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Suspected ‘Ninja Bomb’ Strike Kills Two Individuals In Turkish-Occupied Al-Bab (Photos)

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A suspected U.S. drone strike on the Turkish-occupied part of northern Aleppo has reportedly claimed the lives of two individuals affiliated with ISIS.

The two individuals were traveling on a motorcycle in the vicinity of the city of al-Bab on June 20 morning, when they were targeted by a combat drone. Local sources said the drone was of the “U.S.-led coalition.”

The scene of the strike showed no signs of an explosion. This suggests that the motorcycle was targeted with a U.S.-made AGM-114R9X Hellfire missile.

The AGM-114R9X, dubbed “Ninja Bomb,” is a Hellfire copy with a kinetic warhead consisting of pop-out blades meant to to reduce collateral damage. First deployed in secret since 2017, with existence revealed in 2019.

An ID issued by the Turkish-backed Local Council of the Town of Akhtarin was found with one of the individuals killed in drone strike. The ID carried the name of “Ahmad Hussein al-Darwish,” supposedly born on March 3, 1983.

The Violation Documentation Center in North Syria said al-Darwish was a senior security commander of ISIS. He was allegedly living in the town of Dabiq northwest of al-Bab. These claims are yet to be verified.

The U.S. has a history of assassinating ISIS commanders in the Turkish-occupied areas in northern Syria. Last month, the military commander of ISIS’ “Hama Wilayat,” Abu Zaki al-Taibani, was killed in a drone strike in Afrin.


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Peter Jennings

Chop suey anyone?

If this guy was part of ISIS the US wouldn’t have any problem tracking him down at anytime of the day. The US media have a similar habit of building their stars, only to knock them down later when they need the copy.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The US has actually been assassinating more members of the Rouse the Believers Operation room than they have Isis members, oh hang on, they’re practically the same thing anyway, since they continually swap places all the time on Erdogan’s orders.

Brother Ma

Hey! Why doesn’t the US war on Turkey as they found an ISS member Living in Turkish occupied Syria with a Turkish – provided ID card. After all, this was the logic to bomb Afghanistan ,right?

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