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‘Surprise’: Al-Qaeda’s HTS Rejects Russian-Turkish Agreement On Greater Idlib, Vows To Fight On

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‘Surprise’: Al-Qaeda’s HTS Rejects Russian-Turkish Agreement On Greater Idlib, Vows To Fight On

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Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has officially rejected the recent Russian-Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib, vowing to keep on fighting.

In an official statement, the terrorist group claimed that the agreement would allow the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian forces to resume military operation in the region. The group also noted that most of the agreement’s terms are “not implementable.”

“This agreement is tinged with ambiguity and loose, floating phrases that allow the Russian occupier to use it for aggression again, and there are also terms that cannot be implemented at all, in face, they are considered an insult and humiliation of the blood of the martyrs and the sacrifices of ten continuous years,” HTS’ statement, which was released on March 7, reads.

The terrorist group also thanked the Turkish government for directly engaging in the recent battle against the SAA and its allies in Greater Idlib

HTS concluded its statement by vowing to fight on against the SAA and its allies, promising that there will be “no peace or security” until the Syrian government is overthrown.

“Know that there is no language that works with the occupier other than the language of force and weapons, so seek the help of Almighty God, the great,” HTS said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish Counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan finalized the new agreement on Greater Idlib during a face-to-face meeting in Moscow on March 5. Under the new agreement, a ceasefire was put in place and joint patrols are set to start very soon on the Aleppo-Lattakia highway.

HTS’ rejection of the agreement was widely expected. The terrorist group has already violated the ceasefire several times. This hostile behavior could sabotage the agreement. In this case, the SAA and its allies will very likely resume military operations in Greater Idlib.


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Xoli Xoli

Will Erdogan attack his HTS or wait wait and accused SAA for attack Turkey HTS=ALQAIDA merge group.


Before starting new offensive, SAA should in any case wait march 15 when Russian -Turkish patrols on M4 start to be implemented. Once the zone is “neutralized” it will be a strategic advantage for SAA coming operations…


absolutely. i wonder though, how the turds will make the security zone happen at all.


The Turks will say the zone is cleared of their terrorists proxies and declare that on Twitter.

No proof or reality needed of course in Twitter Wars. :)


Proof will be Russian trucks rolling down M4 without harassment.


Yeah, they’re not driving too slowly at the moment

Rafik Chauhan

no problem Russia is ready for that and SAA is waiting for that. lets see what Erdogon pig does. if this time he support HTS then it will be end of turkey occupation from Syria soon.

Porc Halal

My friend, will be the end of turkey as a state…

Icarus Tanović

Will be the end of pkk and Erdogan.


I for one am shocked SHOCKED I tell you that Al Qaeda HTS would reject the deal. And they seem like such reasonable, rational actors.

Daily Beatings

“Your winnings, sir.” Memes are magical.

Tudor Miron

“It never happened before… but than again.”(c) Chernomirdin.

Assad must stay

i know right? i have a much better deal for them, SAA/russia keeps shooting and bombing them, and they die, i think thats the best deal they can get lmao

Porc Halal

Are you for real?!…the scheme is as follows (as always):

– turkish al-qaeda afiliated terrorists attacking deliberately SAA – SAA conter-attack and start cleaning turkish al-qaeda jihadi trash – erdofack’s army attacking SAA trying to save their islamist ofsprings – russian army trying to balance the situation on the ground by attacking the turkish al-qaeda terrorists and erdofuck’s army as their backers – here we go, things are going to ‘normalize’ again

Ricky Miller

The entire thing is just stupid. Russia has a history of strategy that seems to prioritize cashing in the gains, so to speak. But this cease fire leaves Syria vulnerable to anytime large numbers of militants and Turkey want to break it. So, the SAA has to leave large numbers of units along the perimeter in order to be prepared. These SAA forces are needed elsewhere, such as clearing out the ISIS redoubts in the Eastern desert, reinforcing the Euphrates and securing the road contact with Iraq. Even positioning large numbers around the Tanf perimeter to pressure the U.S. contingent or even to place enough forces between Damascus and the Israelis so that Syria has the confidence to retaliate against Israeli missile attacks. Keeping the Idlib perimeter means a weaker position for Syria at the bargaining table. The gains that Syria stands to make by freezing the conflict do seem substantial, so Russia’s position makes sense from their point of view. But the costs of the freeze are bourne entirely by Syria, and her effort to return to law and order, rebuilding, and progress will be hindered by it.

Wayne Nicholson

It’s doubtful that the SAA could continue it’s offensive long enough to clear Idlib. Equipment needs repair, munitions restocked and soldiers need a rest from 24/7 combat weeks on end. The SAA have plenty of warm bodies but few combined arms units so they have to give them a break from time to time. If you push these elite units too hard they’ll break and then the SAA is in real trouble.

On top of that the EU was getting antsy about refugees …. can’t let them get antsy enough to intervene ….. end Erdogan needed an opportunity to retreat while saving face which this new agreement give him.

Tudor Miron

Good observation.


I agree – Putin is clever like that, always allows the opportunity for diplomatic “partners” to save face


Tanf and ISIS can wait. ISIS is limited to hit and runs. Idlib is a much higher priority. Since the front has shrunk, the limited number of SAA troops need to defend a shorter border, which is a good thing. The problem with recent offensives by the SAA is that they lack manpower. Success on one front meant losses in another front (e.g., gains in al Ghaab meant losses in Neirab and Saraqib). With this ceasefire, the SAA can make gains south of the M4 without threats from Turkey and in line with the agreement. And if it is true that HTS is not party to the ceasefire, then the SAA can resume its offensive on HTS west of Aleppo. Trust me, this agreement is a blessing for the SAA — much needed rest, time to consolidate gains, fortify against future attacks from terrorists, while gaining territory south of the M4 that is outside the demilitarized zone.


Turkey/US/NATO Zioterrorists sent ISIS/al-Qaeda jihadis to fight alongside Zionist-sponsored Ukronazis against the people of Donbass too. Russia entertains the idea of turning Turkey into a Russian sphere of influence, or at least making the Turks step a bit back from their commitments to NATO/ISIS/Ziojews/al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood, and the whole world would benefit from it, but what’s the likeliness of that ever happening? This so-called “ceasefire” gives the SAA a much-deseved time to rest, regroup and rearm, but next time SAA militarily engages the terrorist invader enemies of Syria, it needs to be forcefully. Turks, even if well-equipped, are not a military peer to Russia’s capabilities, they’re far below and that should also be reflected in Syria’s battle against terrorism, and like the Syrians say, it must be every inch of Syria’s land and airspace that is liberated from invading terrorists.

Gary Sellars

Jihadi-rat scum will do what they have always done – provide a great reason for Damascus to launch military action to force the terrorist goat-rapers to deliver on their commitments under the cease fire. If the Turkomen kiddie-fiddlers won’t enforce the provisions, then the SAA and their allies will.


This was expected, the same old merry-go-round. US may have more control over the HTS may explain why Erdogan was so eager to make an agreement with Russia and he has been back to his usual self spewing about attacking Syria if they attack his troops stationed in Syria. That meeting with Putin was rather pointless.


The only option is to exterminate these jihadist terrorist scumbags like a plague of rats.


Erdogan has failed again.


Hey ……. HTS ………. so what.


I believe them, if they promise to continue fighting. The end result will be, that they will become refugees or will be dead. They can have their small islamic emirate there in Idlib, but it looks like they don’t want. They should act according to their own interest and not according to foreign interests. But I am shure they will not. Stupid people.


To these terrorist scumbags war is just a business. Sad but true.

They must be eliminated.

Xoli Xoli

That’s what their are getting paid for by Erdogan.


The salafists arrogantly claim God is on their side yet they are constantly being humiliated.


God is on the side of the big battalions. Well, at least the side that knows how to use them well.

Xoli Xoli

Their lies like their father the devil.Only Devil kills.


That is because Providence is on side of Syria!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Big problem here is that Ankara can’t really do anything about Al Qaeda, for if it did then it would displease their masters both in Washington, London and Tel Aviv bigly!

Xoli Xoli

What you plan is what you reap.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Why Do the U.S. and Its Allies Hide These Facts From the Public? https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2020/03/07/why-do-us-and-its-allies-hide-these-facts-from-public/


I hope Putin is Not going to ask Asad to shoot only HTS and leave the other terrorists alone now…

Tim Williams


Xoli Xoli

I fully agree kill the 72 virgin demons boyfriends.

bouncer dogsly

HTS have nowhere to go and they know it. Only death awaits them now. The Turks must now double cross them and lead them into slaughter. Because the only reason Turkey invaded was to stop these terrorists crossing into Turkey. All Turkey’s gangster friends like the EU, UK, US Gulf States and Israel have ran off leaving Turkey to it. The EU is the only one of the double crossers it can get its hands on. Turkey will build up a couple of million refugees at the border like a dam, and suddenly that dam will burst and they will flood like a Barbarian horde into the EU. ISIS + THS and all the rest created by the cabal and those nearest will get the hit. The EU will get the big hit, and once this dam breaks and they flood into the EU, the EU will implode like the sack of shit it is. The EU people are becoming increasingly sick of the EU and its Marxists paper pushers. I expect to see a lot of EU politicians hanging from lampposts for this mess.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to create a road / rail tunnel under the Irish Sea to link Britain with Ireland

I had a eureka moment. The ISIS and Al Qaeda Jihadi’s are expert tunnel builders and the White Helmets are 1st Aiders.

It’s a marriage made in heaven for Boris. The skills of these men are vital to progress such a political project on budget, and British Army Engineers are experienced in working with these Jihadi ‘heroes’.

Wahabi al Britani Construction Ltd would complete the tunnel in record time as well.

There is also the bonus of unemployed Brits being deployed by HMG to do some of the hand digging. They would not be paid for this as its good training.


Scotland to east of Belfast? Also using some convicts will cut down on the cost, but it might take a while. :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8e8c7cb4c2e5a664f1ae6c20f553ea1c630423adf1709410399d966449923d8a.jpg


They could work double shifts and sleep inside the tunnel, PZIVJ. :)

Tudor Miron

Hope he accommodates them in his house while construction is going.


Only when the Jewhadi’s have been ‘house trained’. :)


And it’ll happen faster than high-speed rail


The proposed route of the tunnel crosses over a deep sea trench that was used to dump massive quantities of unwanted live munitions after WW1, WW2 and after that as well. British government(s) stupidity at its best, Vitex.

“More than a million tons of explosives passed through Cairnryan destined for Beaufort Dyke.

As late as 1955 coasters were still bringing cargoes of munitions from dumps in Normandy in France to be disposed of in the North Channel and disposals of munitions did not cease entirely until the early 1980s.”

“In addition larger vessels were used several of which several were scuttled with cargoes of chemical weapons in deep water to the West of Scotland and off Donegal. On occasion cargoes destined for deep water disposal were diverted to Beaufort Dyke because of bad weather”



Can’t make this shit up!


Its just an inconvenient part of recent British history that has largely been buried. :)

I have to admit that ‘inconvenient history’ is a fascinating subject to study. Most people do not believe it until the proof is slapped intheir face :)


Wait a minute: The terrorists don’t want to accept the truce? No problem. Let the show go on. Everybody with more than 3 working braincells and the ability to imagine the next move in the Syrian conflict knew: This recent Powwow in Moscow was just a short interruption of the ongoing operation to neutralize the beheaders and rapers. And show up the mighty and glorious Turkey guys their limits and the way out :)))) Good luck, SAA, Russians, Hezbollah, and other brothers in arms for Syria’s freedom and reconstruction!

Tim Williams

new map … if the RATS PULL OUT …



Map fails to show the buffer zone north and west of Aleppo City. And thought there was to be a 6 km ‘zone’ both sides of the highway.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The 6 km buffer only applies to the Turkish held M4 highway, not the SAA held M5 highway, the SAA don’t have an officially enforced buffer on the M5 they control.

Tim Williams

Turks sent 4750 Rats to the LIBYAN meat grinder


Xoli Xoli

Base on speculation Iram has reinforced its unit and pump in 200 military vehicles.Hisbollahs tactical assault unit as we know have completely reinforced Tigers 25 division unit.

Tim Williams

Iran is pushing a lot of equipment and men into Syria … live training and everyone wants this to end as soon as possible … overwhelming manpower is the only way

Fuckturkius Sraloukranius

exterminate all aq freaks. kill them all!!!


No matter, now the SAA can purge HTS without Turkish interference.

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