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Swarm Of PKK Suicide Drones Attacks Targets In Southern Turkey (Photos)

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The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) attempted to attack several targets inside and south of the capital of the southern Turkish province of Sirnak with seven small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Turkish sources revealed on November 10

Experts said that the UAVs used in the attack are a modified variant of the X-UAV mini-Talon, which is a commercial drone. A small explosive payload and an enhanced GPS antenna were likely installed in the drones in order to turn them into precision-guided suicide UAVs.

A day later, the PKK claimed responsibility for the attack attempt in an official statement. The Kurdish group didn’t admit that it used suicide UAVs to carry out the attack. However, the statement said that a “new tactical and technical manner” was used.

According to the Turkish sources, the UAVs failed to reach their targets due to technical failures and possible jamming by the Turkish military. A map showing the UAVs crash sites indicates that they were launched from the Kurdish area in northern Iraq.

The PKK ability to modify and operate such mini suicide UAVs pose a serious challenge to Turkey, which will likely face more and more similar attacks in the near future.

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Wolfgang Wolf

kurdish idiots are digging their own graves…. sponsored by KSA and our stupid american friends)


I find it deliciously ironic that the Turks are now at the receiving end of the same tactic as the Turkish sponsored Orcs employ against the Russians in Syria.

Must……., resist……., urge……., to……., cackle……., maniacly……….


It would be rather amusing if model US F35 fighter bombers were used as suicide drones against Turkey by the PKK.


And also send in mini drone of MQ-9 reaper drone. This might cause confusion in Turkey. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0ab9ad244815bd81b6919fa88e639cd75cd1bd65c148397aebb11df6cae9698d.jpg


There is money to be made here PZIV :) We need to start a mini drone company.


I would like to spend a little extra to make them look real, with unit decals,etc. Our company name will be “Drones r US!” :D


Perhaps we could also charge the general public a small fee to have a personal message inscribed on the suicide drones ?

It addition to that, special editions with names such as The Mattis Martyr, The Votel Vanity and the Hilarious Hillary etc.

It would only be correct to supply a few free of charge to the Palestinians :) Its abouttime they had an airforce :)


I’ll pay extra if you setup a built-in loudspeaker to shout special edition swearing and cuss before going kaboom.

Come to think of it, not such a bad idea! Why nobody thought about that? I’m a genius!!


My message would be :- ” Your imminent death is bought to you by the Friends of the SAA ”



Well I had something much more colourful than that (something like ?⚡??️?️? ???☠️⚰️?), you are so very polite Florian. I should be ashamed of myself!

Brother Ma

“Some sultanas for the Sultan” that can be my message!

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Kurds killing Turks. Turks killing Kurds. I say leave them alone and pass the popcorn.

Brother Ma

They were the same crap until relatively recently in history. They butchered the Christians together then the Turks ,being more numerous and powerful turned on the Kurds. Too bad ,too sad!


All they need now is some kamikaze pigeons to guide the drones now n they’ll be goddam unstoppable ahaha

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