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JULY 2020

CCTV Shows Alleged Israeli Strike On Hezbollah Personnel In Syria


On April 17, Lebanese sources shared a video showing the moment of the alleged Israeli strike on an SUV supposedly carrying Hezbollah personnel in the Syrian town of Jdaidit Yabws on the border with Lebanon.

The video shows three men leaving the SUV ahead of the strike. The men can be seen retrieving several bags from the vehicle seconds before it explodes.

Several Arab sources claimed that the strike was carried out by an Israeli combat drone. Many of these sources said that the targeted SUV was carrying “high-ranking commanders” of Hezbollah.

Nevertheless, Hezbollah is yet to release a statement on the incident, which took place on April 15. Furthermore, the new video doesn’t confirm that the SUV was targeted by an Israeli combat drone. The explosion could have been caused by an explosive device.

On several occasions, Hezbollah vowed to respond to any attack by Israel on its fighters and commanders in Lebanon, Syria or elsewhere.

More details about Jdaidit Yabws incident will likely be revealed in the next few days. As for now, most of the available information have not been verified.




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  • World_Eye

    Its the fucking Israhell who else targets Hezbollah in Syria.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      Because hesbullocks terrorists gangs organisation

    • <>

      it’s us, and I hope we kill some IRGC too.

  • Lazy Gamer

    Why did they return?!🤔 Why did they move not that fast? Are we to understand that to escape a missile strike, on foot is better?!

    • igybundy

      Prob got a radio message about an incoming drone and then they saw they had time and went to pick up the bags of money. Looks like they did not think they were the target after all since they were moving slowly. But did not want to take chances. Sure it was an intel based hit so they have a mole. Must have been something important like US$ for paychecks or advanced electronics etc.. But more like it was US$ from Iran to pay the employees..

  • ColinNZ

    I hate Israhell but this all seems a little odd … seems more like the occupants were aware of a bomb in the vehicle and knew roughly how much time they had to grab the baggage and then wait for the bomb to go off.

  • Pave Way IV

    Context: Original report on ZH mentioned a first strike somewhere near the vehicle (warning or miss – you decide). No specifics on how close to the SUV it struck, no strike marks visible – maybe further away before the Cherokee pulled in and parked. By time this video starts, the occupants were obviously nervous about something that had just happened and left, reluctantly returning to grab their bags and flee again. Instincts were right – the second strike moments later.

    Interesting strategy trying to provoke Hezbollah now. US Carrier Strike Groups are out of commission – the US Navy won’t be coming to Israel’s aid any time soon.. In fact, any action by Israel against Hez now would pretty much leave Israel on their own. U.S. will show up late, without enough equipment or aircraft, and sit back watching the IDF and Hez duke it out.

  • StafJustice

    This isn’t a strike it’s a bomb planted in the car…
    Ofcourse there are high tech equipment in those bags

  • LR captain

    attacks like these only serve to justify Hezbollah, if Israel stopping interfering and threatening its north neighbors, maybe those neighbors would not feel a need to ask Hezbollah for help. This is really good argument. However the real situation in the middle east is much more complicated.

    • Jens Holm

      You are right about complications.

      I dont think this change a single thing. For Israel as well as me its cutting grass pr routine and no kommas are moved.

      Vital things should be changed before anything changes there. It was Hesbollah which invired in Assads to control Lebanon, which confirm things in stone like Moses was here.

      • gryzor84

        I am Jens, and I’m a talking robot with endless glitches to fix.

        • Jens Holm

          Maybee You need a better transplanter next time.

          • gryzor84

            Ahahah what the heck was that one even supposed to mean 😂😂😂Jens you’re a living miracle,proving poeple’s points merely by answering it’s crazy.

          • BlueInGreen

            Hey Gryzor!! hopefully everything is going well, I have some awesome new developments in case you were interested.



          • gryzor84

            Hey B.I.G. i’m fine, thanks, I hope you are, too. Yeah I saw the news on the forum this morning, and I follow AmirPatriot’s twitter from here every once in a while. Those two radars, one surveillance and the other an OTH if I’m right, were both quite long in the making, but it definitively was worth the wait considering the extra hole it will plug in Iran’s immense and notably mountainous areas. Don’t tell me you’re related ? :p

      • LR captain

        no i mean when the IDF send another 24,000 to die because in inept leadership and unattainable goals. Hezballah is going to get IDF to pull more and more resources. 24K then 32K then 45K than hamas starts stuff and the IDF is going to respond 8K then 12K then 18K then 26K then Syria moves 25K to its boarder so IDF needs to keep 20K there and then SAA moves another 15K there. So the the IDF must move anther 25K there. Then the west banks so the IDF need to move 2,000 there then another 5,000. The Lebanese army will also step in as well to push out the IDF.

        there will be no air fields cause Hezbollah has 10x as many launchers as the IDF have interceptors, plus air fields can be damaged easily.

        at this point Russia would step in. the US no one will care about what they decree or say, as Syria has shown that Russia is the power broker in the middle east.

        that war won’t destroy Israel. Instead the Russia would impose the UN mandated agreement aka Israel would loose west bank, east Jerusalem and the Golan.
        people that Syria and Russia are allies and the Israel has been hostile making demands and even putting Russia aircraft in danger.

        • Jens Holm

          Thats very unrealitic.

          Russia any time will stop that. It seemes none in the whole Middle East dont understand the Russian agenda at all.

          But even before in You line of logistics things are not as You write at all.

          Yoy always assume Israel will be sitting ducks. I dont see that.

          If I hasd a solution, I would send it.

          • LR captain

            they are sitting ducks Hezbollah has 10 times as many launchers as the IDF have for interception missiles. its pure math if the can only take out of 10 missiles then nine would hit an airfield. Israel defense would rely on its 65,000 volunteer infantry. which is being deployed to Lebanon and are taking heavy losses as the tob brass are nothing but yes men to bibi.
            The term to describe what will happen is “Vietnam”

            Russia would try to stop that from escalating by implementing the UN deal but Israel will say so no until they are beaten onto back foot. UN deal includes the return of Golan to Syria which an Russian ally and can be used as a means of leverage over Hezbollah

            “If I hasd a solution, I would send it.”
            if had a counter to my argument you would say it but you don’t

  • <>

    Too bad I thought they all died, next time we will get them.

  • gryzor84

    Oops. “missed”. Someboy f-d up in the intel/command chain big time, too baaaad xD as it does not look like a staged / warning strike one bit. And I’m thinking the guys got a bit lucky and could have absolutely died when going to pick up the last packages from the vehicle.