came upon the page by accident while chatting online. What she saw shocked her, she said.

“Two guys pushing down a girl on the bed… I first thought it was a poorly-orchestrated joke. But it was not.”

According to Lovisa, there were 200 people watching the video at one point, before the police suddenly arrived on the scene and the video stopped, followed by sounds of commotion in the room. The police questioned the men before taking them to the station, she said.

“It’s screwed, totally sick,” another member of the closed group told Expressen. “How can you do such a thing to a girl? And how can you do it live…?”

It was not immediately clear how these members had received an invitation to the closed group.

The apartment is being examined by forensics specialists and the crime scene is closed off. Police spokesman Ivan Aslund told Aftonbladet the police will maintain “full confidentiality” at this time, declining to confirm anything further than the arrest over gang-rape suspicions.

Video shared on YouTube shows the last 7 minutes of the stream where police come in and place people under arrest.

The assailants appear to be Arab immigrants. The Swedish press is hiding their faces from the public.

[Note: The video is NOT graphic.]

Nordfront.se is reporting the main suspect is named Emil Khodagholi, who had been previously arrested in 2012 for assaulting a 16-year-old with an iron bar.

Sweden: Immigrants Arrested After 'Gang-Raping Woman on Facebook Live

One image shared on social media shows a man holding up an image said to show the girl being raped. I’ve censored the image as it was graphic.

Sweden: Immigrants Arrested After 'Gang-Raping Woman on Facebook Live

Since opening their borders in the 1960’s to mass third world immigration, Sweden went from a quiet and peaceful country to the rape capital of the West.

Sweden: Immigrants Arrested After 'Gang-Raping Woman on Facebook Live Sweden: Immigrants Arrested After 'Gang-Raping Woman on Facebook Live

“Cultural enrichment” comes at a steep price.

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  1. Trustin Judeau says:

    I dont have sympathy for Swedes anymore.They voted for this,now they will pay the price.

  2. XRGRSF says:

    You gutless Swedes welcomed this third world filth, and now you’re receiving what you deserve. Don’t worry, Sweden, you’ll have plenty of company because the rest of Europe will be a Muslim caliphate in the near future. Since you don’t have the courage to protect your culture the invaders will destroy it all. The fate of a defeated race is slavery, and death.

  3. hhabana says:

    Liberalism destroys the ability to reason. I spoke to a lady in America about the situation in Sweden with the migrants. She is a Swede and goes back regularly to vacation.Very liberal woman. She said it was propaganda. There you have it!

    1. datngot says:

      Let them suffer until they come to their senses. Or not.

    2. FkDahl says:

      Women are, even though they are the ones loosing the most from this mass migration cum invasion, are due to their harmony and bleeding heart attitude the most welcoming to this scum. They are too naive and uninformed to know what they are dealing with.

  4. Tomas Fuk says:

    sweden…you should kick them out ASAP

  5. Spunkyhunk says:

    But these idiot Swedes are as adamant as ever in their Russophobia, their knee-jerk anti-Russianism, their hypercritical and hostile stance towards Russia, Putin etc. No softening there!! They automatically side with U.S./NATO/EU/whoever in every single initiative against Russia. They live in constant fear and anxiety of “Russian attack and invasion”, EVEN AS their country is actually being invaded by backward savages and their women being raped.


    1. FkDahl says:

      Unfortunately you are correct. But there is a growing number of Swedes who recognize the situation and have a good grasp of what is going on and who are behind this. The Swedish MSM is fully allied to the Borg, and Sweden’s small size makes it hard for differing positions to be heard (and now we are all fake news Putin-bots). If you can , check out http://anthropocene.live/ for very insightful commentary, or https://www.motgift.nu/ , http://jinge.se/, or http://www.morpheusblogg.se/.
      Sweden have a very difficult struggle ahead of itself.

      1. Spunkyhunk says:

        Thanks for the links. It’s good to know that there are Swedes like you, and their number is growing.

  6. Superfly says:

    This is disgraceful, these savages should be dumped back in Mosul.

  7. Jahangeer Niyazov says:

    Fake news. online reporters stated they saw a second video in which the woman denied being raped ( http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-38717186 ). The far-rightists are lying to spread hate against Muslims. Likely these so-called shots are staged too, the guy in the video looks like in start and the girl for a lot of time looks like there is nothing happening.

    1. Bob says:

      So, are you a muslin then?

      1. Spunkyhunk says:

        Of course he is – what do you think? Isn’t his name a dead giveaway?

      2. Jahangeer Niyazov says:

        My profile got restored. So, are you a Chrissiesissietian than?

        1. Bob says:

          Are you dreary muslim troll, and or, off your meds again?

          1. Jahangeer Niyazov says:

            No I’m not a mad dreary rightist Christian Putin’s boylover troll.

    2. Spunkyhunk says:

      Get off this website, you lying Muslim apologist.

      1. Jahangeer Niyazov says:

        You lying rightist Christian lie maker! These images and video is fake and staged and probably paid for. It is just an excuse by rightists to spread lies against Muslims. What you gonna do if I don’t go you Christcocksucker?

        1. Spunkyhunk says:

          I’m not a Christian, you dumbass Muhammad bitch. The images and video “are fake” because…you said so, right? What the hell are you doing on an anti-jihadi website, swine? Judging from your name you’re probably one of the Chechen-Dagestani jihadi maniacs whose ass got kicked by Putin. How did that dick feel in your ass, you little piglet? Take your Koran and shove it up your ass. Go lick your Saudi masters’ feet, piece of shit – and GET THE FUCK OFF THIS WEBSITE!

          1. Jahangeer Niyazov says:

            Of course “you aren’t a Christian”, Christcocksucker bitch. Did I say this video is fake “because I said so”? Is anyone supposed to believe this video is real because you think so? Infowars is not an “anti-jihadi website”. It’s a former conspiracy website now transformed into a full-on CONtard website dedicated to spewing pro-right propaganda. The reason I am here – “To expose lies of your kind”. The video is fake because – the people in the videos do not AT ALl are acting like a rape happened or they are threatening anyone or anyone is in danger. Even in the images they look like they are just joking instead of raping anyone in real. Even online witnesses have said they saw a video where the alleged “rape-victim” said clearly without any pressure that she wasn’t raped. It is usually for you rightist kind to try to allege every crime on Muslims especially through lies and excuses! And how am I Chechen-Dagestani moron? Do I look like someone with a Chechen-Dagestani name? You know “putinlover”, why don’t you use your brain, research or the web instead of yammering? I’ll take your “Bibble” and shove it up all your asses. You little goat strokers love to have sex with farm animals like your Christ did with the baby goat. Well don’t worry I’ll make you do it with them. Oh and if you don’t like what I say, now you can GET THE FUCK OFF THIS WEBSITE!

          2. Spunkyhunk says:

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          3. Jahangeer Niyazov says:

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          7. Jahangeer Niyazov says:

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          9. Jahangeer Niyazov says:

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          122. Jahangeer Niyazov says:

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  8. The complete ethnic cleansing of the ethnic-native-indigenous-Swedish-tribal peoples under the leadership of the Jew George Soros continues unabated.
    Will the world launch a world war to save this global ethnic minority?
    Of course not. Cause the world has been racist against ethnic Japethites for over 5,000 years now.

  9. Bob says:

    Many young western women don’t understand that they can’t just have a few drinks and hang out at an apartment with muslim men – the muslims see it very, very differently. Muslim culture simply doesn’t allow that sort of male/ female interaction – so these muslim men think that any western woman that goes back to their place to hang out, or is very friendly, is basically a target, and they will sexually advance on her, whether she is interested or not, and usually by that point she will be isolated in dangerous situation. The really huge problem is western politicians and media won’t educate young women about this, as they scared of being called racist – so they are throwing young women under the bus for political correctness’ sake. If you are western and have female relatives it needs to be very clear – western women cannot just hang out and drink/ smoke/ go to places with muslim men – because they will be subject to sexual advances and likely assaulted if they do. It’s really that simple.

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