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Pro-Govt Sources Release Alleged Video of Surface-to-Air Missile Hitting Israeli Aircraft over Syria

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Pro-government sources have released a video that allegedly depicts a Syrian surface-to-air missile (S-200) hitting an Israeli aircraft over Syria.

We remind the General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said on September 13 that the Syrian Defense Forces have shot downned two aircraft –  a warplane and a drone – belonged to the Israeli Air Force in eastern Syria.

An alleged photo of one of the three solid fueled rocket boosters of the Syrian S-200 that was used to down Israeli jet:

Pro-Govt Sources Release Alleged Video of Surface-to-Air Missile Hitting Israeli Aircraft over Syria

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Divesh Kumar

Seems to be true ………… also Israel and western countries have history to refute their loses and drumming up others .

John Whitehot

normally I tend to debunk zionist propaganda, but in this case, I don’t see this being true at all. If it was, the vid would be longer than 3 secs, we would be seeing the plane coming down in flames and so on. When vids are cut, it’s for not showing anything else than what you need to “show your evidence”. Cutting it down to 3 seconds and basically not showing anything means you have no evidence. Hopefully some wreckage is shown but in the end, I feel it’s no different than the several claims ragheads in Syria made abt downed russian planes that they never backed with evidence, not even a 2 secs video.


Syria doesn’t have a history of making up lies though. Also it would make them look stupid in front of Israel/US/NATO if they were just making it up.


They also go to other people countries and record very bad things and show nothing of the achievment done. They always portrays other stupid and themselves clever. YOu will never hear of all the electric cars and hybrid cars made in India and KPK region of PAKISTAN. They feel too bad to publish that someone else can do the same or even better than them. In fact they feel threatens.


They need to show the wreckage of the plane to clear all doubts. It would be a huge victory if true.

Random guy

It probably is in Golan Heights that is controlled by IDF, as the jet was flying there. Syrians could shoot it as Golan Heights are DeJure Syrian territory.

Jaguar Paw

Just wait a moment, Israel openly stand on the terrorist side, and no one in the whole world dosent say one thing about it?

Lewis Benzie

Citation needed. You realise the haajis are the terrorists right ?

Tom Johnson

Pictures or it didn’t happen.

Lewis Benzie

Yeah I suppose Allah guided it did it. Haajis will beleive anything.

Tom Tom

The israeli’s were flying cover for their ISIS minions and they don’t the world to know that.

Mossad/CIA, you’re going down.


It is just a plane. True or Not doesnt change anything. A plane can also crash, a pilot mistake can bring it too close to the enemy and maybe something was not funtional, the junk missile hit by chance. Does it really matter? . Maybe syrians are just lying. But it doesnt mean anything. It is not a football game, we are not counting goals. Even the oldest air defence system can shoot a plane down. Here it is not the question of syrian AD systems repelled an israeli air offensive. They claim a plane shot shot down. so what? Watch hollywwod war documentaries or movies, captain america like Us soldiers fkilling everyone with one shot and ennemies are firing whithout aiming and a world watches that and believes that. And syrians claim a goal, all US and İsraeli lovers are enraged. Let them score one made up goal guys. you are scoring thousends of made up goals since decades.

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