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“Surprise! Surprise!”: HTS Strikes Aleppo City Immediately After Start Of Idlib Ceasefire (Photos)

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Update: Syrian state TV reported that the number of casualties grew to three civilians, with at least five others injured.


Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) violated the new ceasefire a few hours after it started, shelling civilian areas in Aleppo’s city center.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), several munitions landed on January 12 morning in the districts of Shahba, al-Khalidiyah, al-Neil, al-Sabeel and Tishreen.

A source in Aleppo Police Command told the state-run news agency that two civilians were killed and three others were injured in the shelling. Local sources confirmed the losses, revealing that most of the wounded are children.

"Surprise! Surprise!": HTS Strikes Aleppo City Immediately After Start Of Idlib Ceasefire (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

"Surprise! Surprise!": HTS Strikes Aleppo City Immediately After Start Of Idlib Ceasefire (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

A new ceasefire in Greater Idlib, that was brokered by Russian and Turkey, became active at January 11 midnight. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) committed to the ceasefire, halting all ground and aerial operations in the region.

Local observers had warned that HTS and its allies will not respect in the new ceasefire. Last year, the terrorist groups took advantage of similar initiatives to reorganize their forces and launch more attacks, mainly on civilian areas around Greater Idlib.

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How many ceasefires do we have to have before everyone accepts they never hold. Idlib needs to be resolved once & for all.


I don’t think the meaning is for a lasting ceasefire since no one expects that but rather a chance for civilians to get out of the conflict zone.
The terrorists will always try to stop civilians from getting out so it’s not a very effective way to get civilians out.
The reason for terrorists to keep civilians in the areas is for protection because if there where no civilians the terrorists would be wiped out hard an fast.
It’s the civilians that is the main reason it takes such time to gain control over areas.


That’s exactly the problem…
They CAN NOT resolve once and for all.
If they could they would do it already by now.
It is process.
If you try to swallow the fried chicken in one bite.
Trust me you will not be able to do it.
Because size of you mouth, your throat, dictates you time necessary to do it.
Ceasefires never last and are very useful for civilians reluctant to leave their homes.
So why is everybody so pissed about ceasefires?!

Wayne Nicholson

They’re more like free kicks in football than any sore of peace. Brief stop in play allowing everyone to catch their breath and regroup.


cease fires are just so turkey can rearm and reorganize the terrorists.

Damien C

These people are mentally retarded with an indoctrinated belief that no matter what actions they take now or in the future, no matter how dreadful; that they are doing Gods work!

Why would anyone be shocked by action they take? Surely past event have proved there is no place on this planet or in this lifetime for any of them irrespective of agreements reconsiliation or pardons.

Exterminate every last one of them either on the battlefield or on the hangmans gallows, when you perpetrate a holocaust against Syrian civilians there should be no redemption, no forgiveness.
Atonement through death is the only payment

Assad must stay

God these ceasefires are such a joke when will Putin and Assad learn????

Zionism = EVIL

Assad is now pretty much reliant on Putin as they have weakened Iran. This is a very critical time for the IRGC and Hezbollah to show some leadership and real resistance. The Americunt arrogant cowards are not that strong as they make believe.

Assad must stay


Furkan Sahin

that’s why White Helmet is terrorist they also killed innocent

Zionism = EVIL

Thank you Putin for organizing more “ceasefires” so that the headchoppers can rearm and regroup. It really takes a strategic genius to figure that out. These Wahhabi scum perverts should have been hit all out with all resources and bombed to kingdom come. This terror war will never end at this rate.

Jim Bim

Same o, Same o.
Russia again has fallen for Turkey`s ceasefire circus.
How many times do the terrorists have to break the ceasefire before Russia says “no more” to Turkey and finish the job in Idlib.

klove and light

yeah u dumb Monkeys and donks…believe in treachrous Zionist pig putin

Mustafa Mehmet

Surprise.. Surprise.. usual propaganda from saa. so they can start bombing poor civilian again with barrel bomb… saa got no shame at all

Mustafa Mehmet

Yes I can see that.. once they’re out most of them will disappear under your dictator rules

truth has no comparable power

Aren’t you 1 of the Disgusting and disgraceful to our society supporter or member of terrorists????

Xoli Xoli

Putins promoted ceasefire is always Erdogan suprise attack and terrorists rearming and relocation opportunity.

truth has no comparable power

God I hate so much this HTS ..
Are the pure scum of the world..
I am not a violent person in any way shape or form. I love peace.
But if I will have a chance I will skin HTS alive AND I WILL PUT SALT OVER THEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN.. on them
Scum of the world’s Living And Dead ..
Not even hell will ever accept them. They will be left to wonder in darkness for eternity..
Fuck you HTS…
Fuck you HTS.. Alqaeda, ISIS, and any other factions wich they are supporter of …
I was born in a society of orthodox., our religious leaders they use religion for bringing suffering in our life in the past. We denounce religion 90% of us.. You don’t need a religion to believe in God or to be good in life.. just believe…
We know the difference between good and bad, we don’t need some fuck up religious leaders or specific religions to tell us what is good or bad.
So in 1 word..
No religion… just be kind and good to others..and believe in god… no religion will ever save your souls….


Putins dead civilians.
All for Turkstream pipeline. Build on the bones of Syrians and Lybians.


These are the terrorists the US so assiduously pursues. Kids to you and me but what do we know. Obviously they are not quite white enough to be safe.

Liberal guy


Mustafa Mehmet

Charlie if Türkiye wants fight with your saa you got no chance … no help from russki.. or molla.. or hessbo terrorist group or sad mercenary. saa dooom long ago

Liberal guy

Why don’t ur turks brothers fought against israel. But always against saa if ur sultan knew a attack to saa is successful he would have already done years a go u scum.Ur ottoman sultan is playing on both the sides u racist turk bastard

Mustafa Mehmet

Of course when the time comes we fight isrhell. plus I never said turks will fight saa with no reason.. if saa does want then different matters. saa will pay heavy price for sure.. Charlie boy

cechas vodobenikov

plenty of intellectually impoverished functionally illiterate idiots post here—easy to ignore


Southfront, choose better the title of your articles. Surprise! Surprise! is not an objective way of starting articles even when you are right

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