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Supreme Court Tosses Texas Bid To Overturn Election

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The Supreme Court on Friday tossed a last-minute bid by the state of Texas to overturn the 2020 election by challenging the results of four battleground states.

Supreme Court Tosses Texas Bid To Overturn Election

Citing a lack of standing, Justice Samuel Alito wrote in a brief order that the state “has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,” adding “All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.”

In doing so, the justices shut down a long-shot bid for Texas to challenge Biden’s wins in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin – which was joined by 17 other states and over 100 House Republicans.

Justices Clarence Thomas joined Alito in stating that they do not believe the court has the authority to outright reject Texas’s request, writing instead “I would therefore grant the motion to file the bill of complaint but would not grant other relief, and I express no view on any other issue.”

Earlier in the day, President Trump tweeted: “If the Supreme Court shows great Wisdom and Courage, the American People will win perhaps the most important case in history, and our Electoral Process will be respected again!”

Notably, Trump appointed three of the court’s nine members – causing Democrats to cry foul at the prospect of the highest court in the land deciding the outcome of the 2020 election. Trump himself suggested several times that filling Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat with Justice Amy Coney Barrett was essential in the event that the election ended up at the Court.

The case was filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who asked the Court to invalidate over 20 million votes in the above-mentioned states so that their GOP-controlled state legislatures could decide who won instead.

AGs from Pennsylvania and Michigan have responded to the decision:

The Texas GOP, meanwhile, suggests that “law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”


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  1. BMWA1 says:

    My big fear is that Biden regime will not have advizes and logiks like Trampa regime had from strategic geopolitiknik Tommy Jenzen.

    1. Captain Freedom says:

      Tommy the one-man think tank!

  2. AJ says:

    So much for all those hopeful Q followers trust the plan, patriots in control.

    1. BMWA1 says:

      Made the Nik-Nacks for Bond…Q?

  3. Lone Ranger says:

    Only hope left for Trumpstein and Americants is the insurrection act.
    Is Trump ballsy enough to enact it?
    We shall see…

    1. JIMI JAMES says:

      Never once Trump had the sack to blame eu-epp or soros whoms obectives were to kill off usa,Yet the chinese regardless are only going about doing buisness in free trade,where as
      trump if anything ramping up fear towards china not eu-epp,needs to pull his finger out,
      Because in the real world most want peace not endless war with china:

  4. Lone Ranger says:

    Only shows how much grip the Globalists and Chinese have now on the U.S.
    As Trump would say they have us now by our pussy…

  5. Endless wars, here we come

  6. Lazy Gamer says:

    This is a prime example of the failure of the democratic experiment. Trump had 4 years to drain the swamp but he did not do so, the swamp cheated him out of a win. lol American offices dont function as they should and everything grinds to a halt from partisan politics.

    1. JIMI JAMES says:

      Trump out to learn to cut the we are the greatest the world ever seen,and learn to show more tact to usas #1 trade partner being communist china,after all if it wern’t for communists hitler would be leading usa todays,then again maybe that’s the problem,too much dumbing down americans like as if biden is playing trump with trumps magic wand?Time will tell:

  7. RichardD says:

    There are two issues before the courts on this contested election, fraud and illegal election process. This SCOTUS case was about illegal election process.

    The courts with rare exception are engaged in stone walling and obstruction of justice for the dems. The courts are not granting legitimate discovery requests in an effort to cover up massive fraud.

    And are blocking the cases from being tried on merit when many of them have obvious merit. By exercising institutional bias to protect the governments from being found guilty of violating statutory and constitutional law to allow a fraudulent election to proceed aided by faulty election controls designed to facilitate fraud.

    1. Harry Smith says:

      Looks like the South can rise again

      1. RichardD says:

        It’s closer to kinetic activity than it was before the SCOTUS abdication of responsibility. Not everybody is against that. As long as blantifa is on the receiving end of it if they resume insurrection and deep state subversives are mass arrested for their obvious crimes.

        1. Harry Smith says:

          Let’s be honest to ourselves. Many wish the South to fight back but, sadly, modern South has no ball.

    2. Lazy Gamer says:

      States have no locus standi to challenge another state’s election laws IF such elections are merely for local state officials. But where the position is the Potus, then states surely can be challenged for violating and disregarding the US constitution. Anyway, wasnt Trump or a state citizen, or election official included as parties??? The hands off intent of Scotus is plain. The Scotus has been influenced by the fait accompli made by the media, and by the irregularly counted votes.

      1. Harry Smith says:

        The reason is other, I think. The Supreme Court can’t recognize the elections illegal because it will ruin the whole system of US democracy. The lawfulness of elections must never be contested. Otherwise USA will taste the strong color revolution cocktail.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          Exactly, the Deep State cannot risk the US being laughed at by the whole world and will continue openly with the democratic US Clown Show.

          Civil War beckons the USA and the grim reaper will be rather busy. :)

          1. Harry Smith says:

            It’s not about laugh, I think. If the Supreme Court will recognize this election illegal because of frauds committing while numbering votes, then most of recent elections of mayors, senators, governors etc. can be declared illegal too. This means chaos in USA.

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            I hope you are correct :)

  8. Ivanus59 says:

    Zio-terrorists squabbling among themselves. Too bad they never actually fire shots at one another.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      With a fair wind that could well happen now :)

  9. nyomarek says:

    You all know a Biden-Clinton-KaWanker win is World-War 3 and Zombie-vaccine biowar on your families, right? Missile strikes on your neighborhood via drones, declaring you Bioterrorists, brain-washing your neighbors into thinking You were a domestic terrorist that needed to be eliminated via Death Squads with on-site execution rights.

  10. SnowCatzor says:

    Trump pissed around for 4 years getting very little good done. His foreign policy was mostly doubling-down on Israel, Iran and China. None of which helps America.

    First thing he should have done was force all states to have proper voting laws, thus making democrat fraud much harder. That and forcing big-tech to stop political censorship instead of just “monitoring the situation”.

    Trump missed his opportunity and now America is headed towards being a one-party state.

  11. Rafael says:

    The Supreme Court exist to defend the system. Whoever believes otherwise is not just naïve, he’s stupid beyond belief. Of course they won’t admit the biggest election fraud in history, the entire rotten façade of fake democracy would collapse, the empire would fall or at least lose pretext to terrorize the rest of the world because of ‘democracy’. They have none.

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