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Suspected Turkish Drone Strike Injured Civilian In Northeastern Syria

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On July 16 in the morning, a supposed Turkish combat drone targeted the southern outskirts of the town of al-Darbasiyah in northeastern Syria.

The drone strike targeted a highway linking al-Darbasiyah, which is located on the Turkish border, with al-Hasakah city. A photo from the strike site shows that the damage on the highway was minimal. A small-diameter projectile, most likely a mortar shell, was dropped by the drone.

Suspected Turkish Drone Strike Injured Civilian In Northeastern Syria

Click to see full-size image. Source: Hawar News Agency (hawarnews.com)

According to the Hawar News Agency, the drone strike injured a civilian from the nearby town of Amuda. The civilian received the needed treatment.

Over the past few months, a number of Turkish drone strikes have targeted Kurdish-held areas in northeastern region of Syria. Last month, a Kurdish women’s right activist was killed in a drone strike on the countryside of the town of Kobane in northeastern Aleppo.

Kurdish forces claim that the new drone strike was carried out by the Turkish military. However, the scale and accuracy of the strike suggest that it was carried out by Turkish-backed militants, who possess DIY armed drones.

Last year, Turkey signed two agreements with Russia and the U.S. to de-escalate tensions in northeastern Syria. Such attacks are a violation of both agreements.


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