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Suspected Drone Strike Targets Turkish-Backed Militants In Northwest Hama

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On May 22, a van carrying a number of Turkish-backed militants was struck on a road near the town of Zakoom in the northwestern Hama countryside.

Some sources claimed that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) destroyed the van with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). However, others said an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) operated by Russian or Iranian forces targeted the van.

According to xeber24, a Turkish-backed militant was killed and three others were injured in the attack. Other sources said a child who was standing near the van was also injured.

In the last few months, several drone strikes targeted Turkish-backed militants in Greater Idlib. These strikes appear to be a response to the militants’ repeated violations of the Russian-Turkish agreement on the region, which was reached on March 5.

The ceasefire in Greater Idlib is still stable for the most part. Nevertheless, terrorist groups are taking advantage of the ceasefire to rebuild their militantly capabilities.


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Willing Conscience (The Truths

Assad knows exactly what’s going on in northern Syria, the Turkish military campaign might be paused for now but everything else is going full steam ahead for Erdogan.

“Damascus, SANA- Head of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is stepping up systematized Turkification process in areas occupied by his forces in northern Syria, backed by the terrorist organizations there which implement his Ottoman agendas after the failure of his biggest plots to let terrorists dominate regions in Syria.
The matter doesn’t differ in Libya where Erdogan seeks to stir the Turkish belonging for a number of Libyans, of Ottoman origins, at the time of the Ottoman occupation of the Arab nation.
Policies of Turkification and demographic change took upward trend over the past period in areas occupied by Turkish regime forces in north of Hasaka, Raqqa and Aleppo, where hundreds of thousands of Syrians were displaced from their homes, and hospitals, schools and infrastructure were destroyed to obliterate identity, memory and history of the region.
Turkey settles terrorists and their families in the houses of families who were forcibly displaced to make demographic change in the area, according the locals in areas of northern Syria.
Turkification policy has begun since Turkish occupation invasion of Efrin city on March ,18,2018, when Erdogan regime gave Turkish names after main squares, towns and villages of the city and the cities and towns in northern Syria.
According to civil sources, the Turkish regime deliberately proceeded Turkification process in Syrian cities, villages, and towns in northern Syria, including Azaz, al-Bab, Jarablus by giving streets and schools’ names of Turkish officers, who were killed while invading the Syrian territory, in addition to imposing Turkish curricula and language in those schools and raising the flag of the Turkish occupation over them.
Turkish regime also opened branches of Turkish universities in areas occupied by its forces, and Turkish banks.
The policy of Turkification goes further than Syria and reaches Libya where Libyan media outlets denounced this policy which is similar to that of Syria.”


Arab interests versus Turkoman interests, that’s a good place to drive a wedge in hard, and I keep saying they should try to avoid sectarian violence in Syria if they can, mmm, but maybe this ethnic violence won’t be avoidable though, since Erdogan’s happily making it a fundamental aspect of the conflict now.
A double edged sword for both sides, mmm, I think Russia will have to be very careful, this conflict could become even messier than it already is now, that’s if it takes on an Arab versus Turkman flavour, and it already has according to SANA.
Assad’s been doing a lot of lucrative deals with the Arab controlled HTS and Al Nusra lately so I think he has a plan, and I think it’s working too, the Arab groups are now starting to fight with the Ottoman groups over scraps, and that’s most likely music for Assad’s ears.

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